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  1. I have just started my second season. finished 5th in my first, missing 4th by 1 point! managed to sell a few and raise some cash. my starting 11 for season 2 looks like this (4-2-3-1) ......................Suarez................... Draxler.........Coutinhio........Sturridge .............Honda........lucas Sandro...Balanta....shawcross...kyle walker ....................ter Stegen as you can see, I have invested a lot of money in top youth players. Stegen, Draxler and Balanta (who I got in season 1) all have 5 star potential. they might not be at their best yet, but give it a couple more years and that team (with a couple more additions) should be great! I have a good bench including Sakho, Enrique, Stevie, Sterling, Vitinhio, Timo Werner and Aspas. played about 5 games of the season and doing ok, but when the new players settle in I think they will do well. I notice some people have had issues with Sturridge, but he has been good for me, predominantly used as an inside forward from the right. got the divisions player of the year in season 1. Coutinhio is a bit hit and miss and annoyingly injury prone. I often have to take him off at half time because of another knock. Draxler has started well and Vitinhio plays well every time he gets a chance. the main problem for me is Suarez. like a lot of people have experienced, I just cant get much out of him. he often has an average rating below 7 (sometimes 5.5!), which is never the case in real life when he is usually the best player on the park even if we lose! I usually play him alone upfront, and have tried complete forward, advanced forward and treq. he will have 1 good game and then a couple of poor ones. it has got to the point I am tempted to start Aspas instead, because whenever he plays as a n advanced forward he does well. any ideas on how to get Suarez performing as well as he does in real life, or do I just sell him?
  2. of all the attacking midfielders in the game that you can sign for Liverpool (so realistically, unless you cheat with the editor, that doesnt include Messi or Ronaldo!), which one would you guys say is the best? into my 5th season now and i have had some of the best ones in the game i think including Mario Gotze, Lucas Moura, Neymar, Jack Wilshire, Lavezzi. all of them have been good, but i have to say by far the best and most consistent has been Eden Hazard for me. he gets so many assists and man of the match and a decent amount of goals too. i am hoping Liverpool sign him for real in the summer, just based on how good he is on this game! as for strikers, as a cheap back up i can recommend Yaya Sonago. i got him on a free and in the last 2 seasons he was my main back up to Luis Suarez as a lone striker (poacher) and he is very good, scoring 30 goals last season. having sold Suarex, he is now back up to Leandro Damiao. he is young and cheap and not on massive wages and he stays happy even if he isnt a regular starter.much better than Andy Caroll!
  3. no i have not got the new patch. wanted to continue with the original version.
  4. an update on my liverpool save:- I have now started season 5 and i think I have put together a team and squad that i will struggle to improve! starting 11: (in a 4-2-3-1), Reina: Kyle Walker, Shawcross, Kjaer, Robinson: Felipe Anderson, Asamoah: Mario Gotze, Eden Hazard, Neymar Leandro Damiao subs include Jack Wilshire, Lucas Moura, Sonango, Niang, Sterling, Lucas Leiva, Coates, Enrique. i tend to keep everyone happy with a bit of rotation. lots of talented youngeters waiting in the wings too. and all the average performers have been sold during the previous 4 seasons i.e. Joe cole, Aquilani, downing, adam, Carrol etc. no deadwood left! i have won the league last 2 seasons and am top again in season 5 after about 15 games. i won the champions league last season too, beating barcelona in the final. at the end of season 4 i sold Suarez, Lavezzi and Henderson for around £50 million and used the money to bring in Neymar and Leandro Damiao (cost about 70 million for those 2). they have been sensational. playing Neymar in the attacking left midfielder position as an inside forward cutting inside, he is awesome. combined with Leandro Damiao up front as a poacher, Hazard as a playmaker and Mraio Gotze on the right hand side, i cant seem to stop scoring. when Jack Wilshire or Lucas Moura take the place of one of the attacking midfielders the team isnt weakened, so rotation isnt a problem. other then replacing Reina who will leave at the end of the season (i wont pay him the 90k a week he wants when he will be 33 years old) i genuinely dont think i can improve the team. maybe swap a couple of the defenders, but other than Messi, i dont think a player in the game could improve my attack. it is almost too easy to win. in season 4 i broke the records for league points and goals scored (both over 100) and now my team is even better! the only challenge i have left is winning something wiht the England team cos i got that job last season.
  5. anyone got any suggestions who to buy to play as a striker in a 4-2-3-1 formation? i am in season 4. won the league and FA cup in season 3. half way through season 4 and i am top of the league and still in every competition and still undefeated this season so far. i have regularly scored 6 or more in a game, including 6-2 against Chelsea and 6-0 against Stoke at home and 6-2 away against Villa. with all that in mind i know it seems a bit strange that i want a new striker! i currently choose from either Suarez or Sonago (both in excellent form) i have Mbaye Niang as a back up. the only reason i am considering a change is that at the end of the season i would like to make one big signing to keep things fresh and i am thinking of selling Suarez and replacing him with another striker. i dont think i need to improve any other part of my team. my current team is (in a 4-2-3-1): Suarez Gotze, Eden Hazard, Lucas Moura Asamoah, Felipe Anderson Robinson, Kjaer, Shawcross, Kyle Walker Reina on the bench, i then have the likes of:- Smithies, coates, Chauvet (excellent regen - 4 star), Kelly, Jose Enrique, Lucas, Henderson, Jack Wilshire, Lavezzi, Sterling, Sonago and Niang, plus a few other talented youngsters in the reserves, ready to step in. kind of spoilt for choice! i have recently turned down £45 million for Anderson from Barcelona. Shawcross is my captain and now also England captain as i am now the England manager too. and i cant think of a much better attacking midfielder trio of Mario Gotze, Hazard (undoubtedly my star player) and Lucas Moura. so it is only the striker position i might improve. if i sell Suarez, i expect i could have around 60 million to spend, maybe more, so i can spend big on one player if i need to. i am thinking of going for Neymar. any suggestions?
  6. yeah i do mean Felipe Anderson from Santos. i should have tried to get him when he had the release clause, but in season 1 i blew my money on Hazard and Lavezzi. i have had to pay £19 million for Anderson now. I havent used Niang a great deal in season 2 or 3 because i had other strikers to choose from, but i am going to use him more in season 4. i play with 1 up front normally (with 3 attacking midfielders behind the striker). my first choice is still Suarez(scored 25 plus in 2 out of his last 3 seasons), backed up by Sonago, but Niang has now been promoted to 3rd choice and should get a decent amount of games. It has taken 4 summer transfer windows to get my squad together, but i am definately happy with my attacking options now. i have let Stevie G leave at 34 years old on a free, but the board arent happy with me for letting him go. despite winning the lague and FA cup in season 3, they went from being delighted with my performance to "satisfied" because i let him leave! but on the plus side i have got the wages below £1.45 million a week, well below my 1.6 million budget
  7. an end of season update for season 3. i finally won the league! also won the FA cup so a great season. ended up 6 points clear of Man Utd in the league. i have now signed Mario Goetze for £45 million and a top quality young Brazillian central midfielder, to take over from Stevie G who i allowed to leave cos he is 34 now in my game. also sold 29 year old Gelnn johnson to Chelsea for 16 million and got Kyle Walker to replace him for £12 million. good swap! i play a 4-2-3-1. for my choice of attacking midfielders to play in 1 of the 3 spots behind the Striker, i now have a selection of Goetze, Hazard, Lucas Moura, Jack Wilshire, Lavezzi, Raheem Stirling and Suso. what a selection! all of them are under 23 years old apart from Lavezzi. am likley to start with Goetze, Hazard and Lucas Moura, but will have good options for rotation. on the back of last season i have also now been offered the England job. squad for season 4 is:- GK - Reina, Smithies RB - Kyle Walker, Kelly, Flannagan LB - Enrique, Robinson, +good young regen CB - Shawcross (captain), Kjaer, Coates, Chauvet (4.5 potentiol regen, 19 years old), Wilson CM - Lucas, Asamoah, Anderson (£20 million brazillian signing, 4 star ability - not the crap one playing for the mancs!), Henderson, Tenconi (good regen) AM(LCR) - Goetze, Hazard, Lucas Moura, Wilshire, Lavezzi, Sterling, Suso SC - Suarez, Sonago, Niang, Bueno all that and have over £50 million in the bank and wages are around 1.4 million so well under control. with this squad i shoudl have a good crack at retaining the title and winning the champions league.
  8. I am now in season 3 and have finally got a team together that looks like it might win the league. i am 4 points clear in February. ........................................Suarez.................................. ....Hazard..........................Jack Wilshire...................Lavezzi .........................Lucas......................Asamoah................ Enrique............Kjaer.............................Shawcross.............Johnson ..........................................Reina........... a 4-2-3-1 formation. i messed around with other formations in previous seasons, but have settled on this one now.. Lucas as a ball winning midfielder. Asamoah as box to box or central midfielder. Hazard, Wilshire and Lavezzi as advanced playmakers (Wilshire on support duty, other 2 on attack). Suarez as advanced forward or poacher. on the bench have good back up defenders like Coates, Robinson , Kelly and a 4 star 18 year old regen, then for centre mid i have Stevie G, Henderson and a good regen for centre mid, and then Lucas Moura, Downing, Suso and raheem stirling for the attacking midfield rolls. Ilker Munian, Sangago and Mbaye Niang as back up for Suarez, with Munian particualrly impressive (currently on loan but want to make it permenant). the team is regualrly scoring 4 or more each game now, including against Man City and Arsenal recently. my attacking quartet of Hazard, Wilshire (loads of assists), Lavezzi and Suarez are awsome. i originally played Wilshire in centre mid as an advanced playmaker, but he was poor and it seemed i had wasted the £30 million i paid for him, until i moved him further forward where he has been amazing. in the summer will try to add Yann M`villa to take Lucas place in the first eleven (lucas will be on the bench and will probably sell Hendo), but otherwise no changes needed. have a few good youngsters too. it took me until the January window of season 3 to finally get rid of everyone i wanted to, but having just sold Carroll for £12 million there is no deadwood left.
  9. Finally finished season 1, so here is the summary. Finished 3rd in the league (on same points as 2nd placed Arsenal, but they had a better goal difference) and won the league cup. my job is now insecure! unfair, but at least i havent been sacked yet. At the end of the season have managed to sell Aqualani, Bellamy, Maxi, Doni, Spearing and Shelvey for a combined £19 million. no one take Joe Cole even for 1 million. might have to offer him a mutual termination to get him off the wage book. At the start of season 1 i replaced Skrtl with Shawcross who performed very well. i also bought in Emre Can for peanuts to back up Lucas and Mbaye Niang who chipped in with 10 goals at the age of 17. He will get more games this season along with Sterling and Suso. At the end of season one i have now bought in Eden Hazard (about £30 million), Lavezzi (about £20 million for right midfield) and Asamoah (looks like he will be awesome at centre mid. also got Songago on a free. might sell Agger and Charlie Adam to help balance the books a bit, but like the look of my squad for season 2. how much to people get for Agger and Charlie Adam? and anyone manage to get rid of Joe Cole?!
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