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  1. Sorry ,i dont save screenshot . Problem caused by config file global panels no tutorial layer before match. I play on win7 no plob. But play on win10 i found it. Hope you understand that I explain.
  2. Interesting, when fixed what will it look like Will you have a screenshot to see?
  3. v.19.2.2- fixed bug start match game freeze - update player proflie popup https://imgur.com/6cLYWVC - a little more I can't remember : ( https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm19-skin.html
  4. @upthetoon change % brightness at TV buttons on top right.
  5. สวยงามเลยครับ
  6. @michaeltmurrayuk I want to know the location of boxes graphics and team instuctions panels ?
  7. show your screenshot 4k after fixed pls.
  8. @dwood79 Thanks for the answer, I just know.
  9. city and stadium bg put in graphics\pictures\backgrounds black font make sure you delete old ver. befor install new ver. and check file dowload size 57.7 MB (60,577,374 bytes)
  10. for stadium and cities i download fix and test its work for me blank box attributes etc... plz screenshot
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