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  1. I started a game with Preston in the championship, they have no under 23 side, I got promoted to the premier league at the first attempt and still had no option in the off season or new season to get an under 23 side, but when the Checktrade trophy draw came around in mid August all of a sudden I had an under 23 team just appear. The only problem is they are not in any league and don't have any constant fixtures outside those of the Checktrade trophy, im not sure whether next season they will join an under 23 league, I hope so or its hard to keep fringe players fit, and a pain organising friendlies each week.
  2. Steel Eagle

    Brexit questions

    What you can do is save your game at the start and holiday for about 2 years and look in the rules for the Brexit ruling as its determined the moment you begin the game. If its one you like go back to the start of the save, if its one you don't want then start a new game. Ive had a few different ones, I recently had a very hard Brexit playing a save in Scotland and it made it very hard to compete, so I understand the pain.
  3. Steel Eagle

    16 year old Regen

    From lower league experience, sounds like you wont be able to hold him. Play him as much as you can, this will increase reputation and number of clubs interested in him and interest in him in general, there will be a point where bigger clubs will start poking their nose in if he is quality and it is really hard to keep a high potential player in the lower leagues, if you get a gem and clubs are interested hold out for as much as you can, or offer to clubs for millions (sounds mad, but ive sold players from the conference for 2.5 million) and you can build your club up for years. Be aware there will be a point where the board will just accept a ****** offer so make sure you get in before that happens.
  4. Steel Eagle

    Australian league help please

    Playing now. A challenging league I guess, salary capped, like the MLS. There are a few quality ex A-league players floating around in the lower leagues that are definitely good enough to play I the A-league and they are cheap. The hardest thing is that here is a 4 player foreign limit, so make the most of that by keeping the spine of your team strong, you will find a much better striker, centre mid and centre back foreign than you will locally. Free transfers are your friend, find all the aussie players you can and add them to your shortlist and try and sign them when there contracts are expiring or when they are available, also there a re quite a few aussie players available on loan mainly from England (tom glover, aiden oneil) who will add quality to your team, and a lot scattered across scandanavia, most contracts run down, so you have a chance to sign them if quick enough. Champions league group stage is easy enough to finish in the top two, but if you load up the asain leagues, will be a good challenge once you reach the round of 16 as there are some quality chinese and south Korean teams to beat. I have won the ACL in previous versions but never the Club world cup, that's my challenge for this version...
  5. Steel Eagle

    Save Scumming ?

    I think you can ALT-F4 at any point to bring up a quit menu at any point, sorry, just checked, that will close the whole game, not get you back to the start screen.