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  1. https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm20-skin.html mini version
  2. such as id="wkwg" = wage id="Pcnr" = Contract id="pptt" = Training ------- And what is the meaning of id="cos1" / id="cos2" / id="cosE" / id="cosZ" [ in this class="client_object_viewer_selector_panel id="cos1" ...]
  3. this is best player in my game save How necessary is it? That the players playing in the middle has to be that pace. He is the only player who has Pace 20 Previous FM I almost never encounter these problems at all. The more a best player Everyone has a value that is appropriate for the position.
  4. first pic Pressing FW Unal - Deep Lying FW Azzouzi - Advanced FW I understand what you are saying not the main value in some role but i mean this is ST. and higt CA PA should at least 15 finishing If they have CA PA values below 160 and play Pressing FW I won't doubt him. And this. I think the random position too messy
  5. I do not argue for other attributes but this is ST. You think of real players such as Aguero Suarez Kane Lewandowski that has high value of CA PA. All have a high finishing. As I said may be because he can play in many positions. But when I see the values, it reminds me of the 70s players
  6. I'm not talking about shooting , I am talking about finishing and players PA 160+++++
  7. I just say when we choose to buy players CA/PA 160+. We look at the attributes first. And the fishining value required in that ST. Although he can score many goals. But that is a matter of tactics.
  8. Maybe it's because they can play in many positions. But I would regret that if his natural position is the striker But finishing less than 15 The same as the CB
  9. Thanks for the answer and sorry for my english. The old ( I mean FM19 FM18 ) never encountered these problems or very little. I am not sure. That I should buy them at a high price. Or go to buy a low price with the high finisher but low PA.
  10. For example, many striker high CA PA but finishing 12-13 or less. Winger, status like full back. marking , Tacking higher than Dribbling or Crossing.
  11. OPZ Elite 2020/graphicsboxes/bordered/standard/paper26 change to other graphics
  12. 3 players on loan from Spain. Played for half of the season, work permit has expired. Can i fix it?
  13. i dont know I'm confused with this problem as well. I dont understand why Si has to edit this code.
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