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  1. Few youth intake numbers

    The game is far more complex and detailed than most of us are aware of. Make you appreciate it a lot more.
  2. One of my greatest passions playing Football Manager and one I'm sure many of you reading this share is developing young talent into star players. That means the youth intake day is one of the more exciting days in the season. We all hope that day brings us that potential superstar that will lead our club to new heights for seasons to come. But why do we or don't we get them?? To answer that question I did a number of simulations ,trying to figure out if any of the conventional wisdom we have of youth intake holds up against hard facts. For most of this I used GNK Dinamo who have 20 in youth intake. First I checked if the quality of the staff member doing the intake influences the quality of regens. The team’s best player had a CA of 137, top 5 average were 133,8 and squad average was 117,7. I ran 20 simulations with the HoYD, DoF, AM each, plus 4 other simulations on another save with a HoYD with all 20, 16, 12 or 8 attributes. Every one of them had basically the same PA production. The average top regen had the PA around the CA of the best player and the average PA of the 5 best regens per generation was usually half a star better than PA than the average squad member had CA. Afterwards I did 20 simulations with my Diname save in 2022. The top player had 175 CA, top 5 165,8, squad average was 152,6. The results were top prospect average PA of 155, top 5 regens 131. Eventho my squad was significantly better, I wasn’t producing players that were that better on average, leading me to think reputation has something to do with it as well. Following that idea I did 20 sims with Barcelona . The average CA for a barca player was pretty similar to my future team, just 3 CA higher. But barca produced far better players with the top prospect on average being 175 PA, top 5 being 154,4 . Meaning they produce a world class player every year, with 5 players who could become first team / rotation players for the team. IN Short, the quality of the staff member doing the intake doesn’t influence the regen PA. Squad CA and club reputation do. Apart from this the country youth rating is the most important factor in getting a high PA player. Reputation doesn’t per say increase the PA but it helps recruit players from countries with better Youth rating than the one you currently manage in. Another thing I wondered is does staff influence the type of personality your regens are. The anweser to that is both yes and no. The personality of an average regen mimics that of your average squad member. But 2 or 3 of them (those singled out by the staff member) have personality traits more like the staff member doing the intake. One thing I stumbled in accidentally while doing this is the influence of your selected first 11 on the day of the intake. I was getting pretty weak players ( by weak I mean compared to my top players) eventho I had 3 or 4 world class players. On average the best regen was 151, eventho the average CA of my first 11 players was 162. So I calculated the average for those not selected, surprisingly their average was 152 almost indentical to the top regen PA. After that I did 15 sims with my subs selected as my first 11 and the average PA for the top prospect was 160,2. The average PA of the top 3 regens created can be split into thirds cuz of the way they related to the squad CA. 1st tier top prospect PA half star more than squad average 2nd tier top prospect PA squad average 3rd tier top prospect PA half star less than squad average 1st tier 2nd best prospect PA squad average 2nd their 2nd best prospect PA half star less than squad average 3rd tier 2nd best prospect PA star less than squad average 1st tier 3rd best prospect PA half star less than squad average 2nd tier 3rd best prospect PA star less than squad average 3rd tier 3rd best prospec PA star and a half less than squad average Hopefully i will have some free time in the future to see if staff preferences have an influence on the positions your regens play. I did some small sample which is more favorable to club legends dictate positions and not staff preferences. Summary To turn your club into a factory for world class players you need: A strong squad or at least starting 11 A squad full of players with high ratings in determination, ambition and professionalism A club with high reputation High youth intake both club and country On the day of youth intake select your subs as the starting 11.
  3. I would rotate Dribbling Finishing and composure for a year or 2 with a lot of playing time. Or work on his Crossing if you intend on using him as a winger. Add PPM's according to the role you plan on using him. I would probably use him as a Shadow striker or Inside forward on attack duty. With improved dribbling the PPM Runs with ball more often is a must. Amazing talent. The unusual high positioning combined with great mental makes him a dream counter attacking AMC/Winger imo.
  4. Portugal and Belgium this year mostly. The prices aren't that high, usually under 1 mil euros. Most of the players based there are mentally really gifted and i love having smart players.
  5. a basic counter is suppose to be more rigid, fast and disciplined IMO I also have 3 tactics an, attacking , control and counter one. The counter one is my No1 option if i'm playing away, but some teams are a lot weaker (1-2 or more stars less per position) and i play the control tactics against them. I don't use play narrow or wider unless i have an advantage in one of those areas, nor pass into space unless i play against a team that man marks Also Try the ST in a A role (a S ST role just occupies the same areas the AMC does) , Advance forward for example, and u got way too many playmakers not enough players running forward (very important when playing a counter)
  6. Play him as much as u can for the season and , maybe he isn't that injury prone. If he proves to be super injury prone, sell him after the season or loan him out. For the future invest in a scout with 15+ CA attribute since those can notice a injury prone or inconsistent player.
  7. Would it be wise to retain possession against teams who stand off? Also would it be wise to pass into space against teams who mark man to man.
  8. Eventho it isn't highlighted i think work rate is important for a terquartista. His role demands he moves around a lot to always find space he can exploit (combined with off the ball and anticipation of course ) . So my anwser would be Jonas
  9. They are second to worst in heading, maybe switching to wingers would help a bit. I usually tell my attacking wides to cross to far post (they usually cross after a fast play unsettling the defense ), and on support cross to targetman(they usually cross when everyone is in place) Most assists they concede are from the box or left wing, so you should have players who play in that area playing risky passes. Hope it helps.
  10. The only permanent ones I use are hard tackling against a player with very low bravery and easy tackling against a great dribbler. Also use show onto weaker foot to most players except to ones i want to push wide, for example against a 4 4 2 DR DCR DCL DL MCR MCL are shown onto weaker foot and MR and STR on the right ML STL on Left
  11. After a 2 month hiatus i finally started a new save with the 14.3.0. Had some frustrations earlier with the way i conceded goals from set pieces in earlier patch and didn't play since, so starting a new save i decided all my match preparation would go to defend set pieces. Surprisingly, with the new patch both my of tactics worked better. 13 games (friendlies not included) in i have still to concede a goal from open play, BUT!!! i conceded 15 goals total. 9 goals came from set pieces, 4 of those were direct free kicks, 5 corners, out of those 5 corners only one was a direct cross header goal, 4 were scored in the second phase , someone heads the ball poorly and it lands in front of a opposite player. 6 were from mistakes my players made, 3 of those penalties, 2 gk blunder GK saves with the ball bouncing directly to the player who shoot the ball from 20-25 yards out ( i could have conceded 3 more goals due to my GK passing it directly to the feet of opposing striker but to my luck they missed) and the last goal came from a perfect through ball my FB played for the opposing striker. Are these stats a bit too random and unrealistic??
  12. plan A attacking fluid, higher tempo direct passing hassle opponents stay on feet play out of defense higher defense plan B defensive very fluid higher tempo direct passing get stuck in drop deeper roles for both GK WBs CD CD WBA More offensive oriented anchorman deep-lying play-maker support paired with a box2box or advance play-maker attack IFA IFS false 9 or defensive forward support
  13. how many dribbles per game does he have? but i agree with what most guys said , he has poor mentals and probably over dribbles a lot during a game.
  14. Really Struggling, in need of help.

    retain possession and look for overlap killed me and my nerves quite a few times , it overexposes you to counter, and your CM A doesn't give you enough cover in the mid , sub him for a box to box or BWM on support maybe switch to wingbacks, the one playing on the side of the DLP D on attack the other on support Changing the left WM to attack should improve your passing options as well
  15. try turan as a Advance playmaker on support who moves into channels, he's averaging over 1,5 key passes for me in that role