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  1. Players complain about being fined, not NOT being fined.
  2. What does it mean when players complain there is a lack of discipline and a more structured approach would benefit everyone.
  3. I deleted the cache folder, it works normally now.
  4. I keep setting a player to train Attacking Midfielder (Right) but it just switches back to Attacking Midfielder (Centre) every time.
  5. I'm not subscribed to affiliate team. Bids have been coming in for a month now and straight to my inbox.
  6. I keep getting informed about bids for a player in my Affiliate team (Chicago) but i am not subscribed to this player nor is he on my shortlist. Quite annoying when you are not interested in that player.
  7. I actually asked this question before and they said it was Month.Year, eg. Month 12 Year 40 Month 4 Year 45 Month 9 Year 45 But current Year is 2138 in game, so doesn't seem right.
  8. How do i understand the dates on this training timeline, seems confusing. 20160606235320_1 by David Sykes, on Flickr
  9. Version 12.2.2
  10. How do i send a crash dump file for FM2012 (happened today) ?
  11. [20160409173047_1 by David Sykes, on Flickr]
  12. 20160409173118_1 by David Sykes, on Flickr
  13. In my game Stockport are in Blue square premier and worth £100 million making them the sixth richest club in England. Yet it states they are Bankrupt and in receivership when there debts only total £30,000. Why can't they pay off £30,000 with £100 million at the club?
  14. Some of my players have learnt new positions to 'Natural' level so is it okay to take them off this training now? Also, i have noticed i the passed that some have become accomplished in position only to lose the ability when taken off position training.
  15. when choosing a players preferred moves could 'play with back to goal' affect a strikers ability to score goals?