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  1. Im looking for a DB with the most updated transfers, where do i find one? Ive tried looking in the download section, but couldnt find it for FM2016
  2. Im only in season 2, and there's alot of red arrows on his attributes - why is this? I can understand if he is +30 and the stats going down, but he is still only 27. Still playing like a BOSS though
  3. What players are you using for the ML/MR spots ? Im in my second season with Liverpool, playing the same tactic, but got problems finding the right player(s) Would love some quick feedback!
  4. I also started my first FM 2016 game with Liverpool, currently sitting on top, and getting near January. So lovely! Using 4-1-2-2-1. Here is a screenshot of the fixtures so far. Im thinking about letting Henderson, Sturridge and Lallana go in this january window. What do you think? Not using Lallana, and Henderson + Sturridge seems to get injuries whenever they come back. Havent played 3 matches with them, and Arsenal keeps bidding 40 mil euro for Henderson.
  5. Because we won Premier League, FA Cup, Charity Shield, UEFA cup, and beating Juventus in the Super Cup
  6. Ive seen many different people saying they got him in the second seaon, he might be expensive, but they got him. Im in the last part of first season with Tottenham, and tried to say im interested in signing him, he just comes back saying he got no intention of signing for me :S What can i do ? I want this beast, and i want him badly
  7. Here is Memphis on my Tottenham save, playing very nice for me atleast.
  8. Ever got that feeling? Ive yet to have a good tactic that can include a nice AMC - its just. Feels like its missing some very important defensive parts. Im playing with Tottenham, so i allready got Christian Eriksen - but i can buy Mesut Ozil, since he is unhappy at his club. Im just too afraid, since i dont have the best experiences with AMC's. What do you think ?
  9. Thanks buddy. Some good suggestions indeed! My wingers is on attack duty, i typed wrong in the OP. But i will definately try out faster tempo, remove retain possession for faster attacks. Maybe try and put my full backs on attack, on games i know i will dominate. Thanks!
  10. Im managing Napoli, and got a some nice transfers going, but most of these Italian opponents seems to park the bus and live on the counter attacking part. Does anyone have a suggestion on how i can break em down? Im playing a normal back 4 defence, a midfield with 3 CM's ( 1 DLP, 1 AP(a), 1 BtB), 2 Wingers (support) and 1 Complete Forward. Im in December now, leading the Serie A, but teams seems to have figured me out by now. Playing "Attacking / Fluid" and with team instructions :
  11. True that. Its a tactic from the FM base forums. But as my nature, i like to keep it as realistic as possible, from the IRL.
  12. Reading from the tooltips ingame, i can see theyre kinda contradics themselves. Anyone have any experience with it ?
  13. Do you know of such an update? With all the exciting transfers going on so far, and player updates after the World Cup...? Would love to get my hands on one.
  14. Im no tactic genious or even close to that. But in my opinion, its pretty obvious? Wingbacks ? Regista ? Which is a "an aggressive deep-lying playmaker" type of settings. Not to mention your midfield aswell. You have a BWM, which can get drawn out of position easily because of his high pressing settings. Then you have attacking midfielder, and a AP/s. Do you see where im getting at ?
  15. Still relatively new at creating my own tactics, so i got some questions : Are these contradicting. I know they aint showing up ingame as conflicting each other, im just curious how they work together Drop deeper / Hazzle opponents - will my team sit deep and THEN start "hazzling" the opponents, or do they actually do it all over the pitch as soon as some opposition player recieves a pass? Im considering using "Drop deeper" against weak teams to lure them out of their "park the bus positions" This is my Team instructions : Mentality : Control Fluidity : Very Rigid
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