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  1. right i'm not sure if anyone would know this but worth a go, on my game on nov 10th it says a tycoon interested in buyng my club, i saved it here as i would like that on my game, anyway skip a few days around the 15th then it says a consortium now want to buy and they do. anyone know if reloading that 10th nov save will ever have a different outcome and the tycoon might buy or is it set in stone the consortuim will get it
  2. will send it in tonight, any update on this it's ruining my game keep having to exit and reload because of this
  3. thank you I should have noticed it has been posted already! i do alt tab out the game a lot lol
  4. has happened twice now, when i continue the game and it comes up with the calender at the top as it goes to the next day with the week ahead the calender is getting stuck there, i can see that i can click things in the background but it won't disappear
  5. couldn't see anything on this but you know when you scout a player you have the gold stars for how good they will be followed by a few black for how potentially good they might be, scouting usually you more of an idea, however say you had 100% of that player knowledge but only showed say 2 stars with potentially 5, is there any point keep scouting to see if that will change as you have 100% knowledge of this player, or do you just have to risk it and buy him hope that makes sense just something i wondered
  6. i never thought of that! maybe it is because i am getting them to do extra things like say practice weak foot. make sense, why it has taken me years to see that i have no idea lol thank you
  7. ok i had this many of times on fm14 and now it's popping up quite a fair bit on fm15 basically me being lazy cannot be bothered to do the training so i always leave it to my assistant, however every game i get so many players complain about the heavy workload at training, how can i stop this, i have good scouts and it's not like i can say oi mate don't over work them. any suggestions other than do the training myself?
  8. Stuck on 14.1.1

    Oh right I never knew I had to do that lol. Thank you ever so much!
  9. Stuck on 14.1.1

    Sorry that was a bit sketchy on details. I've looked on that link and cannot see it although on my phone so maybe easier to look around on my laptop later. I got the game on digital through greenman Gaming I think they're called and done the code through steam. Which I'm sure should've updated automatically. It does still look like it is on beta as some areas like online are greyed out
  10. Hi there. Not on my laptop ATM but for some reason my game won't update from 14.1.1 to 14.1.2. I've tried right clicking on properties on steam and doing something on that which was recommended. Any ideas?
  11. Done 3 now. But I holidayed between jobs whilst applying. And thanks I think I will swollow my pride and do that!
  12. Now I've had every football manager and to be fair I've usually been good at them! However this version I am just awful. Can't work out why. I've been relegated as Preston and blackpool and now my last job Parma I picked up 3 points from 12 games and been sacked. I swear I've never been this bad and tried different tactics and formations. Anyone else struggling?
  13. of course that is quite obvious now, not the signing on fee? i mean so say the agent wants 500k and the player wants 500k, i could just offer 0 for agent and alot for player and it wont come out? just wondering
  14. sorry if someone has posted about this but i couldn't find it and i don't think its a bug why when you agree terms for a player for say 7m when you finalize the deal it says 7.5m will be taken from your budget, where is this other 500k coming from. it happens with every transfer
  15. i have checked my staff responsiblities list and i have got everything there to be contolled by myself except my head of youth controlling youth contracts and bringing youth into club, however for some reason when i transfer list a player he keeps offering them out and accepting the offers, they are not on the unwanted list either. anyone know why? i apoligise if being stupid and something simple