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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the yearly or monthly costs of the varying levels of junior coaching and youth recruitment? I'm playing a lower league save and I can upgrade my junior coaching and youth recruitment levels again, but our finances aren't huge and I don't want to start putting us in the red by overcommitting to either of these, I know the current cost of the junior coaching (about 20k per month at adequate level) but am not sure how much the cost will go up to if I upgrade it, anyone have that information or am I missing it somewhere?
  2. Hey guys, may have been asked before, but I cant find it, I'm doing a youth save and have the money to either upgrade youth facilities or training facilities, not both. Couple of things, at what age to players stop being trained in the youth facilities, is it when they are in the first team, or age, or dependent on contact type? Reason I ask is I want to develop youth but the better youngsters get into my first team at 17 or 18 so I want to upgrade whatever will benefit them the most, cheers.
  3. I'm managing in an average league at the moment, my hoyd has fairly determined personality. 17 determination, 6 working with youngsters, 10 jpa, 12 jpp. I can sign Dirk Kuyt, who is a model professional, 18 determination, 17 working with youngsters, but only 2 jpa, 2 jpp. I don't need either for the coaching attributes, they are simply for the role of bringing the youngsters to the club, my issue is do the 2 for jpa and jpp affect youth intakes at all?
  4. Definitely following this with interest, am planning a similar save myself, just waiting until the 17.3 patch comes out. I think your spot on with shifting some of the older players on some big wages, the club is certainly one that brings young players through in real life. The 4231 line up and instructions looks pretty close to how they play as well, hope you can hang onto Maclaren, he is a goal machine. Good luck with the save. Out of curiosity, do you have any other Asian leagues open?
  5. Chinese transfer window finishes on the 28th of Feb or so, I think that's the last transfer window open they are waiting on for activity, so a few days after that probably. First week of March it usually is.
  6. No, I tried it in an English lower league save to keep off the vultures, clubs still bid lower than the release clause, and the board still accept, whether it slowed it or stopped some clubs from being interested I'm not sure.
  7. I haven't seen Brexit yet, I'm only up to February 2019, its my first save this game so I'm not sure when its announced in the game.
  8. I started a game with AFC Telford in the vanarama north league, promoted a few youth players to fill the squad out a bit, a young left winger called Matthew Adamson ended up with a spot on the left wing, mainly because I didn't have the money to buy anyone else and he was a reasonable standard for the league, around 12-13 for acc, pace, crossing and dribbling and flair, and not too much else. After a good season, 10 goals and 15 assists or so we got promoted to the vanarama national league, during this season he had a fair season and started getting a bit of interest from clubs in league 1 and lower championship teams, though I rebuffed their offers, he was only valued about 25k or so. We stayed in the vanarama national that season, which brings me to the current season, and I couldn't keep him happy due to interest from top championship clubs, I held him as long as I could, I set his value to 500k but it didn't deter and Hull (in the Championship) started offering around 450k, then 500k, just because I really didn't want to sell him I suggested 5 million as a bit of a joke and to my amazement they accepted. 5 million. I saved the game and reloaded to a point before the negotiation just to see what they would have paid, and I could get it to about 7.5 million pounds. Now, a couple of things, in my reports it says he could be a championship winger in the future and he has developed well, but I'm wondering has this happened to anyone else?? I mean it will set my club up for a long long time, but does seem a little unrealistic. Thoughts? Ive put a picture of him here just after he signed for Hull and I put a loan back for rest of season clause in the offer.
  9. Sorry if bought up before, I was a little cynical on the effect of a good tutor until this week. I joined Everton as manager in about 2020 (favourite club) and managed to pick up Diego Costa on the cheap from Juventus and have assigned him to tutor a striker with good potential who was floating around in the under 21s until I brought him up, since tutoring him the rises in his stats have been exceptional, perhaps with the combination of first team football he has gone from backup at best to almost key player, just wondering who has been the tutors who have made a real difference to your young players?
  10. I had a game going with St Albans in the non league, when I started I was looking through the under 18s and a 16 year old cm called Steven Lewis was an excellent prospect, I'm not sure if he is a random ca/pa player or just got added because of lack of players, but I immediately moved him into the first team and he performed very well. I couldn't get him to sign a new contract because he knew he was far too good for the league and at 18 he went to Aston Villa, he was an England under 19 international that year and was in the Villa first team at 20 and in the under 21 England squad. My game crashed when he was about 21 but he was playing well in the premier league and developing well also, if the game had of continued I have no doubt he would have ended up a full international, I'm not sure about world beater, but definitely a quality premier league player.
  11. 27 first team coaches?

    I haven't seen that before, though in a llm save with St Albans from the vanarama south, I remember being offered and taking European scouting when we were in league 2 and when I got promoted to league one, got offered worldwide scouting. I declined to put the money into training facilities instead. Our finances were average, not good enough to be able to offer worldwide scouting I didn't think, maybe finances play a part?
  12. U21 or First Team Sub?

    You could keep them amongst your first team subs and play them as necessary as late subs or against weak opposition, and have them set to available for under 21 squad for either 90 or 60 minutes depending on their condition, then they will be getting plenty of game time in the u21's as well as first team experience.
  13. Serie A title battle

    Thanks Alex, so so close....
  14. It came down to the last game of the season between Juve, Roma and my Inter.....Juve lost, finished on 83 points, Roma beat Parma 3-0 to finish on 86 points with a goal difference of 44. I beat Fiorentina 2-1 in the 90th minute to finish on 86 points with a goal difference of 45....now I have generally managed in England and this would clinch me the title, I look back at my results and see I drew with Roma 1-1 at my place and they beat me 2-0 at their place, this is the only reason I can think of that I haven't claimed the title, can someone shed some light?
  15. Counter Attacking Football

    I've often used it at home if im playing as a newly promoted team against a much stronger away side, for example a newly promoted Fulham against Man Utd or Chelsea, as they are going to put out a strong attacking side against me either away or at home. Whether you should force the issue or home or not is up to you I guess, Ive found it difficult to get results trying to attack much stronger teams, even with good tactics the gulf in class can be too much and find a bit more success playing on the counter and trying to nick a 1-0 win or a draw.