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  1. There is an option under the interface preferences to turn off pictures for newgens.
  2. it's not shown automatically at the moment. (bug) If you pause and click top right you have the menu and can skip.
  3. Before posting in the bug forum. I am frequently getting feeder clubs in the country i am playing in. Can't remember though that i ever received a larger club as affiliate. And i am usually playing lower league management. Same goes for a work permit feeder club. Anyone knows differently?
  4. How is that accomplished btw.? Sometimes i get only one or two youth players, even with great facilities and setup.
  5. It is possible to see promises. You have to change one of the info screens on you home screen. Possibly elsewhere as well.
  6. Are the changes to the Ai managers fully implemented in FMT as well? I mean taking season performances et cetera more into account?
  7. that irked me in the past as well, i would like to see an indicator that the scouting recommendation/rating is likely outdated. I am playing with an extreme bad lower league team and of course most of the players are highly recommended. So if i sort by recommendation/rating after my teams gets better i have to scout those player again to get a more accurate list. Yes, i usually sort the list on player search by attributes, let them scout and than go through the news item. In order to see if a player is an option i have to hover over the scouting recommendation rating to see the estimat
  8. As for the Scouting, i have posted in the general thread. The Inbox message has so much space, the estimated cost and wage shouldn't be hidden behind the scout recommendation. That makes it a hassle to shift through the news items. Good that my scout likes the player, I however have to make sure it works budget wise as well.
  9. Uh, the estimated cost and wage demands should go into the inbox screen again, instead of being hidden behind the scout recommendation. Goes for full and FMT.
  10. It didn't take long Haha, well, i found it important to tell the world that it is still on my mind.
  11. Before you could add all the filter options that are relevant to you and just tick or untick them. Now some of these as EU-player, Out of contract is in a quick setting but not all. For the rest, like how you described the medical centre and match experience more play time is needed. :-)
  12. First glance: Scouting: Doesn't seem that much of a difference. Especially without scouting packages, which i would like in FMT as well. Not sure yet if i miss the easy filter options, as it seems to involve more clicks now for certain option as opposed to just turn it off/on as before. The option to scout per continent is new, so that is good. I assume as the knowledge in FMT is 100% right away the new scout recommendation number is not changing? Medical Centre What is supposed to be there exactly? I see an overview and no interaction. Immersion
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