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  1. Carry on with it. I'm reading and making adjustments to mine. I might have questions soon.
  2. FFS, I was scrolling to see the outcome and nothing! I can't go on like this
  3. And they played at 3PM whereas you are playing at 5.30pm
  4. Liverpool played Red Star on the 24th Oct (Wed) and then played Cardiff on the 27th (Sat) In real life
  5. I know it's early but whilst I have the ideas in my head, I thought I'd put it to you Also, Happy New Year! Ok, so training for me could be improved a hell of a lot. I was thinking maybe of training reports after every session so you get an idea on who is training well, who is lazy as well as maybe players health improving or not. Also, maybe you could focus on certain things based on your tactic or your upcoming games. Which ties in with my other idea. Better feedback from scouts on next opposition. Key players, passing, where they are likely to attack from. Set pieces and so on. This info could be used in training then so you prepare for a game. IE, your scout tells you they prefer to play wide and whip the balls in quickly. You could then drill your players to watch for that. In real life, a lot of matches are won by preparing and training and yet in the game, it feels like a part of the game that is automated to a degree and holds little value.
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