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  1. Check your PM. And let me know what progress you make Hmmm play possession always good with high pressing I think. Need to be careful with closing down setting as my Swansea players attribute not too good.
  2. I'm using 4-2-3-1 with radically tweak of course And now my concern is the tactic very easy conceded from counter. Vs Man U, I've got 60% possession, equally CCC (2 each), and Joe Allen got outstanding 85 pass. But I've lost 2-0 all from counter. Any suggest about that?
  3. Hi there ! This sum screenie of my project about making mediocre team play Barca-esque style. I'm using Swansea btw, Sum best passes record from my playmaker (Joe Allen), and he consist producing 80+ pass every match. After half season my Swansea just sitting at 7th place EPL. So, I create new game with Swansea again to make the tactic more sharp in attack. So far looks good, CCC increases, but the consequences my playmaker pass is reduced.
  4. Thanks for positive feedback Mechanizator. In Cupu Tactics I set deep defensive line as my analysis my team always got trouble in through ball and my defender too slow to handle this. Decreased DL look be possible and put Defensive Mid. to zonal marking & stay in position to handle long shot from opp. midfielder as my defender more deeply.
  5. There will be avaliable in couple days, but I'm not sure as my ****n' busy college activity right now Still modify in Forward section and ball possesion guys Make it more better
  6. Another positive result can you give the report of your team? feel free to share bro
  7. I usually not to changes any mentality based on away or home. I looking the performance in the field and then decide who must be tweaking to make whole team play well. As example, this tactic use lone striker, so if the striker to much going forward there will be some gap between midfield and forward. And we will more difficult to keep possesion when ball in forward cuz too much space with our forward. So what we do to fix this problem. Reduce the space between our midfield-forward as possible. Make it connected. Push the striker back or get midfield more attck. One more thing, when my team in chasing some goal I always approach my team more attack until overload. But after couple minutes I fail to get goal even some changes. Thats must be something wrong. Always look at different aspec in game. You need goal, not guarantee you must go attack(default setting : wider & quick tempo) to succeed. AI team with 4-4-2, and my team with 4-5-1. I have 5 midfield, so optimalize in this section. I set mentality to counter (middly & slow tempo) and play ball through the middle to exploit my midfield.
  8. Thanks for the report mate Great. Do you have good in possesion too? Now I still on research this tactic with Malaga. Screenshot soon.
  9. Make blunder in transfer windows 2nd season, to much young players. Struggling in couple 1st match.
  10. Wow really impressing, do you tweak this tactic after all? Or just moved 1-2 midfield to 2-1 ?
  11. Great, I'm doing the same thing with Newcastle to test how effective this tactic in English Premier League. Unfortunatelly just finished at 4th table :confused: I never use any shouts instructions during the match. When your team leading in early minutes in match, then going more attack. Because the AI's team will focus to get score. Look for effect with your team performance on the pitch, if your team became struggle on possesion and you think your team got more pressure from AI, then set back to control ! So the decision in your hand. Be creative mate.
  12. Emm, Im not take special treatment at this point. But because I manage Sporting, Im use 'No Pressure' a lot. Yes, this tactic based on 11.2.1 Wow sounds great! Keep try-tweak mate! \m/
  13. Update mate Glad to hear that. I want to know this tactic working consistently or just a moment:D Any advice would be appreciate
  14. The newest version this tactic has been available in main post. For Cupu Tactic v3, I just do little change in Player Instructions. Team Instructions still like in older version. TACTIC IMPROVING 1. Ball Possesion 2. More create Clear Cut Chance a.k.a CCC 3. Both Fullback more efficient 4. Primary Playmaker more efficient Feedback & Advice would be appreciate. Enjoy
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