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  1. what about this one https://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Aspire-3-A315-41-Ryzen-3-2200U-Vega-3-SSD-FHD-Laptop-Review.306442.0.html
  2. Would this play fm 20, i usually play with 4 leagues (england, germany, italy, spain) and a large database. https://www.mediamarkt.es/es/product/_portátil-asus-f543ba-gq480t-15-6-hd-amd®-dual-core-a6-9225-8gb-256gb-ssd-w10-1465514.html#especificaciones
  3. Im getting that alot especially when i have instructed them to mark the wide players of the opposition they always seem to ignore this and come in more centrally, even when i have instructed them to also stay wider.
  4. I think this is the appropiate section, but i am looking for good tactical guides other than the ones on this site. I am not looking for anything specific tactically im just wanting guides that have anything to do with the tactical side of FM and obviously they have to relate to this football manager.
  5. With India being a playable country how come there isn't an option to select the Indian Super league as a playable league.
  6. Since i highly doubt there is a download for FM16 for the extra english leagues, i wondering if it is possible to use a FM15 download.
  7. Think my scout has scouted this player 20 years too late. http://gyazo.com/164b387d6a9b3750d044689d4cbba601
  8. This is my first hockey sim and unlike fm I have knowledge of the key attributes of each position, and I was just wondering if anyone had knowledge of the key attributes for each position or have a link to a guide that, from past ehm's that provide this information.
  9. How do i set games to be played on a Saturday and Wednesday only when playing a network game?
  10. In the BETA will online be playable or will it just be single player FM and FMC.
  11. Not getting sacked. Seeing your tactic click with team you are managing.
  12. Is there anyway within fm14 that i can see how my team is setup when attacking and defending.
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