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  1. The predictable question must be asked-will this database be updated for FM18?
  2. I am receiving a message "League has not finished in time for the season update day." What are some common reasons for this message? I am trying to create a multi-stage competition with top playoffs to determine league champion along with relegation playoffs which only contain one round out of four teams with the two losers relegated. I am using advanced rules.
  3. Thank you Uncle Sam for your work again this year.
  4. A little bit strange to add players from other sports in the game. For the NHL download were you able to edit the 3d so players on the field use sticks to move the ball around?
  5. Hows does the user inhibit a player's CA/PA from being displayed on the player's attribute page?
  6. This is a thoughtful and innovative editor file. Thanks for putting this together.
  7. Geordie, I downloaded the superpack but they are only available in the full FM interface and not within FMC. Is there another step I need to take? EDIT:Disregard. Fixed the problem.
  8. Another stupid question, how many different formations in FM can a team use and still be competent in each of them? A seperate offensive and defensive formation for example. Thanks.
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