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  1. Won the league easily in my second season, was behind Chelsea for quite a while but eventually they started to fall apart at home and lost a few key players to injuries. Table http://i.imgur.com/1vsQT8m.png Signed Jese on loan on the last day of the January window due to a mini injury crisis, turned out much better than I had hoped. Scored some vital late winners and a hat trick in the FA Cup. Considering putting in a bid for him, might end up being a bit stacked though with Origi and Suso returning from loans. http://i.imgur.com/nf7DkLA.png Sterling had a ridiculous season, he's easily the best player at the club and should be winning major individual awards in the near future. Tearing up the Euros now as well. http://i.imgur.com/PsJ2ksV.png Here are my results for the entire season. http://i.imgur.com/U1OKl5P.png http://i.imgur.com/oOjvzfU.png Squad for the season, was a little disappointed with the goal output for Henderson and the full backs but other than that can't really have any complaints. Coutinho didn't do much either, he seems ineffectual as a CM and not much better as a wide AM. Presume he's great if played AMC but I don't have a formation that can accommodate him in that role. Would probably consider selling him if a huge offer was made. http://i.imgur.com/PPs70iq.png Have a few targets in mind for the close season. Alaba looks like he can be tempted away from Bayern but it will take a mega offer to get him. Gotze and Reus barely play for them so I'm considering going for either of those two as well. Preferably need a full back who can cover both sides as Enrique is out of contract and Manquillo hasn't really played enough to warrant that £5m fee. Still need an upgrade on Mignolet as well but there isn't any obvious candidate.
  2. Just getting back into FM now after a bit of a hiatus since Christmas, anybody had much luck with trying to implement a replica of our 343 formation? Considering giving it a go though looking at the state of my squad I'm not sure it will be overly suited to the personnel.
  3. So Emre Can decided to force his way out for a move to Dortmund, managed to get £22m up front and an extra £6m in incentives. Signed Wanyama as his replacement, I like using an anchor and a ball winning midfielder and can use either him or Kramer in whichever role. Cannot seem to sell Lambert or Enrique, even for peanuts nobody wants them. Sold Ibe as I read that he turns into a pretty mediocre PL player and for some reason 8 senior players got upset about that. Timo Horn doesn't look great either, and as expected all the mentioned keepers have had their release clauses taken out of their contracts by the start of the second season. Really seems to be a lack of anybody who stats wise is better than Mignolet unless I go for an older option like Akinfeev, Sirigu etc.
  4. Who have you guys bought to replace Mignolet? Leno looks like the only viable option I could get if I sold Mignolet to raise the funds. My transfer budget for the summer was pretty pitiful considering I did a league and cup double.
  5. Has the update improved the ME much? Is it now safe for me to get rid of my two anchors and wide midfielders?
  6. Bought him as backup on my save and he is fantastic. Can't believe he's valued so cheaply.
  7. How has anybody managed to get £17m for Johnson? He's valued at what, around £8m, has one year left on his deal and is 29 years old. Spurs offered me £5m on the second day of my save and nobody else wanted him so I've been forced to keep him. I got £11m for Lucas from Monaco and that was after a lot of haggling, nobody else wanted him. Did anybody else get questioned by fans after giving Flanagan a new contract? Was a bit surprised considering his stats are decent and he only got a small pay rise.
  8. Issues I have with the game so far: - Crossing is stupidly op. Seems impossible to keep clean sheets as every opponent just bombards you with crosses for 90 minutes and there doesn't seem to be any way to block off the flanks. - Tactics screen is horrible this year. Didn't like the change to it last year and now it's even more clustered and not particularly easy to use. - Don't understand why my players are complaining about a lack of playing time less than two months in the season, especially when a few have been injured for over 3 weeks anyway? - Players complaining about not getting enough attention in training, literally no idea how to amend this. Have given them individual roles/attributes to focus on, increased workloads etc but doesn't seem to make a difference. On the flip side, I like the scouting changes and the ability to scout for 3 months. The attribute range is a good idea as well. Transfers in general seem to work better this year, contract demands aren't as ridiculous and clubs seem to realise they have to sell for lower and can buy for lower fees with players in the last year of their contract. Feels like you get good value deals the majority of the time as opposed to older versions when you always end up overpaying.
  9. Just as hard to keep a clean sheet in this game as it is for us in real life....can't do **** all to prevent conceding from every single cross that comes into the box. Sterling and Sturridge seem to be the only two decent players we have, the rest are all average. Coutinho has great stats but has been awful at both AMC and CM for me. Annoying that I have 5 players complaining about a lack of playing time two months into a season, when all have less than a 6.4 avg rating and three were injured for a month.
  10. Liverpool probably still suffer from 0 coefficient points from seasons gone by. In a few years you'd probably be in the top 5 if you keep getting to the latter stages.
  11. Yep, hugely frustrating after the loan glitch. When he returned to fitness I gave him a lot of game time but he still refused to talk to me. Weirdly in game he had a lot of positive reactions to team talks and whatnot, and even positive reactions in team meetings, but still wouldn't talk to me. Ended up selling him to Dortmund and bought Musacchio from them a couple of weeks later for a decent price, essentially a trade with me gaining £10m which isn't that bad I suppose.
  12. Balanta...after finally returning from his "year" long loan about 6 months late, he then refuses to speak to me due to a lack of playing opportunities and gets a 4 month injury. ffs.
  13. Though you are using a slightly different system, I'd advise that you look at the Guardiola Pressing Game thread by cmonreds in this sub forum and take the time to read through some of his posts within it, in particular regarding individual instructions. I'm not sure how well it would work with a 442, these are some things you could maybe try that might make a bit of a difference. It sounds like you are creating a lot of chances, but maybe not enough clear cut chances. It would be interesting to see where your players are taking shots from, you might notice a deceiving amount of long shots or players choosing to shoot when better options are available. Ill try to summarise a few ideas in regards to team instructions and individual instructions, maybe you can find something of use. - Control & Fluid - If you were using a 433 (DM, CM CM, IF IF , F9 or AF) then it would be very fluid, with a 442 I'd imagine either Fluid or Balanced would be more appropriate - Both FBs (A), all midfielders (S), a F9 + AF? - Both wingers/wide midfielders sit narrower, less risky passes, shoot less - Both CMs shoot less, less risky passes - Both FBs dribble less, less risky passes, look for overlap (might not be worded exactly like that, can't remember) - GK distribute to defence Your team instructions seem ok, I'd remove exploit the flanks though if you are using play narrower, your full backs will penetrate enough without that instruction. Try adding retain possession, drill crosses, pass into space and play out of defence. Roam from positions would be something to test as well but could be risky in a 442. The entire idea of this kind of style would be to control the game, be patient and wait for more clear chances to present themselves rather than trying to force chances. In general I have find this kind of tactic is far, far superior to the attacking styles with a lot of width that have always served so well in the past. With your wide player sitting narrower it will allow your full backs to have more space on the flanks, you might even find they become a regular scoring threat. It would be far more effective using a 433 as you have more options in game in terms of how you can change the system by moving the FBs to the WB positions and using the DM as a half back, but with a few tweaks to the team instructions I imagine it could work with a 442.
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