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  1. Need some advice. Looking for an AMR to rotate with Salah, and have bids accepted for both Thauvin and Harvey Barnes. Thauvin is cheaper (about 25 mil) and he’s a better player. Barnes is younger and English, but will cost around 40 mil. However Thauvin wants ca 100k/week in salary and Barnes will ”only” cost around 68k/week. Which one should I choose? (I also have a bid accepted for Buendia but I think those two above are my first choice).
  2. Andrea Papetti from Brescia will be quite good and is rather cheap, but is one for the future. I bought Milenkovic from Fiorentina on my save, he’s young but he’s good enough to play right away. Rather exepensive though.
  3. I have to stop playing when I’m drunk... Won the league, but then lost the CL final and got so mad at the team that I resigned so now I’m out of a job...
  4. Matches like these is costing me the title... Unbeaten until January, way ahead of City, now I'll have to chase them and they don't look like they're losing.
  5. Yeah I guess you’re right, as captain I’ve always wanted TAA irl and in game. Are you playing him as a DLP in the DM position then? Speaking of his replacement, how have Neco been doing for you? I’ve had him on positioning training last few months, got him from 5 in positioning to 7 so far.
  6. Thanks. Yeah sorry the AMR is on attack when Salah plays, forgot to change after our last match where Shaqiri was AMR and Mane AML, so switched the roles/duties. Regarding tempo; yeah you're right, might be a bit overkill. Started out with positive and high tempo and forgot about that when I changed it to attacking. Good point, thanks.
  7. Yeah I've had my eye on him as well in my save, a bit low on leadership maybe. Was thinking about Grealish and Rice as well.
  8. Ok so tried to change the tactic for my Liverpool team to include Haaland more, but wasn't really getting it to work with the original tactic so decided to make a complete new one instead. A 4-2-3-1 wide, and this time I wanted to try a more attacking and high intensity approach than before. What do you guys think, any flaws you could help me with? Thanks in advance.
  9. Looking ahead, who tends to be your Henderson replacement, like the next captain, next ’heart’ of the midfield? I know he’s not that old but I’m trying to plan ahead a bit for coming seasons and was wondering how you guys usually handle it? I think I’d prefer another english player at least.
  10. Tried Haaland as a PF(a) in my formation but he kept getting isolated, pretty much like the AF. Might have to rearrange the tactic a bit, was thinking about switching to at 4-2-3-1 maybe, it might suit him better.
  11. Thanks! Yeah that’s sounds like a good role, I’ll give it a try.
  12. Thanks, yeah fair point. I just bought him i January so he hasn't played that many games yet. But yeah, I would want him as a AF or similar but I found that the ST was getting to isolated in the build up and was too far away from the rest of the team, but you're right about Haaland as a player so might have to adjust my tactic a bit to fit him better, I did buy him after all...
  13. Thanks for your input! Yeah Salah on attack was my first thought as well but then I wanted TTA to attack the right wing so I put him on attack and I didn't want both players on the right side to be on attack. Perhaps I could try TTA as WB(s) and then both Salah and Mane on attack, and then maybe a DLF/F9 as CF to be able to supply both my attacking wingers. I used the CAR as he stays wider so that he will give defensive cover when TTA goes forward, but maybe that's not necessary if I use TTA as a WB(s) instead, maybe I'll give it a go, thanks.
  14. Hi. Was looking for some help regarding my tactic with Liverpool, February first season. We've been doing well up until December/January, top of the league and unbeaten. But since then we've lost 3 in our last 4, West ham (a), Man City (a) and Man Utd (a). We've still been playing ok, in regards of XG and chances created but we've had a hard time scoring and have conceded more. Now I know it's only 3 loses, that's not the end of the world, but 3 in our last 4 is a lot since we where unbeaten prior. And sure, City and United away are probably our toughest games of the season (except maybe
  15. Nice! How does your coaches rate him potential wise? On FM20 I always preferred Grabara over Kelleher but maybe Kelleher will be my back up on FM21 then.
  16. Yeah he's useful all over, looking at his attributes you could play him in so many different positions and roles all over the pitch I think. Just considering his attributes I think he could play DM (DLP, Regista), CM (DLP, B2B, AP, Mezzala), AMC (AM, AP, Enganche, Treq, SS), ST (All except maybe Poacher and AF) and also I think he'd do ok as a Wing-back. He's such an all-round player, only thing he's missing is maybe quickness and finishing.
  17. Yeah I’ve been playing him in the central midfield as well, as AP(s) or Mezzala(s) and he’s been doing well, scored a few even though he’s mostly been a back-up.
  18. As anyone ever tried retraining Firmino as a CM? He’s so well rounded that he can play most ST and AMC roles but I was thinking that he’d probably pull of the BBM, AP and mezzala as well. Having trouble getting him to score as ST so thought I’d maybe give it a go.
  19. Wow Haaland really is amazing, just bought him myself first season in january. Have him and Alexander Isak up top and thinking about geting Dejan Kulusevski for a scandinavian tridente. Will do an update as well soon on my season so far.
  20. There’s already a new thread, by @Staf9 https://community.sigames.com/topic/537660-fm21-liverpool-premier-league-champions/
  21. What transfers have you made on the new game? I sold Origi and Minamino and bought Ansu Fati and Milenkovic but I need another striker as well. Was looking at Alexander Isak or João Felix and the board has agreed to take care of the transfer for me. Tried the same on Haaland but he wouldn't accept the contract offer from Edwards...
  22. I signed Milenkovic from Fiorentina, as potential and can play RB as well.
  23. Keep having problems with penalties, hade the same issue on FM20. Missed 3/5 so far, both Salah and Milner. Gonna give Fabinho a chance now for a while.
  24. Realistic performances like how they tend to play irl or how they usually do stats wise irl? I always play Firmino as a DLF(s), Mane as a IW(a) and Salah as IF(s). Haven’t really decided on Thiago yet, either DLP(d) as DM or AP(s) as CM.
  25. Who do you use as CD next to VVD, Gomez or Matip? I usually use Matip as my first choice next to VVD because his mental attributes are better and he’s been more reliable in my saves.
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