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  1. Again, do not lose time to comment if it is just to say you are pretty happy in your magnificent life, I do not care about Candide and Pangloss answers (for the few that have read a bit of Voltaire...)
  2. Internet was free 10 years ago mate, less informed but free... Where do you come from mate? And don't you think that with a so well and so much informed internet database, SI should avoid so many errors in its DB? If you don't care it's your problem, but do not bother me with your so smart answers... For me it is a major issue that hampers seriously gaming experience on a so called serious game...
  3. If you are so happy with your game, why do you come here to ask us to be happy with it...? We love this game, but have grievances against it, we strongly think that a complicated game with a perfect db is how SI managed to attract us to play their game... Today, and for some years, we feel that it is going in a strong way, trying to attract newbies more than developing a strong management simulation... You can disagree, that is your problem, not ours. Thus we just want have a debate with SI to know if our expectations would be met again by this game. No need of debating if you love the game or not, we do not care, and that will not change our mind... Having said that, sad to see that SI has no more interesting answers to debate with us...
  4. And it is up to SI that SELL the game to be sure that this work is done and well done whatever they paid or not for this work...
  5. 1: No, I always do my own tactics... Quite never morale problem also, ans very easy to find the missing hole in the puzzle you're drawing with your team... 2: No short loans, I do not do them anymore to... Many long term loans missing in South America for example, even in Europe... And not only in low divisions or low profile countries... I find keeping Brasileirao Serie A up to date quite interesting, don't you? At the end we received on FM Based (where our update has been downloaded since FM 2011) many thanks from polish, romanian, greek, russian, bulgarian, serbian fans and other countries I will forget there to AT LAST bring an updated DB for their countries... I can also tell you that I worked on FM 2011 with an Italian colleague and we provided more than 1000 changes in a year just in Serie A, B and C1, because of tons of errors in staffs, contracts (co-contracts...), loans and transfers... Again, I'm sorry if you are happy with that... I don't!
  6. You know I'm really sad to have to make these complaints, but the more you love something, the more you are harsh with because you expect perfection or quite... And when you feel sad or deceived by something you love, it is painful!
  7. Thanks mate, you added so much to the debate! Help SI to an improved DB? I would enjoy... I do it for free for 2 years now... But I just want to work for people that really want to improve their game, and when I have a look to the DB, I may ask myself if this is a really goal... If you are happy with things going, it is up to you mate, but does not come here to say we are wrong, the debate will not evolve ... It seems that we do not have the same expectations of what is called a "Management Simulation"...
  8. OK mate, good joke, we laughed a lot, could we be a bit more serious now? Do you really think we talked about our grievances here just in testing a game with Barcelona with a "International Footballer" Manager??? I thought you should be able to understand that we were used to this game for a long time... For my part, I tried about 100 different teams since FM 2012 was launched (and I play every year to your game since CM 97-98) sometimes big clubs, sometimes little clubs from underground divisions in low profile countries... sometimes for several years, sometimes just for some months, and I know quite well how to use this setting... I play "Custom" or when I know well the team (from several older experiences or because I had to update it a lot...) in "Sunday League Footballer" mode... OK it is a bit harder to sign Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi, but as I do not care of big stars and prefer rather seek some really useful complements to team in place, I do not feel it changed my gaming experience... Moreover I often sign young players with good potential and hope to drive them threw success in implementing them slowly to a more experienced team I try not to upset to much, I just throw away deadwoods or great value players that will bring me money to spend... But that is my way to do, and I feel easy to success in this way... Sorry! To be concrete, I do not have time to report thousands of transfers missing, I would have to paste directly official websites, leagues website or other stuff like this... and I do not think it is my job as I think you have persons that are paid for this job (cauz' yes, when you are pride from something, I understand you had to work on it, not waiting for other to do a big part of your job) When I see how much your db can be late, I used to prefer to do it myself, but now we really feel you do not give a **** about it, thereby as I do not find any interest to an easy and a bit empty game, why would I spend hours and hours editing for free what should have been done by paid persons, and for what I paid 50€... Just have a look to some serious websites like http://www.transfermarkt.de/en/transfers/startseite-km/transfers.html?from=top_navi or a bit more wikipedia style like http://www.footballdatabase.eu/transferts.php?compettrans=&lieutrans=&saisontrans= and you will be able to see by yourself the lack of serious of your "pride"... When I received FM 2012, I just noticed than thousands of players had exactly the same marks than in 2011, and often in very known clubs... OK I just felt you did not give a **** about your fans... As an example we (a colleague and I... on our FREE time or sleeping time for our FMNG community and everyone that want to DL it) produced for FREE an update published November, 3rd 2011 (13 days after FM 2012...) on Footmanager.net, defunct FMNextGen.com and had to do about 2500 TRANSFERS and LOANS... Believe us or not, fact are here, your DB is really late, even the french responsible of DB "Romjet" recognized they did not do great job this year in France... For me, it is quite ugly. Mate, if you are really proud of this, OK I note it... But I can just tell you that when I do such an incomplete job at my workplace, it is not a letter of grievance from my boss I gonna receive, I might rather risk a serious bawling and a firing letter... We never spoke about code or stuff like it, just easy ways to find how to destroy AI easily and always easier year after year, and an awful feeling that there is no challenge in this game, and that is quite worst every year... I really hoped your "wedding" with Sega in the mid'2000 would have allowed your team to free itself from having to create a game for everyone, with beautiful 3D and a more opened challenge, but I can just notice that these last years, you just focused (like the video game industry) on making a Top Seller for everyone more than a Bargain Buy for your fans... And the lengthy death of FM community on line (that used to offer great content and add-ons to your game, but feel now upset to have to do for free what you should have done) is perhaps the best example to this... I can just tell you that you risk to lose your lifelong fans, and the content of your answer is just a perfect example... I would prefer you to have been quite honest and just answer us you did not care about out thoughts, and your biggest aim was now to make money with a successful franchise, then you would have been as honest as us... Aurélien Boyer & Pierre Threnli
  9. Dear SIgames workers, Mr. Collyer, Mr. Jacobson, Members of the team from the defunct French forum fmnextgen.com, now exclusively online on Facebook and Twitter (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Football-Manager-Next-Gen-Social-Network/207347719345990 & https://twitter.com/#!/FM_Next_Gen), we finally decided to write this little message after numerous discussions within our team... We can certainly say that we are longtime fans of your child Football Manager, having all experienced when he was still called Championship Manager, or in French L’Entraîneur ... So we can say that we are all fans of both sports simulation and soccer since our childhood. So yes, you provide considerable work for us to offer a comprehensive and interesting game, and certainly that despite the significant hours we offer free of our personal time to try to help, to enhance the FM community, propose updates, skins, facepacks, etc.. we did little credit to raise our voice today… BUT that is also what drives us to take the pen today, because our favorite game, our “drug”, takes a direction that we do not delight at all. Thereby why what was once a passion for us all is now just an activity? Our biggest criticism is against the content of the game! While it is still a more complete game, more comprehensive, with more details ... BUT all of these developments are in our opinion over content of the game: his interest, his realism, his perfection. Previously, we were playing a game that really asked us to grind our brain to achieve great things, whatever our team… Today, we just feel playing a game in the kind of hits Call of Duty or Battlefield game where the AI is never tough, where there is always an easy way to succeed, a kind of interactive movie where the player is due to win in the end, a game where the replayability is quickly uninteresting, except in multiplayer... But even in these games, you can adjust the difficulty level… To support our words, you just have to notice the sheer number of stories (although we may sometimes doubt the veracity of the facts, of course) where a player will manage to get X successive divisions in X years to win the C1 year X+1 ... Where is the challenge? We even managed several times what should be a real achievement, and becomes a habit ... Win, win, win, you really have to want it to lose often at Football Manager, even newbies who just discover your game quickly pass great things… Our second biggest point of unhappiness is about the database… You pride yourself to have a great team scout working for you, certainly, and we recognize that you find real gems regularly ... But is this work worth when we see that people working for free are forced to make thousands of changes to your database in the first days after the release of FM, just to update transfers, loans, for contracts or contracts which sometimes took place nearly two years ago ... We French have many specific grievances against the database that we think this year was not even 80% complete. For football fans, it is clear that this is a little work... And we will not speak about the official DB updates that only contain the major transfers… Football fans are constantly upset with that and have to do it themselves… Is this the only reason you let us use a Data Editor? To do what your team did not find important to do? What a shame… A single person connected on internet on a website like http://www.transfermarkt.de is able to do daily these thousands of DB changes you did not find relevant to do… Perhaps do you need people like this? You know in our team one of us would be really happy to spend his day and nights to produce up to dated DB changes as a job, and no more as a time-killer hobby… At least, we really think that our old beloved puzzle has just become a really easy activity for anyone… But perhaps are we just embittered old farts… Specifically what we reproach is that the strengths of previous iterations, which were already an as successful video game than successful in charts, were totally dropped in favor of gameplay simplifications that make sure your game a great success, but for whom? The so-called football fans who want to win all the time because it's so cool? The kids who cannot stand to lose? The casual gamers? Finally, we, football fans and sports simulation, for which FM was formerly the Holy Grail, have in front of them just a game of football among other and no more a management simulation ... Therefore, do we still have an interest to spend many hours playing, discussing, update, draw, for a game in which finally, we no longer find our happiness, as may be looking for another less demanding public…? We sincerely hope you will take some of your precious time to answer to this request, and we also hope that your answer is going to be sincere and precise… We would prefer to know if we have to change our minds (and our hopes) instead of always dreaming of the harsh and realistic simulation you served us years before… Aurélien Boyer & Pierre Threnli Cosigners: Maxence Canadell, Clément Marais, Matt Sheppard, Christopher Rousselin, Sébastien Legrand, Guillaume Bossard, Chris Murphy, Gaël Bozo, Christopher Alossery, Corentin Mimaud, Maxime Godin, Jonathan Tallone, Benjamin Nicole, Alex Teve, Chakib Idri, Slimane Saada, Kevin Herlin, Bryan Lecomte, Ali Loupri, Antoine Patro, Thomas Lefebvre, William Saada, Florent Castel, Bryan Pioger, Raphael Pinto... PS: If you feel the same thing and do agree with us. You can sign this letter on our facebook account or send a tweet to the following account: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Football-Manager-Next-Gen-Social-Network/207347719345990 https://twitter.com/#!/FM_Next_Gen
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