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  1. Serie C1/B...... i am talking about Skrill North It does matter which league your in, are you saying that a BPL couldn't be turned into a pressing team? Hard when your weekly wage budget is 3 thousand a week.
  2. Nah, all you seems able to do is lump balls into the box at lower league level.
  3. I want a team that can actually press, pass and play to a higher tempo. Edit: actually a team that could press would be just fine.
  4. Managing in the non-league is boring me to hell, at what level will the players be able to start following my tactical instructions? League Two? League One?
  5. Udinese just been taken over on my game, so quit my job at Cardiff (who i have spend 10 years managing) applied for the job... got it & then 3 months later my tycoon decides to 'withdraw funding' one of the terms in the contact was 'sign high profile players' like that gonna happen now!
  6. I thought i would post this video, i found on youtube with Johan Cruyff briefly explaining his diamond systems: it interesting, but not too in-dept.
  7. I've been looking at Brendan Rodgers Swansea midfield trio, i was just interested in what people thought there roles were & what kind of formation they played in! Name: Leon Britton Position(s): DMC Clubs: Swansea Club's formation: 4-3-3 (4-5-1) or 4-2-3-1 (Spain version) Name: Joe Allen Position(s): MC or DMC Clubs: Swansea Club's formation: 4-3-3 (4-5-1) or 4-2-3-1 (Spain version) Name: Gylfi Sigurdsson Position(s): MC Clubs: Swansea Club's formation: 4-3-3 (4-5-1) or 4-2-3-1 (Spain version)
  8. Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has been hired as the B side manager, then later on been promoted to lead the Senior squad? Like what happened to Guardiola
  9. DM - Support, suits Busquets & Leon Britton. I think i might change my AP to Attack as this seems to suit the Iniesta role, plus with the extra pressing from the DM this should allow my AP more freedom to concentrate on creating. Edit: after testing DM - Support, i am gonna change back to Defend.
  10. BBM - Support CM - Support PPMS: Gets Into Opposition Area Arrives Late in Opponents Area Shoots With Power* alot of BBM seem to have this in there PPMS
  11. Thank you! Complete Forward - Attack is working perfectly, it really has a great balance between attacking the box and also dropping deep! :-) I've also changed my midfield to: DM: DLP (S) CM: AP (S) CM: BBM (S) and i seem to be having quite alot of possession, i even got 58% away at Arsenal (although it is the year 2022) i am still tempted to change my DM to anchorman, because i like the idea of having a player like Busquets in front of the defence, do you think this would help possession or hinder it? What are your midfielders preferred moves? Interesting, i had DLP, Attack and it was almost useless.
  12. What do you think to these changes? swapping my DLP (D) to DLP (S) DM swapping my DLP(S) to BWM(S) MC striker T(A) swapping my W(A) to IF(A) AMR would that create a more balanced side?
  13. Deep lying forward has never really worked as a lone striker for me, it seems to lose too much possession and the movement is generally very poor, too static. Complete forward and advanced forward are contenders i suppose. Would it even be possible to not even have a STC but a AMC instead? My current strikers are irrelevant because i like to built a system then go and find players which can play in that system, instead of basing it around certain individuals.
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