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  1. from my experience the LAST thing you want to do is give an already aggressive centre back a stopper role in a four man defence! As for the OP, your issue is two fold; firstly, the aforementioned high line, but secondly you are using wingbacks rather than fullbacks who will be positionally higher up the pitch when your side is in possession, meaning that when you get dispossessed the ball over the top is going to be on quite often. I have been trying to play a high, gegenpressing attacking system myself and for one glorious season it produced the best football I have even been able to put together on any FM. We didnt win a thing, but the matches were phenomenal to watch The following season the A.I. had learned to exploit the weaknesses in my tactic (4-3-3DM, striker drops deep and plays through ball to inside forward) and I had to abandon it and go for a more restrained approach.
  2. For tough away games I've found that I need to completely nullify the oppositions main threat if it comes from the wings, specifically by switching the fullback to a either FBd or Limited FB, and putting the player in front of him on support duty. 90% of the goals I was conceding were coming from my fullback trying to get forward only for the counter attack to fizzle out, and the opposition winger able to find himself space to exploit. It works the same way for teams that load up the middle, you need to match the numbers game, whether that being the use of an anchorman, or reducing the mentality of any AMC you may be playing to get him more involved in the defensive phases. I give you an example of a mistake I just made in my last game: Away to Ajax with 20mins left I brought on Totti and went 4-4-1-1 with him in the Treq role to hopefully give him the chance to win us the game. Ajax had been playing 3-5-2 and my switching a role to Treq from the previous incumbents AMs left the third Ajax central midfielder free, and he duly ghosted into the box 10mins later to win the match. 100% tactical mistake on my part - in trying to win the match, I neglected the defensive end of out game and paid the penalty.
  3. As opposed to real life, where Koscielny is always injured and Mertesaker jumps out of the way of crosses The one thing Ive noticed recently is that an already aggressive defender with a stopper duty behaves like an absolute maniac, often charging past the anchor man in an attempt to win the ball early. I suppose in real life this kind of all-action approach would quickly make him a crowd favourite, but in FM it just takes a little half step from a tricky Attacking Midfielder to go by him and slot a nicely weighted through-ball into the vacated space for the opposing striker to run on to.
  4. The best centre-back partnership are usually a combination of both. Think Ferdinand (cover) & Vidic (stopper), Carragher (stopper) & Hyypia (cover), Puyol (stopper) & Pique (cover). Classic pairings include Baresi (cover) & Costacurta (stopper) or Bould (stopper) & Adams (cover), or for 3cb systems think Italy '82 with Scirea (Sweeper) Collovati (stopper) and Gentile (hatchet man ) You dont really have to use specific cover and stopper duties, as the mental attributes tend to come into play all by themselves when you have the correct personnel.
  5. This thread opens a wider debate: Does any side really have more than one playmaker? For me, the playmaker is the guy that dictates the play & tempo. Even at Guardiola's Barca, filled to the brim with creative, technical players the guy that pulled the strings was Xavi. Messi, Iniesta et al were capable of moments of magic, but it was little Xavi Hernandez that everything ran through. Im a big fan of having one playmaker, and building the other roles around them. I tie this into the philosophy advice given on here in regards to number of speciality roles versus team fluidity.
  6. First competitive game of the new season and we win 4-3 away at Sporting Lisbon. Conceded a wonder goal to Diego Capel who cuts inside, round two defenders and places one in the corner while the other two goals were described as both a "fluke" and a "freak" respectively in the post match summary. This is surely, SURELY some kind of glitch/bug, when everytime I play a team considered to be of similar level I am powerless to stop them scoring once they go a couple of goals behind? Im not saying this as some frustrated noob, as Im sure you can see by the date I joined the forums I have many years of top flight experience but this has me completely baffled.
  7. This video starts a little late, not doing justice to Gervinho's total lack of awareness as to where his man is but you can still see the massive gap he exploits. The second goal starts just after the passage of play that I wanted to identify so I'll not link it, but it's basically very similar to the above one, where Konko finds half an acre out on the flank.
  8. I wasnt looking to attack at this point. I was 3-0 then 4-2 up with 10mins left and Lazio scored TWICE in the 80th minute. At that stage I'd went 4-1-4-1 defend, and had my left winger man-marking the wingback (though it was frekkin Gervinho, the lazy sod). Im uploading the two goals to youtube, can anyone inform me how to link them onto this forum? Thanks.
  9. Playing a 4-1-2-3DM as its known in the game on either standard or control. Occasionally go 4-2-3-1 if I feel a team is playing defensive and I want to get either a Shadow Striker or Treq at ACM involved. There was one game in particular against Inter where we were 5-0 down at half time - the movement of their two forwards and surging overlaps of their wingbacks left my defensive totally bamboozled. FAKE EDIT: I just went back and studied the game there and it seems that I didnt change my centre-back partnership from stopper/cover over to def/def to deal with the opposition striking duo (though I was relatively certain that I did :-/ but still have no idea how/if I didnt change it well before half time), but at least that explains that anomaly. The match that really started the downward spiral of defensive ineptitude was throwing away a 3-0 HT lead away at Lazio - they switched to a 3-4-1-2 and their wingbacks ran amok. Im relatively certain I changed the stopper/cover partnership to def/def at HT to combat this (is there a way to check this?), but even when I went 4-1-4-1 they continued to overlap and find space. It was infuriating.
  10. the majority are from crosses to the near post, though there has been concessions from other balls "into the mixer", as well as a couple of quite calamitous examples of Liverpool-esque defensive errors. Tbh honest my defence are also conceding a slew of late goals from comfortable, winning positions that are costing us 3 points time and again. No defensive set up seems to be comfortable and I am struggling to identify what exactly is going wrong. I am very conservative in my player set up, making sure my roles are defensively complementary and solid, and I switch formations between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 depending on how defensively I expect my opponents to set up. I stay away from Opponent Instructions based on Cleon's advice, except for showing fullbacks or wingbacks onto their weaker feet. Frustratingly though a few recent games have seen opposition wing-backs get the freedom of the park to pick out easy crosses for tap-ins late on, despite me having the problem flank both stacked with a defensive minded full-back, as well as having the inside forward (or even wide-midfielder of we go to 4-1-4-1) man marking him using Player Instructions. There are a few issues that may be contributing such as: 1. Defenders are not really that good. (Leo Castan is our best central defender and he is, quite frankly, brutal in FM15!) 2. All my defensively minded midfielders except De Rossi have problematic PPMs that could potentially lead to them getting caught out of position. 3. Poor goalkeepers. Morgan De Sanctis is still our best keeper at 38, but as bad as we are with him, every time he is dropped things get even worse. 4. De Sanctis and Maicon are out of contract in a couple of months having refused cut-price offers, and their performances have become noticeably worse during that time. 5. Our team has alot of old, old men. 6. We do not play a particularly strenuous, high tempo game, but the players are all finding themselves tired (70-75 fitness) around the 70min mark. I even set team training to low, but even this has failed to curb this problem. So much stress. I have a new found sympathy for Sam Allardyce
  11. My Roma team are conceding over a goal a game at the moment from corners, almost 2 a game from all set pieces combined. I have my defensive settings pretty solid with 4 zonal marking, 2 on posts and the rest bar one back and defending but the goals keep on coming, and my season is unraveling at the eleventh hour. Ive saw a few other people complaining about similar issues but have yet to see a definitive reply. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
  12. Ok here's a question: You need to win away from home to qualify for the KO stages of the CL, and the opposition gets a man sent off. They go 41220 with 2 inside forwards and no striker or attacking midfielder in the centre. What do you do?
  13. Do you have closing down "always" set on your opposition instructions for the players they are charging towards? My defensive issues really calmed down after I cut way, WAY back on the OIs. Keeps so much more shape, and players dont go charging out of position to attempt to win the ball, only to get bypassed by a quick, silky winger.
  14. Anyone any ideas whatsoever on this new Brendan Rodgers 3-4-3 formation? It's incredible to watch, if not a little soft at the back - though that could easily be the result of having the positionally deficient Martin Skrtel marshaling the back 3.
  15. I play this system and have just won the CL with Spurs in 2018. Paradoxically for such an offensive looking system the key to getting it working was establishing a balance in defence and then letting my attacking players do their collective thing - this lead to Lloris conceding only 16 goals in the league all season. I also dropped the 2 more defensive midfielders to the DM strata, implementing an Anchorman/BWM pivot to provide both cover and a player looking to win the ball higher up the pitch, whilst simultaneously allowing my WBs on either side to provide attack and support. Its not perfect and can be frustrated by 'park the bus' style anti-football or poor weather, but against the bigger sides it's brilliant. Take care to use the outside AMs to mark the oppositions most offensive fullback in tougher games, which usually means inverting the whole system if I feel they pose more of a threat down our right flank. CFa AMs T SSa A BWM WBa CB CB WBs It is primarily a rigid system and a balanced mentality, with instructions 'shorter passing', 'hassle opponents', 'work ball into box', and I always dictate my defensive line based on the pace and formation of the opposition (eg, use deeper defensive line against quick attackers, especially if going more attacking and leaving space to exploit.). Away against top sides the Treq turns into a APa so he puts a shift in and the offensive mentality of the WBs is reduced, as we try to hit more direct on the counter, using tight marking and holding positions. Getting that defensive line and width right is key as too high means through balls to attacking wingers (sooooo frustrating!!!), whilst too deep leads to opposition (especially City's 4-2-4) relentless attack forcing your defence back so far they are camped in your own penalty area and they will inevitably capitulate.
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