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  1. Yeah, I've previously done some of those things you've both suggested. Back to the drawing board, I think. Going to stick with 4-1-3-2 but start again and tweak it here and there. Do a bit more research into it. Just frustrating that it seems to have completely come unstuck in FM19 despite it being pretty steady for years on end in other versions.
  2. Thanks for the comments. It's weird because I've used those two formations for years on FM's, with the exception of FM18, in the lower leagues and it's been fine. I have my long save (with Lincoln) and then a career one where I'd take over financially struggling clubs in poor league positions and turn them around, resign, and onto the next one so it's been a tried and tested set-up for me down the years. I did use an Anchor Man rather than BWM but to no avail. My full backs generally assist the most goals, too, as I have them crossing early from deeper positions so they don't get too high up the pitch. Fair point on the defensive line. Initially it was set on the setting you suggest but they lacked pace, which I thought would be an issue, so I dropped them back slightly whilst also dropping the LoE so the gap between defence and attack wasn't too big. I'm wondering whether I may need to use wingers, perhaps in a 4-4-2 (which I'm not a great fan of because I prefer good control in there with 3) or in a 4-2-3-1 with two sitting midfielders, an AM and then proper wingers or inside forwards. Tempted to start the save again (this was only supposed to be a 6 month one just familiarise with the game).
  3. The team instructions are a bit all over the place as I've tweaked them here and there trying to find something.
  4. I'm four seasons into a save - starting in L2 and had two seasons in L2, promoted and now two in L1. In each of the four seasons I've ended up being a top 3 attack but a bottom four defence and I can't for the life of me get the balance right. The defensive players I've got are, attribute wise, good for the level. Formation wise, I'm 4-1-3-2 with a narrow 3 or 4-4-2 narrow diamond. I've tried being cautious, possession based, balanced, direct, high line of engagement, no pressure at all, positive mentality, attacking, mixed etc and nothing is changing and it's getting a bit tiresome because nothing I'm doing is working. I probably keep 5 clean sheets a season on average. I used the gegenpress template initially, but also used others one to try and be defensively more sound but I've so far not come across anything. One thing I haven't tried it using wingers, something I haven't done since probably CM 2002!
  5. Is there a specific thread to highlight mistakes with bits and pieces at particular clubs?
  6. As per this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/407892-Individual-Opposition-Instructions Not sure why the individual opposition instruction settings are shown as default when they're already set?
  7. Been told that if you click on a specific player position it'll show your instructions there, which is does. So why there's the option again, but only showing defaults, when they're already set I've got no idea.
  8. I noticed you can pre-set individual opposition instructions for various positions, but then during the pre-match pieces there's that option again but it's all on default. Do I need to change these as well? If so, what's the point in the above? And if I don't need to select them again, why's there the option?!
  9. Any other suggestions on this? As I said in an above post, I've un-installed and re-installed everything, tried to start in online and offline mode. I've also uninstalled AVG to see if that was the issue but it wasn't. Just can't for the life of me understand what's happened.
  10. Thanks for the response. How did you sort the issue? Just quite simply re-booting the hub/router?
  11. Not sure whether anyone can help me here, but I seem to be having problems loading FM12. Basically, I loaded FM12 from my desktop shortcut on Sunday as normal (play FM offline). Saved the game as normal after I'd finished, no problems. On Tuesday, I tried the same again but got a 'cannot connect to steam network' message. I thought it was an issue elsewhere so I came back to it last night and kept getting the same message. I've un-installed and re-installed Steam and FM. I've verified and updated everything, too. Nothing on my computer such as the firewall or anti-virus has changed since Sunday so there doesn't seem to be any reason for it to suddenly stop working. Have others had this message and it's a Steam issue rather than me? If not, any ideas on how to sort it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks, might have to wait a little longer in that case then. As I say, on my last one I could ask for one after 18.5 years so I assumed that was the standard length of time but obviously not.
  13. Yeah, almost sure it's 20. Selling out isn't an issue. I've been selling out (just under 83k) for years, and have just under £1bn in the bank.
  14. Does anyone know whether there's a limit on the amount of new Stadiums you can request in a game? I'm in February 2068 on FM12 with Lincoln. I'm currently playing in my 2nd new build (Sincil Bank > Lincoln Stadium > 3rd Stadium). 18.5 years after the Lincoln Stadium was built, I was able to request a new Stadium so that I'd been in it on the 20 year mark. Tried to do this again, but I've not got the option. I can't expand either. My Stadium Sponsorship is up on the 20 year mark as well, so I wasn't sure whether they'd be a new sponsorship and that'd result in not being able to build a new one.
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