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  1. Currently playing with Sheffield wednesday. I’ve had decent sucsess with a 4-3-3 formation ending 7th in the first season and currently placed in 5th season 2. Agree with ED that you should probably try to limit those TI’s. I play a possession style on positive mentality. Penney did a great job for me as left back first season, so that might be a tip for you as well.
  2. Hi. Thanks for your reply. If anything your posts has really thought me a lot on how I can use different mentalities and shapes to what I usually apply. My usual approach would be to set up in a control/fluid system and expect to dominate matches, however I've probably been far to aggresive in terms of risk and the roles I selected in the past. The counter/structured I now use is probably one of the most dominating systems I have made and it helped me to a 4th place finish with Souton in season 2. Appreciate the work you put in to this forum to help strugglers like me understand the game a
  3. Herne. I have followed this great thread for a while now. Can you explain why you changed from the defensive/structured tactic? Was it unsucsessful or other reasons? Would be interesting to see how it performed as the tactic inspired me to a 4-3-3 counter/structured high pressing tactic I'm currently using with Souton. Keep up the god work☺
  4. Just wanted to say that this thread is fantastic, Herne! Great work! You should consider adding this to the stickies as there are a lot of great advise here which certainly will help a lot of people.
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