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  1. Yeah, this has nothing to do with reality. The team lost 7-0 and the losing manager did not make any tactical changes during the match.
  2. The first season I used 4-2-3-1, Manzukic - left WTM, Douglas Costa - right IF and 4-2-4 against weaker opponents. Later-stage Champions League games 4-1DM-2CM-2Winger-1 This is my main tactic since 2019/20 I dominated the Champions League Against much weaker opponents - My squad right now (early 3rd season) 1st season transfers 2nd season transfers 3rd season transfers Right now, I'm concentrating on youth and bought many young players.
  3. 2nd season review - I won everything, the team was so stacked + Alisson will join me in the summer because of the non-EU players rules.. I bought him in January for €66m Unfortunately, my U23 was relegated back to Serie C. 10 red +95 yellow cards I will sack the U23 manager and assistant manager.
  4. Damn. My first league defeat. Their right-back scored a 92th minute winning golazo from 30m.
  5. 2019 summer transfer window + Higuain returned and Cuadrado joins Milan in January for €30m. I struggled to find the right formation during the pre-season. In the last two games I use asymmetric tactics. Derby d'Italia 4-1 Derby della Mole 9-0 (Belotti was sent off early)
  6. It's a bit unrealistic. IRL, Bernardeschi cost Juventus €40 million
  7. I've had to start a new save completely.. I think my game was bugged. My key players were unhappy when I sold Marrone at the beginning of the second season. I just finished my new first 'new' season.
  8. I use this tactic against the big teams (Napoli, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Milan) and in European campaign. This team will play in the UCL semi-finals, without Mandzukic... he's still unhappy with Manzukic I use this tactic against smaller opponents, probably 90% of my games. The roles change depends on who is playing. I rotate a lot. Edit: I had a very 'bad' two months after the Winter transfer window. But April was much better. The team is playing well again in the most important time.
  9. The €300m is a bit misleading. I sold Benatia to ManUnt for €27m and replaced him with de Ligt for €12m + €23m (3 isntalments of €7,77m each) This has had a positive impact on the finances in the short term. I bought Milinkovic-Savic in January for €36m + €84m (3 isntalments of €28m each). But first I had to sell Spinazzola for €13m, otherwise, I would not have had the money to buy him. I did not want to sell De Sciglio. He played very well for me. During the transfer deadline day: Arsenal offered €27 million for him. I changed the offer to €35m + €15m (3 isntalments of €5m each) and they accepted it. I was very surprised and I got into a very uncomfortable situation. Finally, I confirmed the deal but I wish I had not. This deal caused many complications. Mandzukic became unhappy which made Ronaldo even more unhappy. Then I did a panic move, I bought Pavard for €15m + €30m (3 isntalments of €10m each). It all happened on transfer deadline day, it was a very stressful day.
  10. Lol. I would be happy to sell him for €50 million. I bought Milinkovic-Savic in January. I sold Benatia in the summer, Ronaldo became unhappy. I sold De Sciglio for €50 million!!! in January, Mandzukic became unhappy. Damn, my two best goalscorer are now unhappy. After 22 games.
  11. I do not see much change. Mostly small downgrades
  12. But he was not upgraded. His PA only The same applies to Alisson But some no-name GK in Everton have Skriniar's PA only Average Serie A player like Salah played half a year in the english league and received a big upgrade The game is not enjoyable. The researchers are very bad.
  13. A lot of paid trolls here Buffon resumes full training, literally a minute later he is injured again. Literally the same thing happened with Asamoah. Some people are trying to say that this is actually happening IRL
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