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  1. It's a well-known rule. Veli Kavlak, plays for Austria National Team, but he has Turkish passport. He doesn't count as a foreign in the league. (I'm talking about real life)
  2. No. Atakan declared as Germany but 0 cap. Hagi declared as Romania and played 1 cap. But I think rule stated wrong there. Because, lets say if Mesut Ozil or Emre Can come to Turkey and play for any club, he wouldn't take foreign spot. Regardless of he plays for German national team, because he simply has Turkish passport. Samething goes for Ilkay Gundogan, Emre Can too. For example, Italy have 2 non-eu transfer limit per season. But there are a lot of Argentinians who have Italian passport as secondary nationality. Those don't count towards that 2 non-Eu transfer.
  3. But it doesn't make sense. I got Atakan from Leverkusen. He's declared as Germany National team but he has secondary Turkish passport. He doesn't take foreign spot but Hagi takes it?
  4. I play with Galatasaray. Under Turkish league rules, teams can register 14 maximum foreign players. I bought Ianis Hagi from Fiorentina but Hagi was born in Turkey, therefore he has Turkish citizenship but he's native Romanian. He plays for Romanian National team but he has Turkish citizenship as his secondary nationality. When I registered him for my team, he still takes foreign spot. Why does that happen? He still has Turkish citizenship and shouldn't count as foreign player. Can anyone help or face this problem?
  5. Does anyone want to contribute more?
  6. Hi, I tried searching for a topic for South American players who have dual citizenship in EU. For example, Icardi (Inter) have Argentinian and also have Italian passport. Alex Telles (Porto) is Brazilian but also have Italian passport. Do you have any recommends for wonderkids?
  7. When you search player for the first time and click to profile, player age doesn't show up as seen on this screenshot. I click to contract and then come back to see his age. When you fitst click to player profile, I can't see his age. Does anyone have this problem? I'm using Mac.
  8. Hello, I have a flight tomorrow to Sydney for about 18 hours. I want to play FM 17 during flight but looks like, Steam doesn't allow me to play my game without having internet access. How weird is that? I bought the game, do I have to have an internet to play the game I bought? How can I play the game without having internet access? I don't think plane will have internet onboard.
  9. FM14: What Team should I be?

    Galatasaray. It's fun to play with Melo, Sneijder and Drogba.
  10. FM14: John Souttar

    Is he become any good? He is 18 on my save.
  11. I'm playing with Hoffenheim in Bundesliga but Hoffenheim II which is my reserve team is playing in Regional Southwest Division but I can't see their standings. Judging from each individual, II condeded 23 goals and scored 74 goals but somehow they can't ever promote to 3rd league. How can I see their standing and did anybody promote their reserve team to 3rd league?
  12. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    I have one question, when are you going to win Premier League? Seriously? Can you name me one "big club" who haven't won their domestic league for over 20 years? None
  13. The Beast AKA Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    I can't get him. How much do you offer for him? Schalke doesn't accept anything less than 25 millions.