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  1. Just wondering how match tactics familiarity increased while all my players were away on holiday for 2 weeks?
  2. How do i remove these info pop-ups?
  3. Yes, i found the scroll bar, same colour as the pitch!
  4. On the squad depth screen it only shows attackers and midfielders and no scroll bar either. I am playing at resolution 1600X900.
  5. I select key highlights but most of it is just a clock ticking down, in one match my tean had about 12 chances on goal but only 3 or 4 were actually shown. in FM 2012 much nore of the match was shown, so why not anymore?
  6. They had just turned professional so were 17 years old. Both British, trained at our club.
  7. My affiliate is Zenit St Petersburg and only two of my youths were allowed to go during current season, for the other two it said - will join Zenit 22 January of next year. I can't find any restrictions for russian league apart from maximum 6 players in starting line up, so why won't the other 2 youths go this season?
  8. Fottball Manager 2012 Version 12.2.2 I have used the add/remove leagues a few times, though i can add most major european leagues, not all other countries are available, so i would say the database is small to average size.
  9. I want to arrange a friendly but it lists all dates unavailable, though there are 2 week gaps between some fixtures. When i try to select a date by pressing calendar drop down, the dates available are years 1900,1901,1902,1903 and all months but it doesn't register any of these dates anyway.
  10. Why is it that clubs expect up to three times the value for a good youth player, but only offer you base value for one of your own youths?
  11. Sorry, it's Football Manager 2012 Version 12.2.2 In the past it usually just said 'Player has not gained a work permit' presumably so you wouldn't sign a player who cannot play. Should i just sell the players or wait a season or two?
  12. So what are the various different rules in place?
  13. I've signed too foreign players and it says they still need work permits, i have been able to loan them out but when will i be able to play them in the first team?
  14. Just a question regarding a disparity over number of physios. My board currently suggests seven physios but on checking the other teams in my division they always only have one physio, why is this?
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