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  1. Version 12.2.2 of FM 2012 running under the Steam platform. I was able to solve the problem by re-installing steam and downloading the game again, so it was possibly a Steam problem.
  2. Yes, could clearing cache fix it?
  3. I think so because when i press it the start menu pops up.
  4. I used to be able to switch between game and desktop with the windows key, but recently it has stopped working.
  5. They are still in League 2 and in receivership and their value has recently shot up to £600 milllion.
  6. Is it good to tell your players to Stand off opponents if they are committing too many fouls? Assistant sometimes says 'We are doing good in the tackle but need to cut down on the fouls'.
  7. It says Version 12.2.2 One of the coaches became available for one match against Real Madrid but that was the only time. This is the screenshot -
  8. On the opposition instructions screen, some of my best coaches are greyed out and can't be selected to give opposition instructions. When i hover over them it says ' he is not sufficiently knowledgable enough to give any advice'. None of them are in charge or Reserves or Under 18''s team either. Do they have to be with your team for a certain amount of time or something?
  9. Can the calender drop downs or the team news be disabled in FM 2017?
  10. I got this screen but i was able to continue game, just wondering what it means?
  11. I have circled the pass percentages on analysis and the reported pass percentage on split view screen. Split view says 61% for defenders but analysis shows higher pass percentages.
  12. Game often reports wrong pass percentages for Defenders, as i understand it Defence Passing average is the Average pass rate of all defenders which is higher than the reported 65% (see screenshots).
  13. Players complain about being fined, not NOT being fined.
  14. What does it mean when players complain there is a lack of discipline and a more structured approach would benefit everyone.
  15. I deleted the cache folder, it works normally now.