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  1. When you search player for the first time and click to profile, player age doesn't show up as seen on this screenshot. I click to contract and then come back to see his age. When you fitst click to player profile, I can't see his age. Does anyone have this problem? I'm using Mac.
  2. Hello, I have a flight tomorrow to Sydney for about 18 hours. I want to play FM 17 during flight but looks like, Steam doesn't allow me to play my game without having internet access. How weird is that? I bought the game, do I have to have an internet to play the game I bought? How can I play the game without having internet access? I don't think plane will have internet onboard.
  3. Galatasaray. It's fun to play with Melo, Sneijder and Drogba.
  4. Is he become any good? He is 18 on my save.
  5. I'm playing with Hoffenheim in Bundesliga but Hoffenheim II which is my reserve team is playing in Regional Southwest Division but I can't see their standings. Judging from each individual, II condeded 23 goals and scored 74 goals but somehow they can't ever promote to 3rd league. How can I see their standing and did anybody promote their reserve team to 3rd league?
  6. I have one question, when are you going to win Premier League? Seriously? Can you name me one "big club" who haven't won their domestic league for over 20 years? None
  7. I can't get him. How much do you offer for him? Schalke doesn't accept anything less than 25 millions.
  8. Drogba and Sneijder are coming with new patch. I hope SI put all the correct info's as for their contracts.
  9. When did I say Galatasaray is better than all English team or Turkish football is better than English football? You're just making that up. But we're definitely better than Liverpool. Man Utd were 1st in our CL group with 12 points. We got 10 points and we were 2nd. I came to Old Trafford for the match we lost 1-0. We hit the crossbar 3 times. I stayed in England for 9 days, meanwhile that weekend I came to Liverpool for Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United and also saw Tottenham 0-0 Lazio. Your stadium is nothing compared to ours. We just built it on 2010. We sold 43,000 season tickets in a month. We ended up not selling any because people were still buying and we wanted to sell some tickets too. As for titles, we have the most titles in our country. We were champion of last year. We are leader as of now. We'll be in CL next year too. We are not owned by Americans and we have enough budget to buy players as we paid around 30 million Euro's for past summer. I won't compare Istanbul with Liverpool because Liverpool is just a small village. Istanbul is the most populated city in Europe with 12 million. So why would Sneijder go to Liverpool? Seriously? Where's the fun being 6th-7th or 8th in England and you have to live in a small village like Liverpool? No CL, no money. Downing, Sturridge, Allen are enough for you
  10. He's not the best player in Serie A. Jovetic, Pirlo, Cavani are.
  11. How do we put this file to? I'm playing it through Steam.
  12. Waiting By the way, I will post your link to few forums. We're all waiting for Sneijder with correct info details. Is he going to be joining Galatasaray in January right? Not when we start the game?
  13. I just started the game. His value is 16.75 at Inter. But on the screenshot above, it says 13 at Galatasaray? His value dropped. And also, his salary is more than what we paid him for in reality. I just started the game with Pound to make sure.
  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please edit the correct salary if you can. You can check from official website We paid Inter 7,5 million Euro's to get him. He's getting 3.2 million Euro's per year + 20,000 per match until 2016. Thanks again.
  15. Verified info: This year: Can sign unlimited foreign players but can only name 8 in the match squad, 6 can play in first 11. Next year: Can sign 10 foreign players but can only name 6 in the match squad. 2014-2015: Can sign only 8 foreign players but 5 can be in match squad.