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  1. England win the World cup twice HAHAHAHA
  2. I beat Real in CL with Bayern 4-0 and Jose said the same thing to me..
  3. The Italians don't have the 4 clubs left in Champions League that they would need to gain the points to catch and pass the Germans this season.. Hence the Bundesliga gets the 4th spot in 2012/13 and Serie A drops to 3 spots..
  4. Is they any way to Edit these standings ? In game editor FMRET ? or Date Editor ?
  5. Can you view these league standings in the game? I cant seem to find them.. Cheers
  6. Its already done in real life there is no way for Serie A to catch up in the UEFA coefficient standings this year.. And in 2012/13 the Bundesliga will have 4 spots.. If the game does it on its own is there a way to edit the UEFA coefficient standings myself?? cause in the game the Bundesliga doesn't seem to get credit the way it should I have tried 3 times by simualting forward not once did the Bundesliga get the 4th spot....
  7. The Bundesliga will have 4 CL spots starting in 2012/13 season and Serie A will only have 3 CL spots then.. Is there a way to make it happen in the game (editor maybe) ? Cause the game doesn't change it on its own.. Or maybe SI can put it in the next Patch? is that possible and where would one let them know ? Cheers for any help
  8. I looked for a way in the Editor cant find one.. If anyone knows help please Cheers
  9. Like the Bundesliga will have 4 ECC spots in 2012/13 in real life and the Serie A will drop to 3 ECC spots.. Can you Edit this some how?:confused:? Cheers
  10. Like I want to give the Bundesliga 4 ECC "Champions League" spots as they will have 4 spots in 2012/13 and Serie a will only have 3 starting than.. Can you do this with any editor out there :confused:???? Cheers..