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  1. Not posted but doing this challenge! after 4 seasons in the north (9th 6th 3rd 1st) first season in the conference proper. Look how close it is! 7 games left.
  2. hello jambo been looking at 4 5 1 since my 4 4 2 is leaking goals left right and center. and with reading this thread ive made a few adjustments and its really great defensive tactic. Changed fullbacks to FB attack. and the DLP's to Defend. Put the CM-A PI 'move into channels' and gone with an Advanced forward. What ive noticed is the opposition doesnt have much space on the wings and Using this in Vanarama north. last 7 games only conceded 1 goal
  3. Hey thanks, Yea i kind of stumbled onto Zivkovic. couldnt get a work permit in 1st season so loaned him to rubin kazan, where he played alot in europe too. Ive just sold Gotze and replaced him with isco
  4. End of 3rd season. Won the prem, and europa cup. (knocked out of CL in group stages oops)
  5. He was great! Was on loan at Bradford for 6 months at the start, but from the first jan I played him as a complete foward. Can't remember his goals that season. But my second season in the championship he scored 30+ goal and assisted about 15.
  6. Just sold Bennett to Chelsea for 22m upfront, in 3rd season.
  7. Just sold babacar to Liverpool for 23.5m. Only 3.5m upfront though. Played 45 games and scored 36 goals.
  8. Wanted to play 442 and he didn't fit.. Having the same problem with Roberto though. Always getting 6.3-6.8 ratings. Finished 4th in first season. Lost in the final of playoffs to Norwich aet. Hammered Forrest 5-0 in semi though Currently top after 8 games in 2nd season. Bought Jack Whatmough from Portsmouth great has ball playing CB Got Aaron Doran RM from Inverness in first season. He just keeps getting better.
  9. Sold Hughes for 8.5m in January window. Wasn't playing well in my 4 4 2 formation. Signed roberto from barca and babacar from Fiorentina
  10. Valencia is doing class! just playing him as a winger. with get further forward, cross less, often sit narrower, run wide with ball ppms
  11. long time lurker in this thread, Won the only the league in 1st season. Trying to blood youngsters in 2nd. Just got a decent result in the Champions League.
  12. after using the 4141 formation for 16 games W10 D3 L3 I want to try and score more goals. I dont feel that the DF is supported enough always seems to be isolated. would this change leave me open to attacks? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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