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  1. Im such an idiot. I almost only look at JPP and JPA for years... Will change my Hoyd then.
  2. You could try to use the Club can extend for 2-3 years clause in contracts. Bit of an abuse maybe but often the talents do accepts such a clause.
  3. wow great progress. Lets hope some defensive youngsters will come through. I think that with facilities improving it will take no more than 5 years before you challenge for the top spots. Any difficulties keeping the players happy about not being transfered? Or dont you get that many bids?
  4. Wow, now thats what we call a hot prospect. Thats going the be the GK for many years to come. Be carefull though i once had a youth prospect come through fully developed ( i checked with scouting tool).
  5. Wow amazing! Congrats Your strikers look like the real deal. Amazing progress, lets hope your board is willing to invest in training facilities. I also read that having coaches with high current ability and potential ability skills helps to produces better intakes.
  6. Haha Slone is killing it. COME ON Kafra! Bring it home.
  7. no problem mate, every year its one of my fav careers to follow. Your write ups are great and you have quick updates so I never 'forget about it'. Im doing a safe with extremadura but im allowed to scout regens so its easier.
  8. This has all the makings of becoming just as epic as your first edition. I have high hopes that this year the CL title will be yours. I remember the frustrations from last years and 2 years ago.
  9. Wow amazing progress, nice to see you already made it to the championship and are now able to tie your awesome youth players to contracts. I give it 2 more years and you'll be in the Premier league. Especially when they upgrade your training facilities some more. Then you'll see major development of the youth players.
  10. Sorry, was away for a while, just read up. Great progress! Really annoying when they sell the best youth products, but if they use the money on upgrades its probably worth it in the long run. With the level of intakes you are getting the last 2 years you will have a new rising star ASAP :P
  11. Again, a great update. Really like the influx of talent the last two intakes. Its quite annoying that i also get mostly strikers as the standout players in my intake. I would love to get a good Fullback or defensive mid. Great start to the new season! Lets bring it home!
  12. Maybe more suited to CDM? His mentals arent the best for a centrol decision making role but maybe on that level he is awesome :P
  13. Wow nice job to stay up! I really like those regens, although the stats of Garrard are more for a wide midfielder (MR) instead of a pure defender or AMR.
  14. Congrats! Hopefully you can catch some momentum in the new league. To bad about the lousy youth intake... Really annoying when you are basically relying on the 1 day in the year for progress. Dont loose faith! You'll get that diamond sooner or later!
  15. Haha #1 and 2 of the top scorers are yours and you still only have a GD of 19. Whats your defense like?