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  1. ok. So if I leave the beta and do other games, to load the save game made in beta I have to re-enter the beta, or I do not load them anymore once out of beta. excuse me and thanks
  2. but i exit the beta and start a new save,the old saves make under the beta will work or not? this is very important for me to know
  3. ok so if I start a new save I'll have the chance to exit the beta from steam?
  4. the problem is that when i go in the beta tab the dropdown box is blocked on public beta and i can't seen another version
  5. sorry but i've a question: how can I exit the beta via steam because I can not disable the option
  6. the problem I've encountered is on registering players for the competition. in the sense that in early February the game clears the team record of the previous stage and only makes me join three players. however after the registration stage, if I click on the unregistered "nrg" icon, next to the player I open the team recording screen and I can register all the players regularly.
  7. excuse me Dallan. A clarification: there is the problem of team registration on February 1st, but after that date you can register the team normally
  8. Hi dallan, I have download the newest version,after 14 november, but I've the problem with squad selection the 1st of february.
  9. Another innformation for you: when i create a game with european suerleague or world league,that develop in one only nation(england,andorra etc.),your file running ok and i haven't crash.tested until 2022
  10. yes dallan i running belgian league, but i haven't try to eliminate this league.
  11. hi dallan. i tried the new test version too and i have the same problem. the game crashed between may and august. when i load a few number of league this don't happened. why?
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