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  1. Absolutely loving the game. However, here are afew things I’ve noticed that need addressing. Bids for 4 or 5* players: I’ve got a regen striker who bangs in 40+ goals every season and not one team has ever made an bid for him! Infact I’ve won the Premier League three times in a row with Saints and I’ve not had one bid from any club unless the player is transfer listed. It ruins the feel of the game for me and makes it too easy to hang on to your best players. Keeping unhappy players: It’s way too simple to keep unhappy players and they still perform. No matter how bad morale is, the player will always perform for me. There should be an option where the player goes AWOL or at least their form should decline. Job offers: Won over 16 trophies in 11 seasons with Saints and I’ve not even been linked with a job! Not even a job offer. Again, this ruins the realism. Injuries: I don’t think there are enough injuries on the game. I can almost pick the same team for the whole season with only a few injuries. I’ve never had anyone injured for more than 2 months. On a positive, the players fitness doesn’t struggle as in previous versions. Just to reiterate I think this version is the best yet. These are just observations I’ve noticed from playing the game.
  2. I absolutely love the games. It gets better every year. However, this manager reputation/ job offer thing is a little frustrating. I’ve done 9 seasons with Southampton FC and I’ve won the Champions League, Fa Cup x3,League Cup, Premier League and World Club Cup etc and I’ve not been offered one job! Not even linked with any.
  3. The player history needs to show your all time top goal scorer along with your all time apperance holder. I can't understand why this is not in the game. Not just for league games either, all comps. Champ 01/02 had this. This is a must for me.
  4. This loan system has been abit dodgy four three or four years now. There is just no flexibility. Also, most loans have fees now days that could be included. The silence on this subject is deafening. Come on SI.
  5. Really!? Did you edit the players? What an achivement that is for the first season. Your the Mourinho of the game.
  6. Actually, you two have made some good points there. I suppose you can amend it with the editor too. One thing I would say though, the youth players seem to have good stats for the reserve section. I've picked up about three players in the first season who should make it to at least four stars I reckon.
  7. I love the new game and have always enjoyed the Handheld series. However, one little thing really bugs me. Why do Saints not have the top training facilities? How on earth do Chelsea and Spurs have "Surperb with Youth Academy" those clubs can hardly produce anyone, they buy it. Bale, Walcott, Chamberlain, Chambers and Shaw etc for Saints. I find it staggering. Every year this happens. It Just seems abit lazy to me.
  8. I always use 4-4-2 Attack with pressing and short passing. I've done this for every handheld game and it always brings success. I don't think tactics matter a great deal on the handheld versions. I won the Permier League with Plymouth within seven seasons without changing a thing. I don't care what the other team is doing I'll just the same tactic. The PC one on the other hand is a different kettle of fish. Get your tactics wrong and there and you will get the sack.
  9. Ha. He would be a cracking comedian. I miss his personality in the Premier League. You need characters like him.
  10. I'm just wondering if Mr Holloway is getting a cut from the Football Manager Handheld series? Somehow he always seems to get the big jobs. He's been at Man Utd and now Real Madrid despite only winning the FA Cup.
  11. That's good to know. It's only the centre backs that seem to get a load of yellows. It's nothing major.
  12. Talking of cards. There is way to many on the game it's untrue. Some of my cb's are getting 15 or 16 yellow cards a season and that was with tackling on normal! You always get a few reds which you don't mind but the refs seem to think Christmas has come early with all the cards they are dishing out. God knows what it would be on the committed option.
  13. I would like to see more history with the team your managing eg: players with all time appearances/goals scored records (including all goals and not just league games. Surely it would be easy to implement and a nice feature to look at during your career.
  14. I've noticed this too since the last update. I managed Saints and I was sacked after nine league games. I did lose 6 games though. It used to be impossible to get sacked but now I find it does happen quite a lot. The AI managers get sacked an awful lot too. I suppose it's realistic. In this day and age if you lose three games in a row the pressure is on - especially in the Premier League. I can't wait for the new one to be released later in the year. These handheld versions are as addictive as the PC versions
  15. How come Southampton FC's youth team is only on 'superb'. It should be on 'superb with youth academy'!! They have the best one in the league. Surely this needs to be rectify on the new game.
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