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  1. Palssig, i am using the same formation, when you go to Tactic - Analysis - Goals - Assist location ... Where do you concede most goals from, and where do you score most from? I had a lot of goals against from my left side, i had to change role of my left back to defend to solve that
  2. Just a question Omberwsb, How do you upload pictures as image here in your forum thread? I cant get my pictures on my forum threads, please help
  3. , well i had no idea that they have removed it from fm 2016. So now we cant mold the player to what we like them to be... only for a specific role. Boring, and also stupid that i cant do it anymore. Thanks for the tip about training now by the way;)
  4. Look at the info here from fm 2015: http://gupl.dk/f/8uipux5x9r/full From here: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/training/individual-training-focus
  5. If i do not want to train a player for a specific posistion training, but only train a attribute. Like Jagielka 34 on my game, i want to only focus on his stamina. But i look like i am forced to have a position training, and when i choose to additional focus on Stamina, his workload gets high. On fm 15 i could change his individual workrate and also not focus on a role, that not possible on fm 16
  6. thanks for reply, on fm 2015 you had the option to choose workload intensity for each players. OrientTillIDie : Yes thats correct, if i had a player on fm 15 i just switched intensity to very low, and then used PPM etc so the workload was average at max, now i cant find any info about that, looks like they have removed it or I just blind?
  7. I have the same question, i cant find a option to choose witch players to have high intensity training or average low intensity training. Can only change that on the team training, but i want older players to train on low intensity, and youth\young players on high intensity and choose it for each player. Is that no possible on fm 16?
  8. How to subscribe a friends team on online game? I have added a photo from my game, there is no options to choose his (or other teams): http://gratisupload.dk/f/8uhz9vvz1i/full Is it possible? Please help
  9. Anyone had success letting their assistant manager take all the teamtalks for your club? Pre match - halftime? If so what skills are you thinking is the key here? Cheers
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