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  1. https://community.sigames.com/topic/376111-feature-requests-or-discussions/
  2. This is one of those things you just get used to, but don't realise it bothers you until someone points it out... so thanks for that But seriously, I agree... having the ability to filter stats by competitons or have them show all woud be great!
  3. As a journeyman manager, I've been thinking about this one for a couple of years now... I always found it weird that for example as a manager of 3rd tier English team I could land a club from a bottom of Portuguese 1st tier. The way I see it, in real life, a managers reputation does not travel that far, especially withouth majos success. For instance, a manager from Slovenia could be know in Croatia, Austria or Italy (neighbouring countries), but not in UK or Spain. Likewise a manager from Portugal could have some reputation in Spain, but very little in Germany. I think this is similar to scouting knowledge... let's say a club from France has a poor scouting knowledge of players from Latvia, then you as a Latvian manager (even if one of the best Latvian managers) would be virtually uknown to them. In addition I would like to suggest the ability to send yourself to learn a new language (the way you learn a new coaching badge) which would help you get jobs in regions you may not have a reputation in yet. (should this be a new suggestion?) Anyway, I think this would breing a new level of realism to jurneyman careers.
  4. I agree with this. I actually used to play like that. I'm currently playing a system where my highly creative wingers are my main goal threats. I also have "run at defense" and "be more expressive" TIs allowing my attacking players more freedom to do their magic. That's why I had to adapt my FBs to support only, to ensure some balance, as I found my defense was too leaky with FBs going too far forward. Now, this works in my system since I have good wingers (IFs): high creativity, composure, flair, technique and dribbling. If you don't have good wingers I would also suggest support-attack combo like JDownie said.
  5. I looked at your tactics, and here are my thoughts: Drop ALL the team instructions... seriously drop them NOW. I live by a simple rule regarding TIs - if I'm not absolutely sure that it's what I want, I don't use it. And here are some of the illogical choices you made: - Counter mentality already uses a deep defensive line. By using "drop deeper" you start playing with a VERY deep defensive line, which results in you playing to far away from opponents goal and creating a bigger gap between your defenders and other players which hurts you in the transitional phase. Check some heat maps of your matches and you'll see what I'm talking about. - "Get stuck in" means that players will attempt aggressive and risky tackles. That is counter-intuitive for a Counter mentality. When you try to play on the counter you want to stand off opponents a bit more, keeping your defensive shape, not creating space for your opposition with wild tackles. - You have "more direct passing" and "work the ball into the ball" and that is probably the main reason for your low shot stats. Direct passes are probably easily intercepted by your opponents and while you are working the ball into the box (not trying long shots) you won't have many shots when your striker is covered by opposition defenders. - Now, while there is nothing inherently wrong with exploiting the flanks I like to leave out instructions like that before the match. I want to start the match unrestricted, and then adapt to what is happening on the pitch. Example: I see there is a lot of space on the flanks - I turn on "exploit the flanks". Is the opponent playing really wide leaving gaps in the middle? "exploit the middle" it is. Now, regarding the roles you chose. The main thing to remember is that you want to create some movements between the lines. So here is what I would do: - Change one of the MCs to attacking duty. In your current roles, I would suggest your Attacking playmaker. So you'll have AP(attack) to run forward, DLP(support) to offer passing options from behind, and Anchorman(defend) to keep back and protect against counters. I am currently using this midfielder trio and it works fine. - Change your striker to something more mobile. Popular choices are DLF, F9, Trequartista... you also might want to put him on a support duty. The thing is that lone strikers with static roles are easily isolated. I prefer DFL on support here, but you can try different options. - You might also consider putting an attacking FB on the same side as IF - the reason is that when the IF moves to the inside, the FB can occupy the empty space on the wing. Now, I'm not sure how DW and FB(a) work... maybe the DW drops back, and the FB overlaps? You'll have to watch the matches and see, but make sure that they don't crowd in the same space. And one more thing. You might want to consider an alternative plan for weaker sides. I usually do something simple like switching from counter to attack. If your opponents play a more defensive game you will have very little success with counter, so you'll have to be a bit more bold and aggressive. Well, that's it for now. Let us know how it's going. Good luck.
  6. While that is good advice, and I did play like that before, I can tell you that I'm currently playing with two IFs on Attack and it can also work really well. They are my main scorers, having around 15-20 goals per season each. I wouldn't worry about it too much... I usually set how I WANT to play, and then try to find what players play well in a specific role. Sometimes I even try players out of position and if they play relatively well I retrain them to that position (for instance an AMC to AMR position, if he is fast enough... or AMR to AML if he is right footed and is playing an iside forward). Only thing to look for are PPMs... if a player likes to run down the side or hugs the touchline, he is probably not fit for an Inside Forward.
  7. I use similar setup, so I can tell you that this formation can work really well. You'll just need a few logical tweaks. Your duties distribution makes it pretty obvious that you are not connecting your defenders with your attackers, so I can imagine you have A LOT of trouble in transition phase. You have 5 players who stay back, and 4 players who stay forward, with only one player to connect them (and even he is a DLP - quite a static role). What you want to do is create some movements between the lines: - set FBs (at least) to support... maybe even set one of them to attack. you want them to go a bit forward and help building the attack - your midfield trio looks fine to me, and having an achorman also gives you the freedom to push FBs a bit forward as he will cover the space they leave behind - playing a lone striker as AF(a) in this formation is useless. as you can see at first glance he will be, for the most part of the game, far away from his teammates and opposition defenders will have no problems completely isolating him from the game - which brings us to the next problem: two wingers... with your striker isolated and your wingers staying wide, you have no threat inside the penalty box - what you could do is set the striker to DLF(s) so he will drop deeper, drag defenders out of their position and create chances for his teammates (don't worry, this doesn't mean he won't score goals) - set at least one (if not both) you wingers to Inside forward... with your striker dragging defenders out of position you might want to exploit that space with IFs creating a threat from the side That's all I have for now. Oh, and one more thing - if you want to exploit the wings, control is not the way to go... you might want to consider counter or even attacking. Slow build-up on the wings rarely produces any goods in my experience.
  8. Well, If your midfielders are the problem, maybe try individual instructions? I have both my MCs set to close down more, but I play on attacking mentality, so I'm not sure how it would turn out on a less aggressive tactics. My midfield trio is consisted of AP(a), DLP(s), and Anchor man(d)... The logic behind it is, that I want my MCs closing down as soon as possible, and I have my Anchor man instructed to ease off tackles, to offer a defensive cover and not get caught in reckless tackles.
  9. You make good points and I agree with you that there are many ways in which you can achieve what you want. I just can't understand why someone would dismiss trying another approach with no reason at all. I know lots of things can be done with Counter mentality, I've said many times that I'm not denying this, and I sure don't need any convincing in that direction. I'm just saying that one must ask himself WHY do I want to play Counter? If the only answer you can come up with is "because it can be done", I think you should reconsider taking another approach. And to be clear, I'm not forcing the issue, it just irks me, that people attack my advice because they don't like it. It's not much of a debate than trying to prove to me that my approach is invalid.
  10. I can't believe we are still arguing about this. I understand what he wants, and I understand what and why he tried to do. I also never said that for any reason, doing one thing prevents another thing happening. What I am saying is, before people get all crazy about micro-tweaking their tactics into oblivion, one might consider another approach. Obviously Counter mentality with high defensive line is not producing what he aimed for, and I see absolutely no reason to stubbornly stick to Counter mentality, not even allowing the possibility that other mentalities might be more suitable for implementation of what he wants to achieve. I suggested Attacking, and that might be to high and risky for him, but he still has an option of Standard and Control. It might be better for me to get out of this "debate", because I offered an alternative that is being categorically denied without consideration. Just stop telling me I'm wrong or that I offered no advice, because neither of those is true.
  11. What you consider a counter move is quite irrelevant IMO. Yes, you can make a counter move after winning a ball higher up the pitch, but that does in no way mean you play a counterattacking style of football. The definition of counterattacking football is really not up for debate IMO. When someone mentions a team played like that, you don't think of a high pressing aggressive team... you think of a team that sits deep, inviting opponents higher up, and upon retrieving the ball launching a quick attack exploiting the freed up space.
  12. This couldn't be further from the truth... I understand quite well what you want and I am suggesting you approach the matter from a different perspective, since what you are trying to do in very hard if not impossible. Suggesting you buy a new car instead of investing the same if not more money into repairing everything that is faulty with your current one, is still advice, whether you like it or not. What you are talking about here is not counterattacking football. This is high pressing very attacking football. You seem to be a bit confused here... Dortmund is in no way playing possessional counterattacking game. You probably saw fast transitions against Real or Bayern - but in those matches, if you pay close attention, the have around 40% possession. I can assure you, that if you would watch a game against Freiburg there would be no counterattacking football. In the end of the season the average possession is then of course higher, because... well I don't have to tell you what average means. This is what I cannot understand either. OP, you seem to dismiss any advice that is not to your liking. I would be happy to debate about how it turned out if you had tried a different approach. But there is no point in trying to help you, if you so stubbornly hold on to your own beliefs and you argue with people who give you any different advice than what you expected.
  13. I feel like I'm just repeating myself here, but here it goes again: I never said anything can't be done. But obviously you can't manage to bring to life whatever you came up wih (otherwise you wouldn't be here), so I'm just suggesting you reconsider what it is you're trying to do. Yes, you can play a high pressing possessional game with counter mentality, but the main reason to use counter is to encourage quick counters. If you win the ball high up the picth, there is really no space for countering, is there? You might not agree, but to me those are contradictions. You say that defensive mentality also attacks, and that is of course true. But it is also true that other mentalities also counter, if an opportunity presents itself. If attacking seems too ambitious for you, you still have standard and control to try. Now you can of course go read a ton more material and feed me some mantras from other threads about "plastic descriptions" and such... you might even tweak your tactics so much, that it doesn't look anything like a counterattacking football. Or you can take my advice and simplify the way you play the game. The choice is of course yours.
  14. I checked and you are correct - I was wrong about the passing lenght, however I was right abouth other things. Like I said, you can achieve all sorts of things if you fiddle around - which is great if you enjoy trying out some of your very own ideas... However, for a layman like myself who just wants to win a couple a matches, simplicity is my friend
  15. I'm not being rude, nor am I offering any advice. People are trying to explain to you what is going on, but you seem to refuse any explanation. You have already made up your mind on how things should unfold and that it must be a flaw in the game of some sorts. Since people have pointed out that what happened is completely in line with real situations and you refuse to listen, one must wonder if you ever watch football, or if you are maybe just looking for an argument. And, to clear something up, I'm not shaming people who don't watch football. I know plenty of people who first started playing Football Manager and then got excited on football. It's just that if someone doesn't really watch much football I believe they should state so when asking for help, because it might be a bit tougher to explain some principals to them.
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