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  1. Is there an issue with crossing in the game or is it down to my players stats? I have my left and right backs really attacking where they are almost playing as wingers most of the time. Positionally it is spot on and have no issues getting the ball to them out wide. Where it falls down is that they ofter just stop and wait for the opposition to close them down and then its either a blocked cross or a tackle. What I expect to see sometimes is my full back to whip in a cross to an oncoming forward but it never seems to happen. I thought Hit Early Crosses may achieve that but not seen i
  2. I don't think I will rush out to buy it. Partly because I don't get the time I used to for playing it but because I read so much on here about the match engine as well as seeing things myself that I think I'll wait a bit and see how it goes. For me, the match engine caused more debate than any other topic so I think the focus should be on that first and foremost to ensure that going forward, we have a solid engine that plays well as I don't think another year of how it has been will help at all. It's not an easy task at all and nobody thinks it really is.
  3. Carry on with it. I'm reading and making adjustments to mine. I might have questions soon.
  4. FFS, I was scrolling to see the outcome and nothing! I can't go on like this
  5. And they played at 3PM whereas you are playing at 5.30pm
  6. Liverpool played Red Star on the 24th Oct (Wed) and then played Cardiff on the 27th (Sat) In real life
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