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  1. OPZ Elite 2020/graphicsboxes/bordered/standard/paper26 change to other graphics
  2. 3 players on loan from Spain. Played for half of the season, work permit has expired. Can i fix it?
  3. i dont know I'm confused with this problem as well. I dont understand why Si has to edit this code.
  4. green colour is not ploblem, it running on league primary colour ( Premier League England is White , La liga Spain is Red)
  5. Try new update. And let's see again. ps. delete old ver. before
  6. It is caused by choosing the background by BG selector. 3d match can't select a background other than the default pics
  7. NEW UPDATE https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm20-skin.html
  8. I can't find both buttons in my skin. It should be more of the original skin button. But the picture it's a button my skin. Do you know the address of these file panels?
  9. I want to change colour font and Induction button. 1. 2. Please help.
  10. @wkdsoul I have a problem with the Backgroud Fade. I want it to be shown only here (same as FM19) But now it shows on both the game start game and match. How should I fix it?
  11. I think it's a bugs league in India (league that is in the game , not created) has the same problem.
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