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  1. Hi all, I currently have a striker which, according to my scouts, is a world beater and awesome player 4 out of 5 stars already yellow and the 5th star is black to improve to (still only 20 years old, worth 50ish million already). His stats look absolutely insane! I also have a striker which i picked up in the early years of my save for about 750K with 3 yellow stars and no further potential. Bother players have the postiive trait about being constant. And the cheaper player dislikes big matches. The issue i have is that the less talented player keeps consistently banging them in wh
  2. Wow amazing stuff. Nice bid hahaha :) Cool to see you still produce talent of top level. really looking forward to the next update!
  3. Nice update. Craig seems more like a striker to me. Some really nice players in your team with incredible value. Do you get many transfer requests?
  4. Yeah, offering them a trial at your club works sometimes. They get more interested when they are at your club. Last year you could sign every regen if you offered them a trial.
  5. I feel that this is your best version in years. I wonder why you concede so many, do you know why?
  6. Wow congrats! Really nice that your facilities are still being improved. As soon as your defensive youths develop you might challenge for a European Spot. Would be cool to go into europe
  7. Whaaat dont tell me your on a holiday! I need my Khafra fix!!!!
  8. I see that you continuously have the worst defense in the league. Not to be annoying but could it be your tactics?
  9. Awesome progress! In my save i appointed model professional Carlos Puyol as my HoyD after reading that Determination and character were the two most important attributes of a HoYD. Really good prospects! What is your highest valued player?
  10. Im such an idiot. I almost only look at JPP and JPA for years... Will change my Hoyd then.
  11. You could try to use the Club can extend for 2-3 years clause in contracts. Bit of an abuse maybe but often the talents do accepts such a clause.
  12. wow great progress. Lets hope some defensive youngsters will come through. I think that with facilities improving it will take no more than 5 years before you challenge for the top spots. Any difficulties keeping the players happy about not being transfered? Or dont you get that many bids?
  13. Wow, now thats what we call a hot prospect. Thats going the be the GK for many years to come. Be carefull though i once had a youth prospect come through fully developed ( i checked with scouting tool).
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