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  1. I saw someone in other post reporting a problem that i think it´s related to this problem of crossing: the main problem must be the behaviour of the defence, mainly wide defending! The defence and wide defenders can´t defend wide, they stay deep, parking the bus and if you pay attention tha majority of times it´s the DCM, CM or wingers that close the player that it´s trying to cross. More, the problem that many people are reporting that we can only play (anda win) with one style of play: gegenpress, high defensive line and pressing hard. SI must have problems in coding de
  2. Hello! The same problem here! Wide defenders and wingers constantly dribling to the final line + waiting for the oposition defenders to close and kicking against them to win a corner! Despite settings to early crosses and to cross often and from deep they make the same thing! It should be basic, for example, in a counter situation a winger seeing the forward in the area make a early cross to take advantage of the striker movement. The reason of having wingers and wide defenders crossing with a hight tempo game is to fast deliver the ball to the opposition area of the
  3. It´s like damjanovski, tarzanofmars said! I experience the same issues with my team! Despite setting to early crosses and set the instructions of the full backs to cross often an to cross from deep, they and the wingers go to by the line, letting the defenders come closer and kicking the ball against them to win a corner. Sure that this is an overrall problem to all the users, that need to be solved! A football macth whitout crosses, and deep crosses, early crosses, it´s not a football game!
  4. Hello, I´m managing FC Porto and my players (wingers and full backs) are constantly seing their crosses being blocked and having corners and tryind to cross by the line, despite i put them to cross from deep! That´s te main issue that i see in match engine!
  5. Hello, I´m playing the demo and the graphics are 1 star rating. I have a laptop ASUS G551VW with 2 graphics card : intel Hd graphics 530 and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M. The Nvidia driver is up to date. Can you help me pleased? Thank you!
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