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  1. Agree on too many corner goals, but not on the DFK. Are far too many DFK goals in my current save. Playing in conference north and feels like every player is Beckham when it comes to DFK. Both my team and the opponents score over half of all DFK's.
  2. Isn't it better to relese it after the window closes on monday? I'm hoping for a release on tuesday or wednesday..
  3. Tha data update usually comes in March. This is due to the russian transfer window that is still open...
  4. I'm playing with a 4-5-1 (4-1-2-2-1) formation in a LLM game. What souts should i use when the opponents have the same formation and what should I use against a 4-4-2? Have had really good results with using the Wing Play shout against team with 3-5-2 and teams without wingers. Am struggling against 4-4-2...
  5. Yes it might be public, but you still need to login in order to download...
  6. ruud, can you please upload the stand-off tactic somewhere else? Can't download from filefactory...
  7. Sorry for the late press conference GCB, have been crazy at work lately and will be for a while longer. I'll try to post more often though....
  8. Discworld Post match press conference: Hi everyone. Welcome to our first press conference here at Ankh-Morpork. Chairman Terr Pratchett, manager Harry Redknapp and Carlos Tevez will be answering your questions tonight. Let's start: Press: Mr Pratchett, you've invested a lot of money into building this new team. What are your goals and expectations with Discworld FC? Pratchett: Well, I've always enjoyed the sport and when the opportunity came to start a team in the premiership, I felt that I had to do this. As for expectations, I hope that the team will do well, at least a european spot. But I also expect the team to play some lovely football, that can entertain the supporters just as well as my book does. Press: How comy you signed Harry Redknapp as manager of the team? Pratchett: I've always liked Harry, done a great job in most clubs he's been at, and I like what he did with Tottenham. Hopefully he can do even better results with this team. Press: Mr Redknapp, what do you think of the club? Redknapp: Really enjoyed it so far. Mr Pratchett has been very nice and have let me handle all team decisions. The squad looks really good and hopefully we have a good season in front of us. Press: 1-0 against Dockland South, what are your thoughts of the game mr Redknapp? Redknapp: A pretty good effort. The first game of the season is always hard. You never really know how strong your team really are. The team did what had to be done and managed to secure a 1-0 win. Press: How will the team handle that two central midfielders injured? Redknapp: Well we have a strong squad, so I'm sure we'll manage. But it is of course very tugh to lose such quality players as Hamsik and Rosicky. Press: Carlos Tevez, only goal scorer of the match, can you describe the game please? Tevez: Well, a solid team effort. Sagna did a wonderful pass to me and I could finish with my usual flair. The team then defended well and could get 3 pts. That's all for now. We'll be back from Ankh-Morpork after next game here..
  9. I think he's talking about the presentation that he wanted everyone to make... I'll try to make mine this weekend...
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