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  1. I've got Spain to Second Division B, Portugal down to Second League, France to French National and England to League Two on a medium sized database to make sure there's plenty of other transfer activity going on.
  2. Thanks for the info, so bug was that I could set it in the first place, and now the bug is with some of the UI, good to know
  3. Prior to this beta I had the option to tick the box next to players names on the individual training page and set the individual training for that player, so with the beta I've lost that and also had the UI display issues. Was it wrong that I was previously able to set individual training for B and C-team players?
  4. Looks like you've also had some awesome newgens come through, very nice. Hopefully everyone playing a Bilbao save is seeing such rewards from the youth system.
  5. So after saying I was waiting until the issues in the beta with B and C-teams was fixed, I couldn't actually resist carrying on and seeing how my youngsters develop. Season 22/23 Review Well what a season it has been. It began with a win in the super cup, a tight 2-1 victory over A. Madrid. They would prove to be our main opponents in the league, only losing 3 games all season. Luckily, we only lost one and managed to win the league by only a couple of points. Real Madrid also came close only losing two, things are getting very tough but thankfully the improvements of our youngsters has help us remain a strong force. In the Spanish Cup we won it, the final in the end being a simple 2-0 victory over Valenica. However all these other triumphs paled next to our first Champions Cup victory! We frankly got lucky in all the knockout rounds before the semi-final where we faced Milan, and were able to overcome them to setup a final with Man Utd. A tense match in normal time was defined by Eden Hazard (yes he's at Utd now!) getting sent off, which probably helped us a lot as the game ended up going to penalties. Williams missed for us, but Pavard and Lewis Cook missed for them so we emerged victorious! A clean sweep across the board in the end but one that will prove a challenge to reproduce next season as the competition in the league is getting fierce and the Champions Cup is never easy. Transfers On this front it was a fairly quiet season. As said in my last update Artola and Berenguer were moved on as expected as they weren't what I needed in the time, along with the backup keeper Bardaji with Arteaga joining the first time. MY solitary signing was a young right winger from Granada who looks like he could be handy. Youth Intake Pretty good this season, though I did get another! goalkeeping prospect. Garcia - said GK prospect Ramirez - good potential though his starting stats worry me Imaz - solid striker prospect, though his finishing is lower than i'd like. Best & Worst Performers Lekue - 25(1) apps, 4 assists, 7.58 rating Yuri - 25(8) apps, 1 goal, 10 assists, 7.56 rating Alonso - 38(4) apps, 33 goals, 4 assists, 7.49 rating Aketxe - 22(7) apps, 10 goals, 11 assists, 7.48 rating Martinez - 42(2) apps, 3 goals, 2 assists, 7.42 rating Again defenders make up most of the top performers, surprised to see Lekue up top as Herrero is definitely my first choice now. Also nice to see a couple of attackers feature here, especially Alonso with his incredible scoring record. Interesting that both Yuri and Aketxe featured here as I've run down both of their contracts and they'll be leaving in the summer along with San Jose. Simply have good prospects coming through and it's their time. First Team GK - Arteaga, Simon - well I threw Arteaga into the fire and he's done so well. Definitely first choice keeper now, and he's been called up to the Spain squad as well for the first time. Simon i'll probably let move this summer as i've got other youngsters who can be backup as he's too good to remain here for that. DR - Herrero, Lekue - Herrero is now world class, with Lekue serving as good backup, i'll keep him until his contract runs out most likely and then promote a youngster to replace him DC - Yeray, Nunez, Martinez - again the three rotated well and all were fantastic, San Jose and Nolaskoain slotted in a couple of times when needed DL - Vilchez, Yuri - both were solid performers, with Yuri in particular doing well given his declining stats. The time is right for him to go as his contract finishes and Guzman from the B-team to step up in his place DM - Sanchez, Vencedor, San Jose - Sanchez did everything I wanted from him in his first season with the main squad, Vencedor rotated well which limited San Jose's game time in his final season. Be sad to see him go, but the replacements for him are already in the team MR - Williams, Morilla - Williams continues to do well on the wing, Morilla was good at times but he also went through a few patches of bad form though never for too long. MC - Merino, Muniain, Sancet, Nolaskoain - no complaints here, good depth with Morilla sometimes standing in due to injuries, happy with all of them which is going to cause some interesting dilemmas with some of the youngsters I've got coming through ML - Barbero, Aketxe - a tale of endings and beginnings. As said above Aketxe did well in his last season, but i'm also very happy with how Barbero's done in his first. With youngsters coming through i'm going to have no problems on the left wing. STC - Alonso, Agirre, Villalibre - well Alonso has made this position his own, still can't believe he only cost me £35k. Agirre I did intend to play more on the right but he proved to be a more consistent backup option than Villalibre. He'll likely be moved on and a youngster moved up to give more depth here Top Youngsters GK - Martinez, Aguado, Ruiz - still got a silly amount of options here, one will be promoted to serve as backup to Arteaga if I can move on Simon, if not one may be sold to make room as I just have too many good options here! DR - Herrera - solid prospect, will remain with B-team until Lekue moves on DC - Santamaria, Aguirre - Santamaria is playing really well with the B-team, undecided when to move him up to start adding to the rotation options in the first team. Aguirre is one who isn't highly rated by my coaches, but with his stats think he could turn into a good defender. DL - Guzman, Martinez - Guzman will go up to replace Yuri, wish he had stronger attacking stats but think he'll do fine. Martinez will replace him but again wish his attacking stats were developing more DM - Reta - good season for B-team, he'll stay here for the forseeable future though might force Vencedor out of the team at some point MR - Larrainzar - the one signing I made this season, is developing nicely but a while off the first team MC - Lasa, De Paula, Sanz - well Lasa has joined the wonderkid club, will be going up to the first team I think. De Paula is good but not sure he forces his way in. Sanz is a more rounded midfielder who'll move to the B-team next season ML - Nunez, Gonzalez, Martinez - Nunez is going to be the immediate Aketze replacement as his potential is quite high. Gonzalez was moved back down this season and I think he'll remain there, Martinez is a great prospect who'll replaced Nunez in the B-team STC - Munoz - very strong season with the B-team, may move up to replace Villalibre but might have enough depth in the first team without him Summary Amazing season in all competitions, team is developing really well. Summer will see a few of the old guard leave and more youngsters promoted to take their place. Looking forward to next season already.
  6. Yeah my current save I'm in the middle of the fixture gap caused by the 2022 World Cup, season started in July so didn't have the usual pre-season friendlies. I'm having them now in December as the final stages of the World Cup play out and the rest period afterwards. It's certainly done weird things to the schedule.
  7. If he's not gained or changed his traits since the start of the game, he has the PPM 'Marks Opponents Tightly', which even with you instructing him to close down less, he's still going to do so as that's one of his traits. Out of curiosity, what's the pressing/closing down of your team as a whole?
  8. just an update to say I've tried this on new saves with teams like Barcelona, no matter staff responsibility settings the same issues is happening of being unable to set individual training for players in B and C-teams, as well as the whole issue of the interface making it look like they're not doing any training at all. From stat changes of players it looks like they must be, so suspicion would be its a UI issue. I've tried swapping skins and clearing the cache but the issue has persisted.
  9. Some nice prospects there, yeah I've had some good ones on previous saves with Athletic as well but this one certainly takes the cake. I've had to pause my save for a while, run into an issue with the public beta where training's gone odd for the B and C-team, everything's reporting a rating of 0.0 in training and can't set individual training anymore as the game doesn't think they're doing any, but they're still developing so something funky going on. Waiting to see if the next version of the public beta fixes that.
  10. Season 21/22 Review We won the league for the third year in the row. Barcelona did not do well for a long time but strengthened towards the end, I think next year will be tougher. This time we did win the Spanish Cup, beating Atletico Marid. Champions cup was disappointing compared to last season, losing to Arsenal in the quarter finals, going to change my rotation policies to allow us to be stronger in Europe as we're doing well enough in the league that a bit more rotation shouldn't hurt us too much. Transfers There was one minor transfer I missed in the last summer transfer window summary, backup keeper Herrera moved to Sevilla so got Bardaji in as a backup, he'll be leaving this summer. January window saw Pardo move on, he wasn't getting games and wasn't going to get any either so went to Leicester for a handy £12.25m. I also bought in a hot left midfield prospect in the window who went to the B-team, more on him later. Youth Intake An alright to disappointing youth intake, would definitely be the latter if not for the player below. Arteaga Best & Worst Performers Defenders ruled the roost really with thankfully a striker rounding out the top 5 performers. Yuri - 32(2) apps, 3 goals, 12 assists, 7.59 rating Vilchez - 26(3) apps, 5 assists, 7.54 rating Yeray - 40(4) apps, 3 goals, 2 assists, 7.42 rating Martinez - 41(2) apps, 5 goals, 2 assists, 7.37 rating Alonso - 33(8) apps, 19 goals, 7 assists, 7.28 rating Artola, Berrenguer, Garcia all underperformed. Berenguer's already got a transfer arranged, Garcia is out of contract and I'm going to try and sell Artola as got better prospects coming through. Williams thankfully improved from last season in his new role on the right, and Muniain also was more consistent in the middle. First Team GK - Simon, Bardaji - Bardaji has been another one season backup, he'll go in the summer. Simon is going to have a tough time keeping his spot next season thanks to Arteaga DR - Herrero, Lekue - start of the season Lekue was first choice but didn't take long for Herrero to overtake him, just hoping I can persuade him to sign a new contract. He's wonderkind number one in the squad DC - Yeray, Nunez, Martinez - all 3 player really well and rotated well, San jose, Vencedor and Nolaskoain stepped in a few times when needed to help out DL - Yuri, Vilchez - Vilchez has been an excellent replacement for Balenziaga. Yuri is on the decline but think i'll keep him for another season as he's still performing so well DM - San Jose, Vencedor - same as last season really for San Jose, if someone bids for him i'll let him go, especially with how Sanchez has developed for the B-team. Vencedor has ably replaced Vesga. MR - Williams, Morilla, Berenguer, Artola - Williams and Morilla rotated well here, Artola barely got a look in and isn't as good as some of the other players coming through and Berenguer is moving on as he doesn't suit my style of play anymore. Morilla is wonderkid number two. MC - Merino, Muniain, Sancet, Nolaskoain, Garcia - good performances here, Garcia moving on due to lack of game time, Morilla got a few appearances here as well I quite like how versatile he is ML - Aketxe, Gonzalez - Gonzalez was a good rotation option here, but the young prospect I bought in is better than him so he'll be moving to B-team for next season. STC - Alonso, Villalibre - what a debut season for Alonso, ridiculous to think he only cost me £35k to get in. Should do even better next season. Villalibre has done fine as a backup but has some youngsters challenging him. Alonso is wonderkid 3 Top Youngsters These are players who are knocking on the door of the first team. GK - Martinez, Aguado, Arteaga - I could list two other prospects here, it is just ludicrous how many good keeper prospects I've had come through. Martinez, the only one bought from another club, did well on loan and I'll look to extend his loan next season. Aguado developed so quickly this year, have to hope he'll be fine with the B-team for another season or so, though may loan him out as well. Arteaga is actually causing an interesting dilemma. He's so good at 16, and has so much potential, I'm thinking he's going to go straight into the first team and at first rotate with Simon with the aim of him taking Simon's place the season after. One position I'm going to have no problems with for a long, long time. He's also wonderkid number 4. DR - Herrera - just one decent prospect here, he'll move up to first team when Lekue's time is up which probably won't be for a number of years yet DC - Santamaria - still really the only good prospect for this position, got a couple in the U19s who I think will develop more than they're currently rated to but have to wait and see. DL - Guzman, Martinez - Guzman continued to develop well with the B-team, and Martinez who joined from Eibar at the start of the season is also developing well. Should be good here for many years to come as well. DM - Sanchez, Reta - well Sanchez's media description says it all, he's a wonderkid now, number 5 at the club. Definitely joining the first team and will be challenging San Jose for the starting DM spot. Reta will replace him as first choice in the B-team and hopefully develop more. MR - Agirre - he featured as a striker last season in the top youngsters, but his future is on the right to me, and another wonderkid in the team, number 6. He'll be promoted to replaced Artola and Berenguer. Got a few youngsters also developing here but not good enough for first team yet or even really for the B-team. MC - Lasa, De Paula - Both had good seasons with the B-team, think Lasa might get promoted to the main squad to replace Garcia, feels like he's not too far off being another wonderkid too ML - Barbero, Nunez - Barbero is the youngster I bought in January, wasn't a wonderkid when he joined but he's number 7 at the club now, he's definitely making the move up to the first team. Nunez was bought at the start of the season and has developed well, will replace Aketxe in a season or two I think. STC - Munoz - good season with B-team, got a bit limited in his play time by Agirre but that won't be a problem next season. Another full season of playtime and he'll be ready to replace Villalibre. Summary Another very good season, main problem going into the next is how to integrate more of my fantastic youngsters into the first team and the great goalkeeping dilemma! Certainly not bad problems to have at all.
  11. By far the best player I've had in any youth intake in any FM game: He can probably challenge my current keeper for a starting spot. Absolutely ridiculous stats.
  12. Was waiting until the end of the season before posting an update, but just had this player appear in my youth intake: Just....what!? He's possibly the best newgen I've ever had in a youth intake in any FM game. It's not like I needed more good keeper newgens but I'll take him. He could probably challenge Simon for the starting GK spot right now!
  13. Hi, I've noticed that in my current Athletic Bilbao save I could no longer change individual training for members of my B and C-team squads. However looking at it more it seems like they're doing no training at all. Every player in those squads has a 0.0 rating for training, and at the top of their development pages they all say "x has not been training enough of late to be evaluted." I've uploaded my save game to the cloud under the name "A Bilbao - training issue.fm".
  14. Good point about looking at other teams. I know FM treats possession differently to most stat sites, it's why I'm comparing % to previous seasons not under public beta and looking at passes completed as well. Got some good examples from Real Madrid. 4 - 0 victory v San Sebastian, 47% possession. Real Madrid had 350 completed passes, San Sebastian had 424. Another match v Leganes, another 4 - 0 win. 50% possession, 340 completed passes for Real v 322 for Leganes. A 5 - 1 win v Eibar, 52% possession, 390 passes completed v 332 for Eibar. Barcelona had a 6 - 0 victory v Eibar away, only 42% possession. Eibar had 487 completed passes, Barcelona 356. 5 - 1 win v Las Palmas, only 38% possession this time, 510 completed passes for Las Palmas, 266 for Barcelona. Las Palmas v Barcelona.pkm R. Madrid v Eibar.pkm R. Madrid v Leganés.pkm R. Madrid v Real San Sebastián.pkm Eibar v Barcelona.pkm
  15. I'm attaching 3 match pkms from my current save as Athletic Bilbao. There has been a really noticeable drop in average possession by my team and other top teams since opting in to the public beta. Previous seasons my average possession, with the same tactic, has averaged between 55 - 58%, and other teams have managed 60%. This season the highest is 55% with my own now 52%, and the average has been dropping over time as I opted into the public beta during November I think it was this season. The 3 attached pkms involve watches where I won handily, the other team played really bad, but their possession matched mine. In previous seasons these matches would see me with more possession than them, often in the 58-65% bracket, and I'd have a corresponding advantage in both passes attempted and completed. For example in a previous season I won away against Alaves and had 64% possession, and 84$ pass completion with 668 attempted passes. Alaves had 67% completed passes and 423 attempted. It feels like other teams aren't making as many mistakes when playing badly, or are under less pressure so able to complete more passes? The end result is teams who are being dominated in matches recording possession and pass completed stats that feel quite unrealistic. I do have a few older saves from this game, before I switched to the public beta, so can go back and get more information or more patch pkms from the older one if that would also be useful. A. Bilbao v Sevilla.pkm A. Bilbao v Vigo.pkm Real Hispalis v A. Bilbao.pkm EDIT: I looked more at comparing the old match v Alaves and the news ones to try and get a better picture of what has changed. In the match v Alaves on the release version of the ME, Alaves made 285 completed passes, 74 intercepted and 20 out-of-play. Compared to the match on the new ME v Real Hispalis they had 524 completed passes and only 49 interceptions, so both number of passes increased a lot in a similar match but number of interceptions dropped as well. Same pattern in the match v Vigo, 524 completed passes by them and only 38 interceptions. Possibly reinforces it being an issue about pressing/pressure?
  16. Summer 2021 Transfer Window This went pretty much exactly as I expected. 4 first team players left: Balenziaga Vesga Lopez Capa This made room for Herrero, Vencedor, Vilchez, Artola, Gonzalez and Alonso to join the first team. Ivan Martinez got his long term long to hopefully further his development and we're looking solid for the season ahead. A couple of Basque youngsters were bought in from elsewhere, a left back and a central midfielder who have joined the U19s. Season hasn't got off to the best start, we lost 2-1 in the Super cup to Barca which featured a terrible performance from Williams which I hope is just a one off for this season.
  17. Season 20/21 Review Another successful year in the league, winning by more points than last as other teams didn't do as well. Barcelona came closest with 81 points, then Real Madrid on 76 and Valencia on 73. Core of our triumph was a strong defence, only conceded 17 goals all season. Champions League we got to semi finals where we lost to PSG 1-0 overall, they got a goal at home and we couldn't break them down once they came to the San Mames. Spanish Cup lost the final 1-0 to Barcelona after a terrible mistake by Yeray left Messi one-on-one from where he was never going to miss. Did win the super cup at the start of the season as well so two trophies overall. B team won their league and U19s continue to do well. Transfers Finally in the January window I was able to make the big transfer I wanted, Merino for £25m. Thankfully at the time he was worth £28m but hadn't signed a new contract. He performed very well for me through the 2nd half of the season. Other signings were all youngsters for the future. Youth Intake 3 standout players from this years intake. Martinez - good left winger, definitely a position I need more depth Ruiz - another good keeper I swear every season I get a prospect here than could eventually play for the first team Sanz - solid central midfield prospect who looks like he'll become a good all-rounder Tactics Here's the main tactic I've used this year which has served us well, main alternative is the same but with Inverted Wingbacks instead of normal ones in the fullback positions. Best & Worst Performers Unsurprising given our strong defensive performance many of our best players were defenders, with a couple of midfielders thrown in. Yuri - 34(7) apps, 4 goals, 7 assists, 7.49 rating Merino - 16 apps, 7 goals, 2 assists, 7.48 rating Lekue - 32(3) apps, 3 goals, 1 assist, 7.34 rating Capa - 28 apps, 1 goal, 3 assists, 7.34 rating Top scorer was Villalibre with 13, though he was quite inconsistent. Williams, Berenguer and Muniain were main disappointments this year, Williams barely getting any goals and also not performing when used out wide. With Berenguer and Muniain I realised there was a reason behind their poor performances. My tactic needs the wingers playing high and wide, creating space for the Mezzala's to come into, but both of them have the PPM Cuts Inside From Both Wings which doesn't fit well with that. Muniain I can look to move to the centre, but Berenguer I'm not sure what to do about. First Team GK - Simon, Herrera - all good here, hoping Herrera stays for another season or two until a youth prospect can replace him and challenge Simon DR - Lekue, Capa - some of my best performers but one will be moving on for reasons outlined when I talked about my youth prospects DC - Yeray, Martinez, Nunez, Garcia - the last has already agreed to move to another club, so will use Nolaskoain and a promoted youngster as rotation options here next season DL - Yuri, Balenziaga - I think it's Balenziaga's time to move on, he's just declining so fast that better to cash in now and promote a youngster DM - San Jose, Vesga - if someone bids for San Jose I'll let him go, did a decent job but I need a more creative player at DM MR - Berenguer, Lopez, Morilla - problems here, thinking for next season I'll let Lopez go and move Williams down to this position. Morilla has done some decent performances but has also been used to cover MC and STC so think I need to settle on what his position is. MC - Merino, Pardo, Sancet, Nolaskoain, Garcia - good strength here, too much probably if I'm going to shift Muniain into the middle. Garcia will be the likely casualty of that move ML - Munian, Aketxe - if Muniain moves inside will need another player here STC - Williams, Villalibre - definitely want Williams to go to MR, so one of my good youngsters will be promoted to challenge Villalibre Top Youngsters These are players who are knocking on the door of the first team. GK - Martinez, Aguado - I think Martinez will go on loan next season to get the level of football he needs as he's developing so well, Aguado will take his place in the B team DR - Herrero, Herrera - Herrero is so good that I'm going to see Capa to make way for him. He's probably going to be better than Lekue soon enough, Herrera will move to B team to take his place DC - Santamaria - signed in January from Eibar he's the only good prospect I have for this position who's developing, he'll stay with U19s for another season or so for maximum development DL - Vilchez, Guzman - bit of a coin flip as to who's better, Vilchez will likely be the one to move from B team to main squad to replace Balenziaga, with Guzman being his replacement for the B team DM - Vencedor, Sanchez - Vencedor I think will move to first team squad to get game time and as replacement for San Jose if he goes, Sanchez moving up to replace him, and luckily both can also provide cover at DC if needed MR - Artola - he's developed well, think I'll have him as my replacement for Lopez MC - Lasa, De paula - Lasa is still quite young but one of the best performers for the B-team this season, will replace Pardo in a year or two, De Paula will join him in the B team ML - Gonzalez - developing so well he might make the leap straight from U19s to the first team to give more depth on the left STC - Alonso, Agirre, Munoz - Alonso will move up to challenge Villalibre for the starting spot, Agirre's mostly been with the U19s but has covered injuries for the first team a few times, he'll replace Alonso for B-team though hoping he will also continue to develop as another option for the right wing. Munoz will also move up to the B team. Summary Overall very pleased with the season which is going to lead into a summer of transition. One player going because of age (Balenziga), one to make way for a youngster (Capa) and others potentially moving on as a I tweak my squad to promote the youngsters who deserve it. Will post an update once I reach the end of the summer transfer window.
  18. Summer 2020 Transfer Window Thankfully this was largely uneventful. Going in to it I was worried I might lose Simon as he'd been subject to a bid of £25m from Tottenham in the winter window, only a couple short of his release clause, and had been unhappy since and unwilling to sign a new contract. Middle of the window he dropped his concern and I was able to sign him to a new contract with a £55m release clause which makes me nice and happy. Biggest out not listed there is Benat who's contract expired. Most of the ins were youngsters who I hope I can develop, though Jimenez I'm doubtful of, he's been bought really to help deal with a lack of central defenders in my U19's. On the out front Eguaras was let go as he didn't really get much game time last season, same for Cordoba. Fernandez was bought by Hispalis so Herrera was bought as goalkeeping backup for a season or so until some of the youngsters develop. De Paula Agirre Jimenez Nunez First team squad now looks like this: GK - Simon, Herrera DR - Lekue, Capa DC - Yeray, Martinez, Nunez, (San Jose), (Nolaskoain) DL - Yuri, Balenziga DM - San Jose, Vesga, (Nolaskoain) MR - Berenguer, Lopez MC - Pardo, Garcia, Sancet, Morilla, Nolaskoain ML - Muniain, Aketxe ST - Williams, Villalibre, (Morilla) End of this season will definitely see Balenziga move on as he's starting to fade quite badly and have promising youngsters Vilchez and Guzman coming through to replace him. Might also let San Jose go as well next summer depending on if he starts to fade this season as well and Vencedor is developing into a good replacement. Seasons started well, beat Barca (now managed by Klopp) in the Super Cup and again in the league. There's been some other interesting managerial changes. Guardiola now manage Atletico Madrid and Conte at Real Madrid.
  19. I'm glad he's developing as several players it sounds like have developed for you just haven't for me. Guruzeta hasn't improved at all this season and Arberas and Artola have only improved minimally.
  20. 2nd Season Review 2nd season complete and the final day nail-biter. Going into it we were 1st on 86 points, Valencia 2nd on 85, we'd been keeping pace with each other for 4 or 5 weeks. They had a game against Getafe (16th), we were playing away at Sevilla (11th) and I knew the only way to win the title was to win. Was a not great first half so went all-out attacking 2nd half and two goals from Williams sealed the deal. We were much better in both defence and attack this year, scoring 63 and only conceding 19. The defence outdid themselves this year. In Spanish cup we went out in the semi final to Barcelona, and in Europe we made the first knockout and were beaten by Chelsea who just outclassed us. Best Players Balenziga - 21(5) apps, 5 goals, 4 assists, 7.44 rating Yuri - 33 apps, 1 goal, 3 assists, 7.42 rating Lekue - 33(2) apps, 4 assists, 7.36 rating Capa - 21 apps, 1 goal, 7.25 rating Berenguer - 30(10) apps, 10 goals, 7 assists. Quite the turn around from last season, my full backs and wide attackers were the core of our success. I'm playing a tactic inspired by Guardiola's Man City so using inverted wing backs which means they get plenty of the ball. Williams was top scorer with 21 goals across all competitions and others chipped in too. Benat scored 10 in what is his final season as he has been declining quite fast and his 2nd half of the season was definitely worse than the first. Youth Intake Not as many prospects as last season but most importantly had one in an area I really needed, central midfield. Iker Lasa - think he's going to be perfect for my system with some development. Prospects Below are shots showing how various young players have developed, starting with those who began at the club, my own newgens, and then those who I've bought in from outside. Starting players: Oihan Sancet - good development, he'll be in the first team squad next season. Unai Vencedor - looking like he should be able to step up when San Jose leaves and play a part in the first team. Asier Villalibre - developing well on loan, going to have him as backup striker next season. Newgens: Adrian Herrero - quickly developing into a very good right back, think it won't be long before he replaces Capa as my 2nd choice right back. Roberto Sanchez - quality defensive midfielder already, hoping he continues to develop well and another option to replace San Jose when he leaves. Probably more likely to force Vesga out of the squad in a couple of years. Alain Aguado - another good Basque keeper, looking like i'll be set for years on that front Purchased youth: Ivan Martinez - solid first season since being bought, in a few years he might be pushing Simon for the first choice spot. Pelayo Morilla - promoted to first team with sale of Garcia, he's just not performed since then as a striker. Thinking instead I'll move him into midfield to help fill gap left by Benat, and think it should suit him better I hope. Migue Guzman - good left back, he'll have another year in the U19s to develop. Alejandro Vilchez - another good left back, he's developing faster than Guzman so he'll go to the B-team next season to help him develop ready to replace Balenziga when he leaves. Alberto Alonso - already a good boost to determination since he joined, nice good progression. Benat Reta - hot defensive midfield prospect number 3, might turn him into a centre back to give more options there.
  21. Yeah they do tend to settle down after a while, just annoying with the timing as their unhappiness overlapped with a Spanish Cup semifinal with Barca with the two legs being either side of a match with...Barca. I prioritised the league so out of the cup. Things still good in the league thankfully, Champions League looks like I might be out in the first knockout as playing Chelsea and first leg did not go well.
  22. The Jan 2020 transfer window has just been a joy...not. It started seemingly well with Ander Herrera and Odriozola being transfer listed, and I managed to offload Hervais who was just not good even with the rest of the team improving massively this season and Raul Garcia being moved due to decline and to free up some wages. But I wasn't given any extra funds so no chance of buying either. Herrera was snapped up by Athletico Madrid, Odriozola by MAn Utd, so there go two of the best players I could ever hope to buy for the club! Yuri was also unsettled by Man Utd making a lowball offer and same with Simon and Tottenham so now having to manage by best left back and goalkeeper being unhappy with me. De Arrascaeta was unhappy with player time despite being injured for ages so got transfer listed by request and sold to Atalanta. Morilla has been promoted to the first team as the replacement for Garcia, he's developing really well so hoping he can really challenge for the starting striker slot soon. I bought Aketze back to provide more depth on the left. Only other good news this window is that Alonso, the young striker I mentioned before, has now joined up so he's part of the training program and the very successful U19 team. We're thankfully doing well in the league, currently sitting 3rd in a tight race with Real Madrid a point ahead and Valencia 5 points ahead. Barcelona are 4 points behind so its going to be a tight race I think all the way to the end. I'm hoping the board will free up more funds in the summer so I can secure a few more players to better contracts and then see if I might be able to get someone like Merino in as well.
  23. Nicely done, sounds like one hell of a nerve-wracking penalty shootout! Sounds like you got your tactics spot-on, as that definitely sounds like a very scary Barca side to face, and they're terrifying enough most of the time as it is!
  24. They've been doing better this season than last since I changed tactics towards the end of last season, but keeping my options open incase they revert to their old form.
  25. Yeah he's there on my save. I've definitely had some good RB newgens in my first youth intake, but considering him as neither Lekue or Capa have done very well in the first time. Obviously first choice would be Odriozola but he's not been available yet and don't have the funds for him yet either. I have had some very good news on the transfer, think I've found my long-term fix for the striker problem, Alberto Alonso. Had a min release clause of £35k and has 5 star potential and is a proper Basque player. Will be joining in January 2020.
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