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  1. 5 minutes ago, Seb Wassell said:

    Could you define "he can't play there" please? Can he gain no positional ability there at all or is it capping out at Accomplished?

    I dont remember the exact wording but it was the advice from the backroom staff saying he cant be more then accomplished, which again Id understand this for an older player. Like im training ozil at AMR and he had the same thing said about him which I get. 16 year old no so much

    edit: also in previous FMs id often convert young wingers into complete wingbacks as regen fullbacks rarely had the stats I was looking for, Im not far enough into a save for that for now but is that now not possible?

  2. 17 minutes ago, Seb Wassell said:

    Players have an upper limit to how good they can become in a new position. A player being able to become Natural in a new position (the only step above Accomplished) is rare.

    I could see that but im not talking about an experienced pro here. Im trying to make a 16 year old CM into a DM to play regista and its telling me he cant play there, how many players in real life have changed positions before their 20s, how many fullbacks in real life are just wingers who were moved back.

  3. There's no right or wrong answer here, only generalisations. All roles in a system need to balance with each other, so you shouldn't just look at one role in isolation.

    If you want someone running at the defence, linking up with the striker, cutting in off the wings then use the Inside Forward role. If you want someone mainly staying out wide, crossing the ball into the box but also getting into the box when the ball is on the other wing, use the Winger role. But having said that, we don't even know if you are using players in the AML/R positions - if you are using ML/R then perhaps the wider midfielder role with adjusted PIs is for you.

    Then again, perhaps the wide playmaker, the raumdeuter or even the advanced playmaker roles would suit your system. Only you can tell as only you can see your system - we don't even know your formation.

    It's the same with the striker role. If you have someone dropping deep (say an F9), that can free up space behind defenders for your 'wide player" to run into. Equally you can have a more attack minded striker (say an AF) who would help push defenders back and free up space in front for your "wide player" to take advantage of.

    There are all sorts of combinations and possibilities, so without detail it's impossible to give definite answers. Have a think about how you want to play and experiment.

    If you need further help once you have created a tactic and seen it in action, please read the sticky at the top of this forum about asking for help so you know what information we'll need to be able to help you.

    What kind of system fits a raumdeuter would you say?

  4. I'm currently managing FC United in League 2, playing a possession-based tactic. It's a 4-1-2-3 DM which has been good for the last 3-4 seasons with two consecutive promotions and a good debut-season in League 2 (predicted 22th, finished 7th). The second season in League started great but after 15 matches or so things started to change and I dropped down from 1th to 10th. Problem is, I really don't know where to start tweaking the tactic. When I watch the games in real-time I notice this:

    * The players are going way too quickly forward with and without the ball.

    * F9 isn't available in the build up and ends up isolated.

    * Defenders always clears the ball even if there's no pressure on them.

    * Winger and IF also gets isolated.

    How I want to play is something like this:

    * Press high and close down the opponent inside their own half, while still controll the match with a high ballpossession and slow build-up, much like Pep's Barca.

    * I want the winger/IF to provide width and stretch the opponents defence in order to make space for the midfield and F9 so they build attacks.

    * One attacking fullback to provide width when the IF gets inside and the other supporting the winger.

    * Halfback for defensive cover and as a player who can circulate the ball when in possession.

    Here's the roles and instructions. I also use PI: W, IF and F9 --> Mark tighter.



    You have so many instructions to retain possession. Retain, Shorter, Play out of Defense, Work ball into box. Id start by getting rid from some of them. Also you have look for overlap, might be wrong here but how does look for overlap work with W/A? There is no really penetration instructions, such as pass into space or something of the sort. Basically you are making it so that its really easy to play against you by sitting deep and letting you have possession while countering you.

    But thats just me. Just start by making it simpler if I were you.

  5. Well ask yourself if you want Ozil / Chamberlain to be a focal point of the system or not. If you do want them to receive the ball more, then go for AP. However - make sure that the AP (S) in the MC line is on the opposite side (i.e. MCL) to avoid them "clustering" together.

    Yeah the AP S is on the opposite side. I guess I'd rather the RMD be the focal point so IF is better?

  6. LcBwlKp.png



    Hello, Im struggling to make possession work as compared to last year's. A lot of the games I seem to get the possession however no CCCs. Other games I wont get possession and maybe get a goal and scrape by. Ive tried things like lowering the tempo, increasing creative freedom. What are some other things I could try to increase the penetration. Also I dont have any PIs.

  7. You probably don't want to use Hassle combined with such a deep defensive line, but in attack, this will cause the team as a whole to stay compact and pass the ball around very patiently unless there's a clear opening to break forward.

    What if I wanted to play that tactic with a high line? Would I leave the mentality on counter and turn on high pressing? Or put it to control since I do want to want the restrict the opponent as much as possible and just choke them out with high possession with probing

  8. Either Standard with those TIs or Counter with "Higher Tempo" and "Push Much Higher Up" would be worth a shot.

    Standard will have more of a balance between a more methodical midfield and a forward line that wants to push forward quickly.

    Counter will make everything a bit more cautious and possession-oriented, though when clear opportunities open up, your team will be more likely to attack in force.

    You could also try both depending on the opposition, using the Standard approach against weaker opponents who are happy to let you hold onto the ball and Counter against stronger ones who will give you more clear cut opportunities to counterattack.

    So if counter makes you keep more possession and probe the opposition until chances open up would this work? Im trying to almost recreate the way Arsenal build up and break down teams, when they play well that is http://i.imgur.com/k9J79Ge.png

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