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  1. I exited the game after some hours and unsuccessfull attempts to save it and started over with the backup file which works fine. So I don't know if it would be relevant now to take new screenshots. The folder location for the save is the default one at my documents: C:\Users\gtziotzios\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\games When I tried the "save as" there was the pop-up which had nothing unusual in it. As I said in my previous post, the 1st file and one of the backups (v02) are missing so they also did not show up in the pop up. But other than that. the location was the normal one, and all the other saved files (the 2nd backup of the save and all other saved games) were there as normal, even the information on the right side of the pop up for each file was ok (usually the corrupted files show no information there but that wasn't the case here). So I tried the save as many times even tried saving on the cloud, I also tried saving with different names and also with other names of already existing saved games. So every time that i tried the "save as", when i clicked the save button in the pop up, then there was the screen as it is shown in the screenshot "andalusia1". The bar that shows the saving progress stays frozen at about 5% and after a few seconds the game returns to the screen it was before clicking the "save as" and the appearance of the pop up. And even if the game status screen show that the game has been saved for one more time, there was nowhere in my pc a new file generated. Also i tried deactivating the automatic save but nothing changed, when i activated again the automatic saving and progressed to a new date where there should be an automatic save then what happened was the same thing happening when trying the "save as" but also no new saved file generating
  2. I also have the same problem. I have uploaded to the ftp a saved game under the name "andalusia (v03)" and 3 screenshots under the names "andalusia1", "andalusia2" and "andalusia3" to provide any possible help for a solution. I started yesterday a new game and I played about 6 hours without a problem or anything unsual happening. My saving options is a 3 file rolling save with weekly saving intervals. I saved the game under the name "andalusia" so there where 3 files named "andalusia", "andalusia (v02)" and "andalusia (v03)". Also, I have not changed the path where the files are saved. So as I was playing and it was time for the game to automatically save, there was a pop-up saying that "The game could not be saved". Moreover the files under the name "andalusia" and "andalusia(v02)" have vanished with the 3rd being there without a problem. So when I choose the option to save the game from the drop-down menu or the equivalent of Ctrl+S, the pop-up is generated as seen in the screenshot "andalusia2" . When I choose the option to "save as" and try to save from there, then it starts to save as seen in screenshot "andalusia1" but the bar does not move and it fails to save the game also. I have also uploaded a screenshot named "andalusia3" from the Game Status screen where you can see the game version. What is (maybe) interesting is that when i try the "save as" option the number which shows the number of times tha game has been saved increases, that does not happen when i try the "save" option. If I deactivate the automatic saving then I can continue the game normally other than being unable to save. I deactivated the windows defender and I have also made a search in my pc (and turned on hidden files) but there isn't anywhere a file that could be the lost saved games or a new saved game file that is generated in some other path for some reason. I can understand that propably all the progress will be lost and I would have to load the 3rd file to see if i could continue normally but I haven't tried that because I will lose some hours of work in scouting searches and some unrealistically good results for me but before I quit the game and load the file I don't want to exclude the possibility that something can be done to save the current game. I sent the 3rd file to a friend and he can continue and save. So maybe nothing wrong can be found in the file i have provided, that is why I try to explain the situation as good as I can in case someone can maybe get a clue what has happened. edit: I forgot to mention that i have tried saving under different names and also on the cloud but it did not work
  3. Portugal. Not exactly an objective vote by me cause I support them because of Fernando Santos. They 've got Cristiano Ronaldo up front and a good defence because of the well structured, rigid tactics of Santos. Moreover, I don't believe that Spain or France are as good this year as most people seem to think so I would say Germany are propably the front runners but if I have to bet on a suprise winner that would be Portugal.
  4. I 've failed several times in the last weeks as i tried for 4 times to manage Roma but each time i sucked so i was sacked. I don't seem able to find the right tactical balance. I have mainly used 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 in attacking and control variations but the defense always seems shaky and i can't make the great midfielders that the club has play good. Gervinho always is great as a winger or inside forward on both sides and Iturbe had some good performances. The strikers were also good.
  5. If starting without transfers on the first transfer window then it should be to sign him on 16th December as a free agent for the coming summer. But big clubs are after him and will propably buy him right away if you have transfers enabled from the start. I absolutely love him since fm12 I think so i took him in my atletico squad this year where he played as AMR inside forward mainly and AML winger alternatively. He has had some great seasons since then:
  6. This is my first attempt using a 3-5-2 formation I am not quite sure about passing and marking but as the team seems to be doing ok, i am a little afraid of changing them in fear of worsening the tactic.
  7. While i was manager at another club, i saw that at the second season Southampton had been relegated to championship and i thought it was a nice challenge so i made the switch and continued there. The club hasn't sold any of the premier league players so it is superior and i have 5 wins and 1 defeat so far. My tactic formation so far is I think it would be good enough for premier league football next season but i think i must buy better centre backs and better bench players. Long term i should find someone to replace aging Lambert who has 8 goals in the 6 games i am at the saints
  8. As I see from my game, Tah has random attributes because he is much different than what michaelthestrange posted here is in my save He has great potential though and I began using him in my rotation now that i am at the second season
  9. I finished 6th in the league using that tactic Defence is unstable and both rudnevs and son heung-min are inconsistent. Best eleven were: Bolatti was the only player I used except for the original HSV players Generally i try not to spend a lot and sell every bench player that can produce a decent fee because i fear that finances will deteriorate in the future because of the loans that the clubs must pay 1 win and 1 defeat is my record against each one of Bayern, Dortmund and Schalke.
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