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  1. I think it's a bugs league in India (league that is in the game , not created) has the same problem.
  2. Thanks for help. But try to fix it and still be the same And can't control AI loan for 2 foreign per year.
  3. sorry for my English I make DB Thai league but Team AI register player foreign Over quota. Where do I make mistakes or Bug?
  4. AI register player foreign Over quota AI Only if we control team must register according to quota. T1 2019 foreign = 3 Asia = 1 Asean = no limit In match no more than 7 foreigners Over quota in league and ACL Please help. This DB is the best DB in many years. ACL League #Thai-League-2019.fmf
  5. Sorry ,i dont save screenshot . Problem caused by config file global panels no tutorial layer before match. I play on win7 no plob. But play on win10 i found it. Hope you understand that I explain.
  6. Interesting, when fixed what will it look like Will you have a screenshot to see?
  7. v.19.2.2- fixed bug start match game freeze - update player proflie popup https://imgur.com/6cLYWVC - a little more I can't remember : ( https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm19-skin.html
  8. @upthetoon change % brightness at TV buttons on top right.
  9. สวยงามเลยครับ
  10. @michaeltmurrayuk I want to know the location of boxes graphics and team instuctions panels ?
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