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  1. Congrats! Hopefully you can catch some momentum in the new league. To bad about the lousy youth intake... Really annoying when you are basically relying on the 1 day in the year for progress. Dont loose faith! You'll get that diamond sooner or later!
  2. Haha #1 and 2 of the top scorers are yours and you still only have a GD of 19. Whats your defense like?
  3. Come on! Bring it home!
  4. Winning promotion with Extremadura to La Liga in my first season through clever loaning and finishing 6th in my first season with again loans
  5. Nice, the foundation of every youth challange!
  6. Tough season, but keep up the good work. Annoying that you also didnt get some really really good prospects, but hey... You know how though you saves are better than me.
  7. Yeah the first thread was awesome. I still remember that CB regen that went to Manchester City who became an absolute beast.
  8. Hi! Cool you are picking this up this year! Will be following as always.
  9. I read somewhere in an interview with Clarence Seedorf that Milan has not sacked him but put him on non-active and pays his wage untill he finds a new club. I than head that this happens quite often. Do you have any info on this? I guess its extremely hard to code in the game though.
  10. If i push it i can do it in 8 hours. I often holiday some matches. I have an overpowered Twente side in the eredivisie which steamrolls the league.
  11. I had decided to continue with FM18 but since the feature release this has changed. Just pre-ordered FM19. I mean, if this works out its the best upgrade in years.
  12. Do you buy and sell a lot o players every summer? This can cause a wobly start.
  13. Hahaha, oh man never knew it was there!
  14. I use, press forward and Demand more continuously throughout the match and sometimes concentrate to battle complacency. When we are dominating but unable to find a goal i use Be Creative.