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  1. Juventus U23 team won the Serie C but didn’t progress further into Serie B. So many bugs
  2. The Champions League substitution rule is wrong. Max of three stoppages is missing https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/025f-0fd4721b794e-bfa28091239f-1000--changes-for-this-season/
  3. The game is broken and unplayable. Even the most basic things are not right in the database. Bayern will pay Douglas Costa's full salary while he is on loan, not Juventus - https://twitter.com/kerry_hau/status/1313077434821025793 Juventus pays Morata's salary, not Atletico. What is the monthly fee of €1,1m that Juventus pays to Atletico? Juventus paid a €10m loan fee for Morata. https://www.juventus.com/en/news/articles/welcome-home-alvaro Atletico does not accept instalments in the game. It's the same with Chiesa. €325k monthly fee, why?? Juventus will pay a €1
  4. Yeah, this has nothing to do with reality. The team lost 7-0 and the losing manager did not make any tactical changes during the match.
  5. The first season I used 4-2-3-1, Manzukic - left WTM, Douglas Costa - right IF and 4-2-4 against weaker opponents. Later-stage Champions League games 4-1DM-2CM-2Winger-1 This is my main tactic since 2019/20 I dominated the Champions League Against much weaker opponents - My squad right now (early 3rd season) 1st season transfers 2nd season transfers 3rd season transfers Right now, I'm concentrating on youth and bought many young players.
  6. 2nd season review - I won everything, the team was so stacked + Alisson will join me in the summer because of the non-EU players rules.. I bought him in January for €66m Unfortunately, my U23 was relegated back to Serie C. 10 red +95 yellow cards I will sack the U23 manager and assistant manager.
  7. Damn. My first league defeat. Their right-back scored a 92th minute winning golazo from 30m.
  8. 2019 summer transfer window + Higuain returned and Cuadrado joins Milan in January for €30m. I struggled to find the right formation during the pre-season. In the last two games I use asymmetric tactics. Derby d'Italia 4-1 Derby della Mole 9-0 (Belotti was sent off early)
  9. It's a bit unrealistic. IRL, Bernardeschi cost Juventus €40 million
  10. I've had to start a new save completely.. I think my game was bugged. My key players were unhappy when I sold Marrone at the beginning of the second season. I just finished my new first 'new' season.
  11. I use this tactic against the big teams (Napoli, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Milan) and in European campaign. This team will play in the UCL semi-finals, without Mandzukic... he's still unhappy with Manzukic I use this tactic against smaller opponents, probably 90% of my games. The roles change depends on who is playing. I rotate a lot. Edit: I had a very 'bad' two months after the Winter transfer window. But April was much better. The team is playing well again in the most important time.
  12. The €300m is a bit misleading. I sold Benatia to ManUnt for €27m and replaced him with de Ligt for €12m + €23m (3 isntalments of €7,77m each) This has had a positive impact on the finances in the short term. I bought Milinkovic-Savic in January for €36m + €84m (3 isntalments of €28m each). But first I had to sell Spinazzola for €13m, otherwise, I would not have had the money to buy him. I did not want to sell De Sciglio. He played very well for me. During the transfer deadline day: Arsenal offered €27 million for him. I changed the offer to €35m + €15m (3 isntalments
  13. Lol. I would be happy to sell him for €50 million. I bought Milinkovic-Savic in January. I sold Benatia in the summer, Ronaldo became unhappy. I sold De Sciglio for €50 million!!! in January, Mandzukic became unhappy. Damn, my two best goalscorer are now unhappy. After 22 games.
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