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  1. If the menu is used as you say the options are there. Before 18.1 said options would appear automatically during replays. That is what he is referring to.
  2. There is an option under the interface preferences to turn off pictures for newgens.
  3. it's not shown automatically at the moment. (bug) If you pause and click top right you have the menu and can skip.
  4. Before posting in the bug forum. I am frequently getting feeder clubs in the country i am playing in. Can't remember though that i ever received a larger club as affiliate. And i am usually playing lower league management. Same goes for a work permit feeder club. Anyone knows differently?
  5. Certainly. It happens once in a while. Here. Saw it with the question along the line "Will your play style change" as well.
  6. It is season 2019/2020 and in the example the player is being loaned to Girona for the second year. It should be two entries in his history. Due to different dates of a new season (Spain 10th of July, Player loaned earlier in July) in different countries too many entries are created.
  7. The scouting news item is missing player pictures. Hovering over the quick info button (i) restores the picture. Going to another news item and back the pictures is gone again.
  8. Interviews after for example signing a new player are without reference to that person. Meaning it is not clear who is the subject of said interview. Only after answering it is clear.
  9. I have noticed that a couple of countries (Scotland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovania...) aren't running a reserve league opposed to previous iterations. Not sure if that is on purpose or a db issue. Not having a youth league is one thing, but getting players match fit is important.
  10. Didn't get any in 18.03. Tried after you posted. Usually not using that feature. In 18.1 i am. Very few though. Although that could be the case because i am managing a tiny team in the third league of Northern Ireland. Haha
  11. Same save Linie_BonusNewsItem18.03.fmt. One game left. Promotion is secured. 50% wage rise after promotion.
  12. Sorry for the delay, it is up. Linie_BonusNewsItem18.03.fmt. One game left. Promotion secured. It should appear after the league is finished.
  13. Got promoted again, however this time it worked as intended. I think the issue is with the terrace (stands) conversion to seats. As i had an all-seater stadium than, the issue didn't come up again.
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