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  1. I want to change boxes colour and graphics. Please tell them where.
  2. I want to change the text color of the filter buttons. It usually shows white and yellow. Or it should have to be like that for someting ,So I want the panel address. For add a new button address. *sorry for my english TT
  3. I can do it "skin_name" Must use only lowercase and no spaces. Thx for help. @michaeltmurrayuk
  4. I think heffem skin show yellow all team . Look at the SS LYON must show title text white. But skin shows yellow.
  5. I confess that I like my skins because of the accent color. And it is main featured for my skin. Which team you play, will only find that team color. I'm not programer I really can't fix it. Or do something else to replace it. But I said game it shows the correct accent color one times after open game. Is it a bug?
  6. And i tried in other skin Dark Polish Skin 21
  7. Anyone who can do it, please send settings.xml or other panels for me.
  8. @michaeltmurrayuk I have tried using the original file. And try to put the code in panel (INFO Club) accent / dark accent / primary dark accent / primary its ok but accent still have a problem
  9. Yes, i add colour="accent" all the bits in fm20 but fm21 It turns purple. I'll try to chase the check again from the start, it will take a long time. Thank you
  10. Not work, My skin use a lot of accent. its all purple title text , button , boxes. But there is one time, I open the game, it shows the correct accent color, but i reload skin Its back to the purple again.
  11. I have a problem with accent colour. Can it purple to come back as the accent colour in FM20 ? Because my skin On various topics will show the main colors of the team. And I can't change to primary colour, because it won't work on teams that have the main black color.
  12. match caption in the pic. Mine doesn't show
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