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  1. Am I asking my players to cross the ball more often when using Low Crosses(?) Ti? I have been using for "if you absolutely have to cross the ball, make it a low cross" but I have been wondering if I am actually encouraging crossing (which is not what I want).
  2. Ahoi! Did not know that! Thank you! That is probably it then. I just thought the fair play place went to the next team in the table.
  3. Hi, I'm playing as a low division, Norwegian team and have gotten them promoted to the top flight. After (barely) avoiding relegation two seasons, the board finally decided it was time to turn the club proffessional. Now, half way through the first season, suddenly my team shows up in the EURO CUP 1st qualifying round draw. Anyone know any reason why I would be qualified for this? Last season results: League: 12th (out of 16), Cup: 3rd round (the final would be the "7th round").
  4. This has probably been asked before, but I did a search and what I found (without looking through all the search results) were older threads from years back. Anyway, does club rivalries develope throughout the game? I've taken my lower leage team to the top flight where a team from the neighbour city plays and it would be swell if a rivalry would develope there.
  5. Does Fluid/Very Fluid required more intelligent players? With my lower league team I'm playing a 4-1DM-4-1 with no specialist roles and Balanced fluidity. I'm being reasonably successful with this - solid defensively and creating a decent amount of chances. According to the Twelve steps guide, I should be playing Very Fluid since I don't have any specialist roles in my team. I've added the same tactic with Very Fluid fluidity as a second tactic just to see if this would improve my game. What I've found is that, using Very Fluid, my players tend to make ridiculous decisions and just not playing as a team at all. Very Fluid means that creative freedom is increased for all players, right (I noticed after adding the second tactic and changing the fluidity that the tactic familiarity of this was very low for creative freedom while all the other areas was full (as they are on my original tacitc)?
  6. Merry Christmas from Norway! Edit: Time to fire up the christmas tree formation!
  7. Okay, so here's what the two new tactics looks like so far: This is the tactic for playing a patient, possession based game. I've moved the MCR up to the AM strata, but kept the Advanced Playmaker/Attack role/duty. I have also changed both wing backs to Wing Back/Support to have them stay a little bit deeper to provide passing options for the other players. For team instructions I removed the Exploit the flanks. I did this because my wing backs are now sitting a little bit deeper (they are still getting forward when we are attacking). I also don't want my team focusing the attacks on any specific position, since this is supposed to be a "wait for an opportunity to open up anywhere" kind of tactic. I have added Short Passing, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box, Run At Defense, Lower Tempo and Much Higher Defensive Line. The Short Passing and Retain Possession I think is obvious considering what type of game I am trying to play with this tactic. Lower Tempo kind of goes hand in hand with Short Passing (or am I wrong?), so that is why I added that one. Much Higher Defensive Line I have added to lessen the distance between my defensive line and the rest of my team when we are in possession. This (I hope) will enable my defenders to take part in retaining possession. The last two I am more uncertain about. I added Work Ball Into Box and Run At Defense because they felt natural in a patient, passing game where we are keeping the ball, waiting for an opportunity to open up. Could be that these two instructions really aren't working the way I think and that they aren't doing me any good in this type of a tactic. So this is my 3-4-3/5-2-3, chasing a goal, attacking tactic. As you can see I have not made any changes to the team instructions. Maybe I should have added something like More Direct Passing/ Higher Temp etc. What do you think? My reasoning for not changing the Team Instructions was that the Attacking mentality alone makes sure that the team plays a faster, more direct kind of game. Am I wrong here? For the formation, I have simply moved the MCL/Automatic up to STCL as a second Advanced Forward/Attacking. I have also changed the right wing back from Wing Back/Attack to Complete Wing Back/Attack. Not sure if this makes a big difference, but I just wanted to make sure that the wing backs go all out to help creating chances. Any thoughts on any of these tactics? I am only in preseason now, so I have only played lesser opponents. Therefore, I don't feel I can make any conclusions that the new tactics work just because I have around 65% possession and creating chances with the first tactic and I seem to be scoring a lot of goals from the second one as well, since these matches are against weak oppositions.
  8. I think I will try to add a 3-4-3 formation to my a(A)rsenal (see the shirts?). I'll post back with some screens to show what I've come up with for this formation. I'll try to utilize a DM and/or and AM and see what that does to my possession. Think I will use this as a third tactic for a possession game, and leave my current tactic the way it is. This way I can also add some possession friendly instructions. I'm between seasons in my game right now, so it's a perfect time to incorporate some new tactics!
  9. I've always considered the tactics to be my strength in the Football Manager, but in FM14 I have really been struggling so far. Anyway, lately I've ditched my 4-1-2-2-1 for a 5-3-2/3-5-2 and my results have improved to the point where I've stopped pulling my hair out. This is what the tactic currently looks like: I really like what this formation looks like when I'm in possession. The wing backs push up to give me the width I need in attack. As the wing backs push up, the DCL/DCR push wide so that the wide areas of my defense is covered. This leaves the center of my defense with only my DC, but the MC with Defend duty sits pretty deep and supports the DC. The obvious defensive weakness of this formation is the flanks. However, I've had decent results against teams attacking me down the flanks by pulling the MCL out wide (ML) with a Defensive Winger/Support role/duty and, if my opponent attacks both flanks, pulling down one of the strikers to the MR position with the same role/duty: This means that my wing backs still charge forward in attack while the ML/MR sits deeper covering the wide areas of my defense. This tactic works OK in games where we can sit back and hit the opponent on counter attacks. We rarely have more than 45% possession, and this is were I would love some insights. Ideally I would like to combine the effective transitions and counter attacks, which this tactic is currently providing, with a patient, short passing style when we are in possession to retain the ball and wait for an opportunity. Is that even possible? I'm afraid to just add Short Passing/Lower Tempo/Retain Possession to the team instructions as I am afraid that would ruin the quick counters that is currently working so well. Is think that, given the shape of the formation when in possession (see picture above), we should be able to keep hold of the ball better than we currently are. Any tips on how to make this tactic more possession friendly would be greatly appreciated. Even if it means adding a second tactic with the same formation for situations where we need a patient approach. Would you change anything (roles/duties/instructions) to make the current tactic more robust? Any insights are welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing what comments you guys have on this tactic. (I know it's not the most original one out there...) Thanks, -J-
  10. My quick search didn't come up with anything. Staff search: I'd like to be able to filter staff prefferred formation, pressing style, coaching style, playing style, playing mentality and marking style. This is not hidden data, so I don't see why one shouldn't be able to filter this.
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