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  1. The 4-2-4-0 DM Narrow Interesting formation this one, that presents a few challenges for me as I've never done a strikerless formation before. However, the nature of the formation leads me to a few decisions straight away: By default gap between defence and attack, so want to minimise it: Very Fluid, Much Higher Defensive Line Line of 4 high up the pitch lends itself to a pressing game: Close Down Much More, Mugh Higher Defensive Line, Use Tigher Marking, Prevent Short Gk Distribution Need a link between the defense and attack, ideally from one of the DMs: Roaming Playmaker in the DM slots Now, a lot of this matches up with tactics that O-zil to the Arsenal! has been discussing recently. See Arrigo Sacchi 4-4-2 (Very Fluid) and Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 (Very Fluid). So their work is a definite inspiration. As far as the roles for the shape, I had a look round Zonal Marking to see if there were teams with a similar shape I could imitate, and it turns out there is one in particular: France, Euro 2004. Not a complete match, but it gives me ideas. A Winger (S) on the right can help link defense and attack On the left an Inside Forward (A) and a Wing Back (S) provide width without the ball and attacking movement with it So that leaves me the rest of the roles and they're fairly straight forward. Standard GK (D), two CD (D), FB (S) on the right. One DM (S) with an RPM (S) alongside. Two central AM's are an AM (S) to help link up and an SS (A) to provide goal scoring threat. The SS (A) also presses lots which is great for this. The end result is this: Line Up Team Instructions Average Positions And I do have to say I've been pleased with the results so far in the friendlies I've played, especially this result against Lazio: Not bought any players, though if I do it's gonna be focused on CD's as there's not much depth there. Plenty of players for the other positions, especially with the promising youngsters the club has. Only player instruction is Distribute to Playmaker for the GK, may tweak some others as the season goes on.
  2. Well, this should be interesting. Never had a successful 0 striker formation before, and the central pair being DM's is definitely going to require some thought.
  3. I'm in, been having some fun really getting to grips with FM16 tactics recently so up for something a bit different.
  4. ATHLETIC CLUB BILBAO BACKGROUND http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athletic_Bilbao RECENT HISTORY 20122-12 was a very interesting season for Athletic Club. The appointment of Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa as manager led to a new tactical style of play for the club, though it took a while for the club to settle into it. Often marked by using players in positions they would not usual play in (Javi Martinez as a central defender) the new tactical style also feature rapid attacking movement and lots of man marking. It resulted in a fantastic run to the Europa League final, with victories against Manchester United along the way, where they lost 3-0 to Atletico Madrid. They also reached the 2012 Copa del Rey Final against Barcelona but again lost 3-0. This defeat did mean the club would however qualify for the 20-12-13 Europa League. The league was more disappointing, after a good run of form it tailed off and they finished 10th. The summer before the start of the 2012-13 season saw some turmoil off the pitch, with Javi Martinez being sold to Bayern Munich for €40m, and Fernando Llorente being kept at the club but often distant from the rest of the team. An altercation between Bielsa and contractors working on improvements to the Lezama training ground. It was not the positive summer the board had been hoping for. INFORMATION Board Expectation: EURO Cup qual. (league) Transfer Budget: £17.5m Wage Budget: £575k p/w (currently £392k p/w) Year founded: 1898 Nickname: Los Leones Derbies: Vasco Derby (vs R. Sociedad) Fierce rivals: R. Sociedad (local), Osasuna (local) Other rivals: Alaves (local), R. Madrid (competitive), Barcelona (competitive) Estimated value: £115m (loan debt: £24.5m) Media prediction: 6th. FACILITIES Stadium: San Mamés Capacity: 40000 all-seater Planned Expansion: Due to move into the 53100 capacity San Mames Barria on 30.9.2013 Training Facilities: Top training facilities Youth Facilities: Good youth facilities Junior Coaching: Good junior coaching Youth Recruitment: Extensive youth recruitment THE THREE BIG CHANGES FROM FM12 There are 3 key changes to playing as Athletic early on compared to FM12: Sale of Javi Martinez By far Athletic Clubs best midfielder, his sale to Bayern is a loss of quality to the club. There are replacements available in the form on Benat or Mike Rico but they're not of the same quality. The Llorente situation The best Basque striker in the game by a long way he is leaving the club on a free transfer at the end of the 2012-13 season unless you sell him before then. You will need to decide if you want to keep him for the season and get hopefully one least great go out of him, or cash in now whilst you can. Aduriz has joined the club, but he's not in the same league. Azpilicueta to Chelsea Often a first transfer window or January signing for many players, his move to Chelsea means that is unlikely to happen. How any games and how he performs for them will dictate if he becomes available to sign again, but for now you will have to look internally to strengthen the right back position. THE SQUAD GOALKEEPERS Gorka Iraizoz - First name on the team, good solid keeper. Starting to get on a bit but you should keep him at the club for many years to come. Raul Fernandez - Will do as a backup, but nothing special. Jon Ander Serantes - Very much third choice. Should rapidly be replaced by Arrizabalaga. Not good enough. Good first choice keeper, but a better backup is likely needed until Arrizabalga can be brought through from the U19s. FULL BACKS Andoni Iraola - Good attacking right back, also good tutor for the younger players. On the old side at 30 but will serve for a good few seasons. Jonas Ramalho - Can play at centre back or right back, should be used in rotation with Iraola. Tutor him as well to improve his determination. Unai Albizua - Simply not good enough, get him to Bilbao Athletic as soon as you can. Xabi Castillo - Nominally best left back but not really good enough. Replace as soon as possible. Jon Aurtenetxe - Like Romalho can play at centre back as well on the flank, should be used as main left back until that position can be reinforced. Right back is covered for a good few years, especially with Etxeberria coming through the U19s over the next few years. Left back is in dire need of a new signing. CENTRAL DEFENDERS Mikel San Jose - Talented young defender. Will be the rock at the heart of your defence for the next decade or so. Borja Ekiza - Another good central defender, again should be in the team for years to come. Fernando Amorebieta - Third choice central defender but good rotational player along with Ekiza and San Jose. At first glance this position appears to lack strength in depth, but Romalho, Aurtenetxe and Gurpergi can all play in this position as well so there is plenty of cover. CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS Ander Herrera - Best central midfielder at the club now Martinez has left. Makes a great advanced playmaker. Can also play at AM. Ander Iturraspe - Well rounded midfielder. Should get regular games. Carlos Gurpegi - Older but experienced midfielder, probably backup at this point. Very good tutor. Inigo Perez - Backup central midfielder, good stats but should not prevent de Galaretta from getting game time. Inigio Ruiz de Galaretta - The young prospect, already has good stats. Get him tutored and give him game time and he will be a key plater for years to come. There is good depth in central midfield, but perhaps a lack of quality. Will be talked about more in the transfer section lower down. ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Iker Muniain - The wonderkid. A fantastically skilled player at 19, will be key for years to come. Oscar De Marcos - Mr. Versatility. Make full use of him across the attacking positions and he will play well in all of them. Markel Susaeta - Another versatile player with lots of skill. Ibai Gomez - Not quite at his potential yet, good player for the left aside of the pitch and will develop more with game time. Lots of young attacking talent here. Perhaps the strongest area of the team. Make full use of them to bring success. STRIKERS Fernando Llorente - The main man. A brilliant modern target man striker. Wonderfull skilled. Him leaving on a free is a real blow. Aritz Aduriz - Good rotational option, signed this year from Valencia. Is on the old side at 31. Should be put to good use as a tutor. Gaizka Torquero - A fan favourite, tends to always give his all. Use him upfront and on the right wing as a rotational player or impact sub. LLorente is the best striker at the club but is leaving on a free transfer. Aduriz and Torquero are good enough rotational players, but may struggle to lead the attack once Llorente is sold or leaves. YOUTH TEAM PROSPECTS Kepa Arrizabalaga - 17 year old keeper, already got a good distribution of stats. Needs to bulk up a bit in physical stats and you should tutor him asap with Iraizoz. Could be first choice keeper in a few years with the right development. first year should probably be kept at Athletic to develop before moving to Bilbao Athletic for game time. Markel Etxeberria - 17 year old right back. 4 star potential and already rated one star. Should be tutored by Iraola. Should get same development path as Arrizabalaga above. TRANSFERS Goalkeepers With Arrizabalaga coming through you may want to do nothing more than sell Serantes. If you do buy in a good quality keeper there are a copule of options: Stephane Ruffier - Perhaps the best Basque keeper in the game. His asking price has gone up from last year. Even after selling Llorente my scout reports did not give an estimated asking price so you may have to wait to get him. Asier Riesgo - Not as good as Ruffier but would be a better backup than Fernandez. Scout reports indicate he would be available for a couple of m £. Defenders A new left back is certainly a priority, and luckily there is one available. Mikel Balenziaga - Good quality left back from Valladolid. I got him for £3.5m Midfielders With the money available from the sale of Martinez, there are a few options to strengthen this position. Benat - Very skilled passer of the ball, very good midfielder. But he is expensive, got him for £17.5m in my game. Mikel Rico - A good well-rounded central midfielder, also nice and hardworking and determined. Available for around £8.75m If you do not sell Llorente I would go for Rico, but if you do sell him I would get both of the above and sell Inigo Perez as well as he would no longer feature in your plans. Attackers Only one real decision here, do you sell Llorente or not? Personally I decided to cash in on him, selling for £19m, rather than letting him for for a free. I re-invested the money in Benat and in improving the youth facilities. COACHING STAFF This area could do with almost a complete overhaul. Not many of the current staff are good enough. I kept the following and then got in new staff to fill out the numbers: Jose Maria Amorrortu - Director of Football Bingen Arostegi - Under 19s Manager Iru -Goalkeeping Coach Luis Bonini - Fitness Coach Pablo Quiroga - Fitness Coach Paco Angulo - Physio Jose Angel Iribar - Scout Carlos Melendez - Scout Inaki Moran - Scout Below are some suggestions for new coaches to sign, note I am an English manager in the game so this may affect whether some of them will join the club. Patrick Collot - Assistant Manager Thomas Habler - Coach Niko Kovac - Coach John Owens - Coach Angel Vales - Coach Pedro Jaro - Goalkeeping Coach Angelo Antenucci - U19s Coach Bobby Downes - U19s Coach Nicolas Zarur - Head Physio Grant Downie - Physio Gerhard Hoffmann - Physio Juanman Lopez - Chief Scout PLAN FOR THE FUTURE Despite the loss of some major players, the future looks bright. Core of talented young players Good youth recruitment Moving to new stadium next season Investing in upgrading the Youth Facilities as soon as possible should be a priority so they clubs youth system can produce players for you for decades to come. Make good use of the B team, Bilbao Athletic, to give young players lots of game time to develop once they've been tutored in the U19s. If you cannot make the most of your youth intakes you will struggle. There just aren't enough good Basque players who will join you to strengthen your team for the future otherwise.
  5. Marco Bielsa, know as El Loco, is one of the most interesting tacticians around at the moment. His Chile side was one of the most exciting sides at the last World Cup. His tactical philosophy is built around these core parts: Press, press and press Rapid switching from attack to defence High defensive line Lots of movement from all players At the beginning of this season he became manager of Athletic Bilbao, who are renowned for their Basque-only player policy. This great article at the Guardian details what he has done at the club, and what kind of a manager he is. At Bilbao he has used formations similar to his favoured 3-3-1-3, but he has shown a willingness to blend his approach with the style at Bilbao, know to be the most "English" team in La Liga, and a 4-2-3-1 formation has been prefered. This combination has resulted in some wonderful football. Pep Guardiola, who once travelled to Argentina and spent 11 hours talking to Bielsa, described the 2-2 draw between the teams as un canto al fútbol – a song of praise, an ode to the game. This Guardian article covers that match nicely. Zonal Marking also has two good articles on Bielsa and his tactics. Bielsa’s Chile the most tactically-exciting side Bielsa set to thrive in Bilbao Being Bielsa in FM As I am currently managing Athletic Bilbao, I have been reading up more and more on the club and Bielsa. For the 4 seasons so far I have played a 4-2-3-1 with lots of playmakers and high pressing with zonal marking and control philosophy. It has produced good football but as we have achieved success teams are starting to play more defensively against us I want to improve how we attack, and I am looking to Biesla for inspiration. The tactic I have started with my 4-2-3-1 as the base, but have changed it so it is more of a 4-3-3: And here are the team settings: As you can see I'm emulating Bielsa in a number of ways. Players are encouraged to take part in both attacking and defensive play. The team is set to press hard. Creative freedom and roaming are encouraged to help create space and opportunities. The attacking setting gives us a very high defensive line and a fast tempo. It will encourage players to move the play forward and towards the opponents goal. I also have another version of this tactic with the AMR and AML in their traditional positions to help make them a bit more defensive. Not going to go all out attacking all the time. A 3-4-3 variant with a diamond midfield will be tried out once some players return from injury as I have limited options at DM. Interested to see how it will play as it should help give me more possession.
  6. Got a 4-2-3-1, balanced, attacking, man marking with more romaing working very well for Athletic Bilbao. Really great to see the improvements in the new ME, especially with passing and full backs getting forward.
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    Football Manager 2013 Base Skins

    Do these downloads contain all the files used by both skins, looking through some of the panel .xml files in the FM base skin, looks like some of them reference file names that don't seem to exist.
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    FM13 - Athletic Club Bilbao - Los Leones

    Had my first youth intake, pretty pleased with it: Mario Diaz - Defender (Right)/ D©, WB®: 4 1/2 * potential, another great young right back Jose Luis Blanco - Defencer (Centre)/D(L): 4 * potential Asier Munoz - Defender (Centre)/ DM: 4 1/2 * potential, has a lot of stats in the right place already, and already rated as 1* David Santisteban - Attacking Midfielder (Centre)/ M©, AM(L): 4 1/2 * potential, another youngster with bags of potential. Xabier Aragon - Attacking Midfielder (Centre)/ AM(RL): 3 1/2 * potential, got a lot of good stats already. The two main U19 prospects from the start of the game are developing well: Kepa Arrizabalaga Markel Etxeberria
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    FM13 - Athletic Club Bilbao - Los Leones

    Fixed, will teach me to type them all out.
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    FM13 - Athletic Club Bilbao - Los Leones

    Cheers To me, with the improved play of full backs in the new Match Engine, it would be a mistake to not play with them. it hass been fantastic watching Iraola, Ramalho, Balenziaga and Aurtenetxe bomb down the flanks getting crosses and passes into the box. But then I do play very attacking football.
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    FM13 - Athletic Club Bilbao - Los Leones

    Cheers SRL88, already started my career game with them for this year. Did really enjoy playing them last year, the combination of skilled players and youth recruitment I find great fun. Even bought their shirt for this season based on FM
  12. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/322584-FM13-Athletic-Club-Bilbao-Los-Leones Athletic Club
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    FM13 - Athletic Club Bilbao - Los Leones

    TACTICS PHILOSOPHY Bielsa has instilled a new style of player at Athletic and I personally enjoy trying to replicate it. I wrote a thread on doing this on FM12 here. His man marking and attacking system gets the most out of the players at the club, especially its gifted attackers. I use it in three formations: 4-2-3-1 This should be your first choice tactic, a lovely attacking formation with a fast pace and more roaming. 4-3-3 A good alternative, more solid defensively but a backup tactic to me. 4-3-2-1 An emergency backup formation for me, used once due to injuries to wingers. Should be used as such. GOOD LUCK! I hope this thread has inspired you to play as Athletic and given you many ideas on how to play them. Go out there and make Los Leones proud!
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    FM13: Which thread would you like?

    I'll do the Athletic Bilbao thread later if that is okay.
  15. Personally I always use it when a player isn't performing well in training, combined with the "you need to work harder to stay in the first team" line, almost always gets a good reaction from the player and their training improves.
  16. Goodison Park - 40,157 all-seater stadium Why Play As Everton? Everton are a club in an interesting situation. They have one of the smaller squads in the Premier League, not helped by the loss of one of their start players in Arteta, and a lot of their key players are ageing. The club also has quite a few debts to play off and they start with a very small budget. You will lose money every month over the course of the season. The squad needs to be expanded, and older players to be replaced sooner rather than later. They are helped by having a very good core of players, and some excellent younger prospects coming through. Their stadium is large and they have a high level of support. Their training and youth facilities are both excellent as well. The most expensive loan per-month will also be paid off in June 2013 so will only have to be dealt with for a couple of years. David Moyes in real life has consistently got them finishing higher than their squad size and limited finances would imply, but can you take them forward and deal with the challenges in front of you? Information Media Prediction: 8th Starting Finances: Fierce Rivals: Liverpool Stadium: Goodison Park - 40,157 all-seater stadium Stadium Condition: Poor Training Facilities: Top training facilities Youth Facilities: Excellent Youth Facilities The Squad GOALKEEPERS A strong part of the squad, good first choice and backups. Only really lacks a decent young prospect. No course of action needs to be taken here at the start of the game. TIM HOWARD (32) - One of the first names on the team sheet, a top quality keeper and wil be around for a good few years. JAN MURCHA (28) - Decent backup keeper, can definitely do the job between the posts when required. Not going to challenge Howard though. MARCUS HAHNEMANN (39) - Third choice keeper, very experienced in the premiership, short term backup option. Youth prospects - none FULL BACKS So-so positions for the club. Baines at left-back is world class, but right back is a bit weak. Injury to Coleman does not help matters. SEAMUS COLEMAN (22) - Had a breakthrough season at the club last year, but unfortunately is out for 2-3 months at the start of the game. Should be first choice right back. TONY HIBBERT (30) - Been at the club for a long time, can fill adequately for Coleman whilst he is injured. His age is against him though and you may want to look at replacing him at the end of the season. PHIL NEVILLE (34) - Club captain and Mr. Versatility, he can play at RB and LB, as well as DM and MC. Provides decent cover for most positions, but again he is an ageing player. LEIGHTON BAINES (26) - One of the club stars, excellent left back. Will have to fight off other clubs to keep him around. Youth propsects - Luke Garbutt (18) looks like he could develop into a backup left back, but not really a Premier League quality player. CENTRAL DEFENDERS Good starting options, but lacks strength in depth. Distin is also the wrong side of 30. May want to look at getting a defender in to provide some cover, but not the highest priority. PHIL JAGIELKA (28) - The rock in the centre. England international and top quality. Will need to hang on to him. JOHN HEITINGA (27) - Good Dutch defender with well rounded skills, good partner to Jagielka. SYLVAIN DISTIN (33) - Another good central defender, provides cover and can be rotated into the first team. Getting on a bit though and is in the last year of his contract. ERIC DIER (17) - On loan from Sporting (POR). Decent prospect, but nowhere near good enough to even challenge for the first team. Probably best terminating his loan. JOSEPH YOBO (30) - On loan at Fenerbache, good central defender but on expensive wages though luckily being payed by them. May want to offer him to clubs to add money to starting transfer budget and guarantee his sale. Youth Prospects - Shane Duffy (19) looks a very good prospect so should probably be loaned out for a vital first team opportunity. Shkoran Mustafi (19) as well. MIDFIELDERS A strong part of the squad even taking into account the sale of Arteta. Nice versatility in many of the players, but again some ageing ones too. MAROUANE FELLAINI (23) - Star defensive midfielder or central midfielder. A key player for the team for years to come. JACK RODWELL (20) - Up and coming English central midfielder, good player already but still has bags of potential. Versatile and can play as a central midfielder or defensive midfielder. ROSS BARKLEY (17) - Huge prospect, should be getting games from the off. Definitely a key player for the team for a good long time if you can keep hold of him. TIM CAHILL (31) - Main attacking midfielder but can also play in central midfield. Good player, but getting on a bit at 31. Will need to look for a long term replacement for him at the end of the season. LEON OSMAN (30) - Backup attacking midfielder who can also play on the right wing, again is an ageing player who will need a long term replacement at some point. Youth Prospects - James Wallace (19) could develop into a backup player, but like Garbutt is not of Premier League quality. WINGERS By far the weakest part of the squad. No natural right wingers, and left wing players are decent but not great. Buy, buy buy! ROYSON DRENTHE (24) - Good left winger on loan from Real Madrid. His 55k per week wages are the highest in the squad, may want to terminate his loan to free up your wage budget. DINIYAR BILYALETDINOV (26) - Another good left winger, not going to set the world on fire though. MAGAYE GUEYE (20) - Good young winger, who could become a very good Premier League one. Out for two months at the games start unfortuantely. Youth prospects - none of note. STRIKERS LOUIS SAHA (32) - Your first choice striker. Very experienced, but you will want to get a replacement for him soon as he is 32 and his 50k a week contract is up at the end of the season. Don't bother to renew it. DENIS STRACQUALURSI (23) - On loan from Tigre, provides decent cover for Saha. Not the most amazing striker but good squad player. VICTOR ANCHIEBE (23) - Third choice striker, should probably look at off-loading him as he does not have the room to develop that much. Decent cover in first season. JOSE BAXTER (19) - Has some potential, will need to be loaned out to really develop it. Youth Prospects - Apostolos Vellios (19) has similar potential to Baxter, will also need to be loaned out to develop. TRANSFER TARGETS So the key areas of the squad to be improved at the two wings and up front. Defence is the next priority. Targets based on those in the FM2012 demo. Values to be offered over 48m due to small starting budget. In Wilfried (22) VITESSE - Good quality striker who can still improve, has a £2.5m release clause so definitely get him. Should become your first choice striker. Giovanni Dos Santos (23) TOTTENHAM - Good right winger who you could get for around £4.5m. Glenn Loovens (27) CELTIC - Transfer listed for £400k, decent backup central defender. James McFadden (28) FREE - Has signed for Everton in real life, decent left winger. Mateo Kovacic (17) DINAMO - Excellent attacking midfield prospect, I've had a bid of £1.1m accepted for him. Will join at beginning of next season due to his age. Lucas Andersen (16) AaB - Another great attacking midfield prospect, had an offer for 825k accepted. Jack Butland (18) BIRMINGHAM - Got him for £2.7m, the best young prospect English goalkeeper in the game. Get Howard tutoring him and he should develop into a great keeper. Not quite ready for first team. Andreas Ivanschitz (27) MAINZ - Very good left winger, valued at £4.1m but available for around £3.4m. Spas Delev (21) CSKA (SOFIA) - Annoyingly didn't notice him until Villa got him for £1.6m, looks like a good left winger. Cheap wages as well. Out Yobo - on expensive wages so don't really want him back from Fenerbache and his sale can help boost your transfer budget. Saha - if you get Wilfried, Saha should be sold to make some money before he goes on a free at the end of the season. May have to pay some of his wages until then, but better than having the whole 50k per week on your budget. Bilyaletdinov - I got both Guardado and Adam Lallana, who along with Gueye provide me with enough options down the left. Got 1.3m loan fee from Valencia with future fee of 4.7m. They are also paying his wages. Mucha - Stuttgart bough him for £2.6m in my game, if you sell extend Hahnemann's contract to the end of the season. Use the cash on a young keeper like Butland.
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    Problem with Serie A TV Money?

    Serie A is not like England, each team has its own individual TV deal so it will take for your income from it to increase. Certainly makes playing a newly promoted team more challenging.
  18. Wow, whoever was in goal for Barca had a complete nightmare.
  19. cemendur88

    One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    Hah, FM seems to love Ander Diez's, have one in an Athletic Bilbao game who is going to be the best midfielder in the world, yours looks like he could be one of the best strikers. Amazing attributes for a newgen. Well done on the Barca win, bet you were cheering every goal
  20. Used it for about seven seasons on an Athletic Bilbao save, certainly helps provide a bit of extra defensive strength to the attacking play I favour.
  21. Setting one of your CDs to cover can help to deal with counter attacks as he will be deeper and better able to cover the back line. My tactic is very attacking and scores fairly easily so I don't mind conceding the odd goal.
  22. Do you have one of your CDs set to Cover then? I personally never change my strategy late one if things are going well, don't let up the pressure on my opponents as doing so just invites them to have a late push for a goal. My tactic uses Attacking so is even more focused on getting the ball upfield than yours. Yes it is quite rare, and it has happened rarely to you, but it does happen in real life. It happens, sometimes you draw games you dominate othertimes you'll win a game you've struggled in. Nothing is certain or guaranteed.
  23. Not too dissimilar to one I'm using at the moment, what strategy do you use? Are you playing with a back 4 or with an actual sweeper? Very good attacking tactic, but if it's like the one I'm playing with vulnerable to fast counter attacks at times.
  24. So you have generally been doing really well, but one draw and suddenly its an AI conspiracy against you? Your team was unlucky, and Malaga got lucky. It happens. Do you have a link to the thread with the totalvoetball tactic in it?