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  1. went back to to this tactic and it is working as good as ever on FM12! Have a Bayern save who yes have a class team but I have still got great results when Robben, Ribery, Gomez etc have been rested.. here are some screenies I will probably test the tactic (minor tweaks to the home version) with smaller teams possibly Swansea as they play good possession football too. Anyway some of the football is sensational to watch and I actually feel like cheering passes when playing keep ball while 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go here are some screenies.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us As said before yes Bayern are a great team but are they 7 goals better than AC Milan?! It is basically the original squad too, only addition is Douglas (DC) from Twente.
  2. Cleon big fan of your work + you have inspired me to create my own tactics and adjust more rather than just plucking downloads off here! quick question do you edit individual player instructions or just use the player roles? cheers
  3. cheers! I find he scores more because instead of running with the ball aimlessly himself, he can play a one two with a player near and then spin off and recieve a through ball.. Unless the ST has very high dribbling and flair ie a world class player like Aguero or Messi then I find this tweak is very successful
  4. top of the table at Christmas with Villa first season using crags original position tweak, utilizing lots of youth too such as delph, bannan, albrighton and ciaran clark.. my centre back pairing of tomkins and clark is very average but they are solid and my defence has been very good. Only tweak has been to set the ST which is nearly always Bent to run with ball sometimes rather than often as this prevents him from running into blind alleys when there isn't much support alongside him.. will post screens later on
  5. played Gotze for Dortmund but started a new save using the tactic from the start with Villa.. sitting 2nd after 13 games and using Delph.. OK performances but I think a Lampard/Gerrard type player would be best suited there
  6. Do you think its the tactic? Still working great for me.. you might just be on a slump.. can be very hard to get out of them when morale is all very poor no matter which tactic you use.. The defeats don't look heavy either! but I suppose a loss is a loss
  7. Cragswfc tweak is on fire for my previously struggling Dortmund team! they have the perfect squad.. Barrios is tearing up the Bundesliga cheers!
  8. did you manage to sort this? Mine is exactly the same.. can't get the skins to show up in the game haven't a clue why :confused:
  9. same.. is this intended or should the AML + AMR have different settings.. Do you have the DLP as primary playmaker also KOP? Looks interesting btw
  10. Had no problems the original tactic worked like a charm I was just experimenting.. I was very pleased with the results.. finished the half season in 3rd, winning 13 out of 19 and only losing to Chelsea away and a loss against bottom side Norwich in which they grabbed an early corner goal (only conceded 3 or 4 all season with the 3 players stay forward tweak) and we just couldn't break them down. I am not sure about the ME, kinda hoping it stays the same as I would love to replicate my success from the demo! Although I do agree it should be tweaked to favor less pacey players such as Terry and Carragher more like you pointed out earlier. An example of this is Scott Dann - a highly rated defender who Blackburn signed for 6.5 million was too slow to risk in big games (acceleration 9) and despite being a very solid defended I opted for 19yr old Grant Hanley, who is nowhere near as good a defender but simply has better physical attributes.. this is pretty unrealistic as Dann is very much first choice IRL.
  11. having lots of success with the 4231 on the 2012 demo.. although I have tweaked it slightly. I moved the AML and AMR to ML and MR, also moving their mentality back 3 notches. I also made the MR and ML's wide play 'hug touchline' and changed the team width to the first notch of 'wide'. The ST also has run with ball mixed.. The tactic is now a pure 'winger' tactic and Olsson and Hoilett are on fire for my Blackburn side. These are the fixtures so far - As you can see only one loss (3-2 away at Chelsea) and the game was a joke - they scored two screamers courtesy of Lampard + Meireles and added a Lampard penalty.
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