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  1. I'm starting to think it may be a bug - looking at the landmark history they were taken over by a tycoon in 2045. In 2047 it says that he "withdrew his funding" but in 2051 it's the same guy who says he "will never leave the club" so something must be going funny
  2. I have no idea - I just joined them in the summer. Looks like they had a mental owner - they were spending 120k a week on wages in the Vanarama Regionals, spending £1.6mill on transfers as well. I have the youth team at the minute and one coach and can't sign anyone - could be interesting.
  3. I've just taken over Halesowen who are in administration after being relegated from League 2. I let the 4 remaining senior players go because they were on 14k a week in the Conference! I have a pretty good bank balance for this level and am only spending 1.5k of a 21k wage budget allowance. I'm not sure what needs to happen to exit administration. The chairman he is currently shown as "he will never leave the club of his own volition" so it's unlikely that we will get a takeover soon. I've received a message that we have "restructured the companies finances" about 5-6 times but this doesn't seem to do anything. So is this a bug or will I just need to carry on in administration until the chairman leaves? Here's a couple of screenshots of the finances screens: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/543020112023986095/4D4B518685C106C5B3AB0ED2B6DEBD571463AB89/2048x1134.resizedimage http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/543020112023986564/C8DD3D15C1EFCA8C9743FC60D312B786421FD205/2048x1134.resizedimage
  4. Did you ever work out this? Ive just taken over Halesowen, have no players and keep getting the "restructured debt". I have plenty of money in the bank just waiting to come out of administration.
  5. Was just wondering if someone could explain how youth facilities work on FM13. I am playing as a Blue Square South side, and asked the board to improve my academy status. it now shows "Youth setup category 0". Is this any different from improving the youth facilities?
  6. I just had a look at your database and had the same problem, not too sure why at the minute but I will take a look at it when I get chance.
  7. ratta


    Have you created edited data? If you are downloading edited data the folder might not exist and you can just create it. Or are you trying to find the editor to start editing data? If you have Steam, when viewing the library click the drop down that says "All Games" and change it to tools, the editor is on there but you will have to download and install it. If I have misinterpreted your question let me know and I'll do my best to help.
  8. You would have to use FMRTE to change the attendances in game, with it you can edit the max attendance average attendance etc.
  9. To answer your questions: A) If you change player stats and don't touch the CA/PA then you will find the players stats decline back down to their natural level when the game gets going - you'd need to increase their CA to allow the better stats to hold. B) There shouldn't really be any problems with this at all, I am not sure how drastic a change you will see in game but it won't effect anything major. C) Changing the revenue would work but you are right in thinking that it will dramatically increase when the time comes to renew it. The two main options would be to set the TV deal to expire many years in the future (although there may be a limit on how far you can set it), and lowering the reputation of the teams. Obviously if you lower the reputation then it will dramatically change other aspects of the game too. The game will work out any new TV deals based on the reputations of the clubs in game. There is a database on this forum somewhere that takes the idea of creating an even playing field and sets all the teams in the game equal I think, I can't think of what it was called though.
  10. Yeah its kind of weird, I'm not sure why you have to rebuild the leagues to make small changes - that was the first time I had really looked at it and I was surprised it wasn't easier. Especially as you could change the lower league values no problem, I wonder if its a sponsorship thing.
  11. Looking in the editor it looks as though you would have to go through the nation rules an rebuild it with custom prize money. Load up the editor and click "Add Nation Rules", from there choose Wales and "Add Lower Divisions to existing structure". I was able to add prize money for the lower welsh leagues but not the premier league - from checking the english rules it seems as though you can't edit prize money for competitions that already have it defined. The only option I can see is to write down all the details of the structure that is there currently, remove the nation rules and readd them choosing "Create New Competitions and Rules". Then you would be able to copy in all of the structure and just change the prize money amounts. Hope this helps
  12. Fmrte has a way to fix this - search your team and then go to the "Match Preparation" tab, you can adjust the values in there for familiarity
  13. Does this tournament happen in the summer? If so double check that the Spanish/Portuguese season has finished - including any relegation playoffs etc, before the cup starts
  14. If you are on steam right click on the editor and go to properties -> local files and then verfiy integrity of tool cache. I think that should fix it for you. If not then delete local content and redownload the editor
  15. There is a season end date for the country as a whole - under "General" in your nation rules, but your individual competitions also have a season end date - under "Dates" on the tab of the individual competition. My Divisions all have end dates sometime in May, think this might be the default and could be whats causing your problem.
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