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  1. I've started a save with Arsenal and after a lot of thinking came up with a 4-2-3-1 Assymetric formation like this: I want to play with a wing back/winger and full back/inside forward combination, and buy a suitable left winger and DM to suit this formation. What I want to ask is, has anyone successfully used a similar formation on FM13? And do you think what I have so far seems sensible, ie: Cazorla as IF? At first I wanted to use the setup below (Wilshere as AP - A), but I'm worried there will be too much space in behind the LW for opponents to exploit and also Podolski being left isiolated. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. How about using 3 CB's, Altintop on the left as a DW and Eboue on right as a DW?
  3. I see that in the formation all the midfielders and attackers are set to 'Support', has this got anything to do with Busquet's role or does it just help you play 'like Barca'?
  4. This should stop me falling asleep on the bus...
  5. This is a beta, the point of releasing a beta version early is so that users can find bugs which will be fixed in the full version of the game. Don't judge FM13 by what you are seeing now.
  6. Haven't got the game yet, but I'm thinking of playing a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 formation with someone like m'vila as DM, Wilshere and Arteta as CM's, Cazorla AMC and Podolski and Giroud up front.
  7. Can I please see some Arsenal players please? (Cazorla, Giroud, Arteta, Ox, Poldi...) Thanks!
  8. Has anyone ever used a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 successfully? I think it could work very well with Arsenal this year.
  9. *You could have your own attributes as a manager like example 'Financial control', 'Player Managment' and 'Motivation', this could affect how you are treated by your chairman and the players. For example at the start of the game you start with a 'Motivation' of 10 and if you are good at team talks this attributewill increase meaning you will be more succesful at motivating players. Also by keeping a club in a good financial position your 'Financial control' will increase meaning you are more succesful when asking the chariman for more funds. *Have more options when creating a new manager. *Something to do with your wage.
  10. Started a game with Southampton, think i made some good signings: Kirk Broadfoot - 850,000 Stephen Kelly - 1,700,000 Jordi Gomez - 1,800,000 Conor Devlin - Free
  11. This thread is so good, it is now PSG's official website.
  12. whats the transfer budjets? please delete the 'life after cesc' from the title, call it something like 'rebuilding the Arsenal'.
  13. What about playing Richards in the centre of the defence?
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