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  1. So I was offered the England U21's manager job and thought why not as I've never done it before but I'm struggling a little as I'm not sure how to get a Team Report as I gather I can't have an AssMan. Is this possible to get a Team Report of the U21's? or shall I just scout them with my club scouts? Cheers.
  2. Yeah, my problem is exactly the same as Alesle's got the stars and 'days old' but no actual scout report when i click on it.
  3. Okay I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but my scout reports have messed up! If I'm on the Player Search you can see all the scout recommendations on the left with 3/4/5 stars etc but if I click on that player and physically go to his scout report it says 'You need to request a member of staff to compile a report on this player' like I haven't got a scout report for them but it still gives me their star rating. It hasn't always been like this either, only just started (I'm in 2018). Anyone had this happen or have I like clicked something I shouldn't?
  4. M'Baye Niang in the 2017 season so had become a tank but clearly Inter didn't want him and now he's banging them in for my Valencia team!
  5. Newcastle 2nd Season GK: Krul (D) DR: Simpson (FB/Auto) DC:Taylor (LD/S) DC: Coloccini (LD/D) DL: Santon (FB/Auto) MR: Shaqiri (W/A) MC: Tiote (BWM/D) MC: Cabaye (AP/S) ML: Jonas (W/A) ST: Ba/Sow (TM/S)/(DLF/S) ST: Roux (P/A)
  6. I think you misread... I meant Stoke finished 9th, 5 places ahead of where they were expected to finish. Signings were Roux (who was the signing of the season so more reason for me to get credit? obviously not!), Tomkins and Shaqiri who i bought in Jan.
  7. So i just finished my first season in the Prem with Newcastle and I came third which is obviously a big surprise! but the Manager of the Year comes round and SAF wins it as he won the title, fair enough, still think I did better than him as Man United are always expected to be up there. Second and makes no sense was Tony Pulis who got Stoke to 9th, 5 places higher then what they were expected and then 3rd was Mancini for finishing 2nd. Every way I look at this it just makes no sense what so ever! Kinda takes away from a quality season! Just to add Stoke didn't win a Cup or anything, just finished 9th where as me expected to finish 9th end up 3rd, in the group stages for the CL and don't get anything. They've gotta fix stuff like this to make it more realistic!
  8. When i got there with Newcastle, my main goal was to get to the CL so I played a second string team in the Europa, not really youth just rotating the back ups so they'd stay happy but keeping my main players fit for the Prem and then youth for the cups! Seemed to work alright
  9. Thanks a lot for your help. Changed him to a complete forward and he's got 5 in 3 games and good ratings instead of the 1 in 4 and poor ratings. Thanks again!
  10. So I just had the October international break and ended up with: McEachran out for 6 months- broken leg. Lukaku out for 1 month- sprained ankle. Mikel out for 4 months- broken ankle. Needed Mikel as he's my only DM apart from Romeu but at least he'll get some game time now. Lukaku's been playing better than Drogba so bit of a shame. Love putting McEachran in when we're winning for a bit of experience and was looking forward to him replacing Lampard, looks like that'll have to wait a while longer! Anyone else had a really bad international break, injury wise?
  11. Could do with some help using a single Striker upfront. Currently Chelsea playing a 4-5-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 whatever the correct one is and I'm using Torres on his own as a Poacher. I know most will say not to play a Poacher on his own but I just can't see Nando doing anything else tbh. The problem is he can't seem to get goals! Tbh it's not just Torres, whenever I play someone on their own they seem to not do too well so I was wondering if there's any 'Player Instruction' or 'Team Instruction' that I should be altering to get the most out of a single Striker. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. You'll have to go into FMRTE to fix it. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/259077-International-Withdrawals
  13. Half way through 3rd season and only just realised there's been no big transfers really. 1. Domenico Criscito from Zenit to Barcelona for £22.5M 2. Ganso from Santos to Man City for £22.5M 3. Sebastien Corchia from Sochaux to Chelsea for £21M
  14. On the tactics screen on the left hand side, have you chosen 3 tactics for your team to train in... that could be what your Coach is on about you only having one but you actually use 6. I use 3 tactics and use the AssMan team report to decide which one the opposition plays poorest against, seems to work anyway!
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