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  1. Something I would like to see more different types of goals of the season other than long shots. I mean Maradona type goals and I don't mean punching the ball into the net. I mean goals where a player beats 2 to 3 or more players before finishing like Maradona vs England and Giggs vs Arsenal. Does anyone see these types of goals in FM?
  2. I would love to see the 1st ever database added as a retro database. I never owned the first champman but a friend had it and use to play multiplayer on Amiga after school. Problem was that he would always continue after I went home and messed up my team so would have to start with a new one. There was no leagues outside of England, so would have to be England only playable league. Though you were able to buy some real players from outside England.
  3. I have various league such as German, Italian and Spanish as view only. Problem is none of the clubs have any coaches, only managers and some have U21/U18 managers. Does their lack of coaches effect the development of their younger players? Also does anyone know much does facilities vs coaching staff have in greater effect. The main reason I'm asking this is sometime clubs from these league want to take my own promising youngster on loan. Even though they have better facilities than my I'm hesitant to accept as they don't have the staff to maximise their training.
  4. Just about every great manager that never played professional football, either worked they way up from the bottom or was some kind of coach before taking manager role. But, what would be a nice addition is to have coaching experience option along with the coaching badges. So for example. you was a coach at premiership club with all the badges, but only ever played Sunday league football. That way you will still start with a decent reputation when taking a job at at big club and players will more likely respect you without managerial experience.
  5. Reading just won the capital one cup and currently lie 17 in the Championship. I just won a game in the premier league and moved up to 7th, but got approached in tunnel saying I must be pleased to move into a euro spot. I would currently need to be in 6th place to get into europe due to Reading. The league table does highlight 6th as a current qualifying spot. West Ham finished 9th in the prem the previous season and won the capital one cup, but were in europa league the next season. I will update this post if Reading do not qualify for european competition.
  6. Thanks for that, my Card software updated yesterday.
  7. I have "Save highlight Ctr F2" with a green circle in front of the text stuck in the right corner of the screen that never goes away. While the game is loading at start up it says "Turning On" in the same location. It only just started appearing tonight. Due to location its in the exact spot as the substitution button during games. It appears even before I am at a match and do not know how to remove it Also when I quit FM16 it get a Plays.TV BETA box show up. I guess this is a new beta feature that being introduced for posting match highlights. The Play.TV doesn't bother me its the "Save highlight Ctr F2" stuck in the corner. Is there anyway to remove this? as I think its only meant to be there for a short time to inform users of the option.