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  1. I had only free transfers and like u said there is no button...-_-. But I really do not understand why SI removed this....
  2. Since 11.3 i cant choose "Delay Transfer ( for one week)". I am only able to "Accept" or "Cancel" the transfer. I used this button very often because so i had some players in queue which made decisions easier.
  3. franni

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well I see the surname "Dick" is funny to you^^. Here in germany it´s just a normal surname. Look at 1.FC Kaiserslautern Florian DICK is playing there as WB on the right side and next to him as DC there Martin AmeDICK playing.^^ Those dicks are playing well
  4. Is this issue (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/238944-Player-X-must-be-stopped-permanently-destroying-player-morale) fixed now in 11.3?? Could not find it on the changelist. Maybe SI comment on this. Or maybe some of u guys still experienced it in 11.3??? I have to w8 untill the we to play the game....lot to do this week -_-
  5. franni

    The worst match engine yet!?

    I disagree ,too. In my opinion the ME is better than 10.3ME. In 10.3 wing playing was rly bad and most of the goals were not scored due nice playing movements. In 11.1 i saw rly nice moves and my tactic settings are permuted.