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  1. He is the ducks nuts. Playing as an attacking MC and averaging 8.4 rating at Christmas first year.
  2. Awesome for me QPR first season. Lead the league by 6 at Christmas. Only dropped points were away to West Ham and Liverpool 1-2 and Home to Man Utd 2-2. They were games 4,5,6 of the season so maybe the tactic hadn''t bedded in properly. Charlie Austin missed penalties in all those three games so could have been undefeated! Defensively I have been very good however it might have to do with the players I have. Caulker and Balanta with Isla at RB are about the equal of any defences in the league. Pity it aint the case in real life! Austin has 21 league goals at Christmas. Nice having my favourite player useful in game. Congrats on great tactic!
  3. Taking an earlier suggestion and adding work the ball into the box instruction has the goals flowing now. Averaging 2-4 goals a game now which doesnt make the opposition 1 goal from 2 shots hurt so much.
  4. Interesting that the right winger for you guys is killing it. The left winger for me Fede Vico won all the individual world awards. Averaged 8.54 in the Premier league last year and hit 22 goals. Good player but isn't a superstar.
  5. Tried as QPR in 2017 with a world class regen team. Very defensively solid. Struggling for goals still though, playing attack mentality and att movement training. Consistent with all the tactics I've used in FM2014, lot's of shots on target, few goals.
  6. With QPR I signed Darren FLETCHER for 6 million in the January transfer window first season. 50k wages. Worth it? Looks like he can do a job in midfield.
  7. Started up yet another save with QPR, editing in the January transfers for the Premier League. Getting Samba is amazing. One of the best CB's in the game without a doubt. First season, Samba, Julio Cesar and Jenas got in the team of the year. Granero would have but I flogged him off in January for 20 million pounds. Finished 6 seasons and am made up almost entirely of regens. Finished 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd. Man City are bloody amazing and won't bloody lose in the league. Juventus have an amazing side and have won 4 straight Champions Leagues, beating me in the final the last two years.
  8. Good job ROONEY. Can't believe we are linked with Yann M'Vila and Loic REMY. Those two will slot perfectly into the January update.
  9. And further to the last didn't even get Manager of the Year, that went to Roy KEANE of Man Utd. They did get 99 points in 2nd spot though I suppose.
  10. Just finished 2022 and admittedly have the best side in the world, but won all games with the Mutto 2 striker tweak. QPR won every game of every competition. Goal Difference For 225 Against 16. Top scorer striker got 44 goals. Lot's more spread around the whole team. Wellington Nem as a 30 year old in the AMC slot 24 goals and 48 assists. Don't know what is it about Nem but he always smashes it for me and his stats don't look as great as others but always delivers. Papadopoulos/Kirchoff/Zouma have been rocks in the DC slots. So kudos man, great tactic.
  11. Great thread. Love the Superhoops. Watching that video at the start gave me goosebumps. Sure has been an interesting journey. Hoping like hell that Harry can keep us up. You can prune the wage budget to about 800-850k whilst adding a couple of useful players to the mix (wellington Nem, Adryan, Kweuke etc) Cisse needs to go. As OP says, Chelsea will offer 12 mill. Good player but 12 mill fee and 65k wages off the books is too good to turn down. Onouha will fetch 3mill from newcastle (40k) Green can be loaned off to man city (100% wages) SWP can be loaned off or even sold to Everton. I've had luck getting rid of Zamora to Arsenal or Spurs. In the January window if they get played, Bosingwa, Park, Granero can be sold off for really good coin. Useful players but wages are not sustainable. Faurlin is my favourite player, so he stays, and Cesar, Mbia, Diakete and Hoilett are all good enough to hang around as first team players. The board are quite friendly and we have an underwriter chairman. Best version of FM to be QPR in my opinion.
  12. Using the tactic in the first post. Broke the record of goals scored after 25 games. Won all 25. Currently 158 For and 11 Against. Just beat Chelsea who were 3rd 12-1.
  13. This tactic is killing it after the patch. I am in 2022 with undisputably the best side in the world, QPR, but after 16 Premier league Games I have won all and have goal difference For 105 Against 5. Not since diablo have I seen this level of destruction.
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