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  1. Hey guys, What roles would you recommend for a flat, forward three? Its working fairly well seeing as I have just beatMadrid in a friendly comprehensively, but I feel with the shots I get each game (30+) and sometimes inconsistent ratings for the rest, there could be a better combo/ I am setup as follows: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6u1x6rbznn7bs8/Screenshot%202015-07-26%2023.17.55.png?dl=0
  2. note: this season review was done quickly so there maybe be grammatical errors. Season 2016/17 This was a great season that built upon last season's champions league. I won the treble.....no not the "original" treble....but consisting of the League, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. Not bad eh? son from December....:/ quick note: I won the league before my save corrupted so I had to restart my sea League Did not expect to win this at all, I was like two points behind City and Chelsea then I beat Chelsea 3-0 away which was a miracle and then I lose at Arsenal...so I was 5 points behind City with them having a game in hand. With 4 games left I had to play City away which in FM terms means a automatic loss. Somehow, just somehow, I win the match 2-1 courtesy of a penalty. But they had a game in hand and with one point behind me I thought I would still not win but heyyy the Manchester Derby saw United thump City 4-1 LOL. Come last day of the season, if I won I won the league, if I lost I would have lost it. Thankfully I won 3-0 against already relegated Sunderland and City drew to Forest, And We became champsss!! Transfer Dealings IN: I was lacking a strong, powerful midfield destroyer and I spent most of my Champions league windfall on Geoffrey Kondogbia for a very inflated price of 37.5m, nevertheless after a slow start he was a astute signing. Jack Butland came in as I felt I needed a world-class potential, better keeper than Ben Forest and Mattia Perin, bagged him for only 6m. Brought in two free agents, Gianluca Capriari and Jano, the latter being of first team potential. Both played on the wings, Capriari shining in the reserves but when I had a central midfield crisis near the end of the season, Jano was an absolute revelation, usurping Real Madrid-chased Sergi Roberto into the first team. Sergi Samper, who by now I feel who's potential was wasted I bought him in just to provide that extra cover in DM. Ravel Morrison was purchased on the cheap in January, played really well but injuries hampered him time to time. Last but not least, Carlos Fierro the star signing no doubt. I was struggling to decide to play him or Berahino but opted fo rthe former due to previous FM success' with him and it proved right. Though in the middle of the season he did not score for 8 hours. He bagged 22 goals in 37 apps. OUT: Shane Long left, I felt he had already peaked and may aswell bring in the young guns Fierro, Berahino, Said, Nabi (3 of these went out on loan to get experience). I signed Mark O'brien from Derby but loaned him out as I felt Jonas Olsson had something to give to the team. Adrien Rabiot, Sean Murray and Elliott Hewitt (the latter two of which where summer signings) went out on Loan as I felt they were not ready for the team yet. Youssouf Mulumbu was sold for a poor price of 6m but I needed extra funds to make my squad complete and he was not brilliant like he was previously on FM 13 for me anyways. The other loans were comprised of regens mostly. Made a huge net loss though. Champions League Up against the mighty Madrid, like I said previously my save corrupted and I actually beat Madrid then but it was not be this time rounnd..Utterly outclassed by the likes of Suarez, Ronaldo, Bale, Isco etc Awards I won manager of the year! Fierro and Hughes in top 3 of young player of the year!!
  3. I think Yann Sommer becomes a free agent, or Mattia Perin.
  4. I'd recommend Alexsandar Mitrovic, develops very well and can be bought within your budget comfortably.
  5. Geoffrey Kondogbia? He's built like a tank and can squeeze into the DC role. Could be priced out but as your Liverpool maybe not.
  6. Thanks John Bit late, but I didn't know Jeremy Peace was a guy to be sacking Steve Clarke, he did a good job IMO by giving me a good squad for FM 2014:p.
  7. Yeah the revenues received increased (you get money each time you play, more if you win the match) increased, and coupled with a improvement in club stature, more players were willing to sign for me when previously they would have not given me a look. My budget for the 2016/17 season was 28 million roughly.
  8. Thanks Rob, I did attempt to go for Daelhi but was prized away to a bigger club (rejected my contract). So as you can see from my SS's, I completed my third season, being in classic mode the game goes pretty quick you see. Season 2015/16 So now that I am in the champions league, I should win the league right or at least challenge after finishing a distant third from MUFC? Think again. I don't know if this was due to the new update (11.1.4) but this season was a real disaster, domestically at least. I looked around on the net and there were hints of this update being 'cracked' or something, with a tactic without a DM probably faring poorly. (Yes, my tactic was a 4231 with two cm's) Excuses aside, it was still poor. Transfer dealings Much less busy than before, more people leaving than coming in, could have had a bad effect on the team maybe. Two SS's required here again, Kakuta left due to high demands (I only offered him a 6 month deal originally, rather than a long term one which meant he wanted high wages. Come the end of season when he played really well, offering a new contract meant even high wages, so I had to regretfully let him go. Thorne again went out on loan to Forest, he was rated very highly the season before (4 stars) so regular game time was needed, he moved on loan in January. Wanted Murray to get more experience, so went out on loan to rivals Villa, and Nabi went out on loan (looking for a Berahino & Nabi parternship in the future to have a west brom academy core alongside Throne). Lugano left, did very well whenever he played but had no future and wages were high. Vydra was supposed to be Shane Long's successor, but the season wasn't that great and he left, though he is rated very highly. Coming in, Ross Barkley came in for 6 months, good addition but just didn't become a regular for me, in January Chelsea weren't allowing him to leave on loan so that's that. Lennon was on the transfer list, and with his pace, was just what I needed with Morrison leaving I needed a RW. Gutierrez left after a short time, he just didn't fit in (the supporter spokesman wasn't a big fan). Sergi Roberto and Rafinha were absolutely steals, steals, but heh, the season wasn't that great for Rafinha. Denswil with great potential was a long term replacement for Olsson, a great steal too. O'brien, have never heard of him but I needed a CB and he was rated highly but after getting Denswil he went out on loan ASAP. Sturridge and Flamini did decent, but not much of an impact to be signed permanently. Wesley Said, a long term signing, went out on loan (paid too much in retrospect, he wasn't good enough for the team at the time). Europe For some reason, this went reaaaallly well! I was baffled how I was great in Europe but poor in England. Unbeaten in group stages was a sign for things to come. In the first knockout round, OM was a good draw, and won this tie. Then comes the mighty MUFC, scraped this win, by its teeth, the second leg at Old Trafford was hard to watch, dominating me all over the place. Could this be my year? Chelsea came sixth and won this title, so you never know... Hey, what do you know, Chelsea up next. I had a mixed record with Chelsea, sometimes winning and sometimes getting thumped, but a 2-0 aggregate win was enough for a park the bus performance at Stamford bridge to get me to the final!!! And who do I get, Bayern Munchen....not looking good. Final time. 0-0 first 90 minutes, very nervy, but the next 20 minutes was stuff of legends, winning 2-1 AET. Awards Retaining Berahino and letting Vydra leave was a superb decision, he became my main striker and Shane Long fell into the darkness at times with injuries (maybe why I finished poorly in the league). Berahino was top scorer in the tournament, and was in the dream team with Long and the main man, Jonas Olsson (top goalscorer for me in the league with 7 strikes - headers more like - and this shows why I was poor in the leage). So do get him game time as much as possible, if not loan him to a club where he will play regularly. Note: I think if I didn't win the champo league I would've been sacked, confidence in the boardroom was low, I played poorly on all fronts at domestic level, and was in relegation scrap till form went up near the end. The high expectations I set was regretted, so do keep expectations low for the first few seasons to avoid such a situation.
  9. Due to recent inactivity in this forum, I thought I'd revive this thread with occasional updates Season 2014/15 Finishing 7th last was a good finish, but this season was a great success, coming 3rd. Transfer dealings Well this was a very, very busy window, with definitely the pick of the bunch being Will Hughes in January for 17.5m, phenomenal in the CAM role, winning individual honours and more. Had to do two screenshots for this. Kakuta is recommended too, becomes a free agent after the first season. Wanted Berahino to get more experience to fit in my squad soon, so he went out on loan. Yacob wanted a wage hike, too much for me after my signings and was duly sold. Throne replacing him, not bad. Three signings, Depay, Murray, Murru, automatically went on season long loans back to their clubs (Bug maybe?) so I could have done better in the season. That's why I had to get Jonas Gutierrez for peanuts. Awards Shane Long had a brilliant season again, form dipped near the end which could have won him the golden boot. Will Hughes win young player of the year with only half a season spent in the Premier League. Both where in team of the year.
  10. So its been nearly 1 and a half seasons, and I am still having problems with set pieces, with the assistant always saying we need to work on set pieces in training but there is no option for this in the match prep section. Can I only fix this problem through set piece instructions? Thanks for suggestions.
  11. END OF SEASON REPORT(WILL post SS's later): So I finish 7th, decent I guess after I was battling for Champ League places after a poor start, but injuries and long runs in cups ultimately took its toll on a paper thin squad squad with players who are injury prone too (Anelka!). Top scorer of the EPL was Shane long, 26 gls in 32 apps, 6 ahead of rival Aguero!!. Also got into PFA first 11 and won the European Golden Shoe, so not bad. Value went from 2m to 12.75 in next season. End of Season Key and Poor Player Review: Key and Standout players: Shane Long, as previously said, top scorer in EPL, nothing here to say. Anelka, yes Anelka, who scored a hattrick vs Arsenal, 8 goal in 15 apps isn't bad. Injury prone though. Morrrison and Reveileirre - Very reliable, until Morrison got injured and had mixed perfomances but still above 7 avg ratings. "How the hell did he get here" players - Lee Camp - Definitely have him for Cups, he was top, 7.14 avg rating and 1 MoM. Surprising inclusion . Lugano - Great, great backup, above 7 ratings, solid enough for a season. Youth - George Thorne and Craig Dawson: Definitely give these two game time, will develop and grow rapidly Loanees - Popov's loan was terminated, regret in retrospect after having a fullback crisis after Jones and Ridgy went off. Vydra was a beast in reserves, 24 gls in 24 apps, not so much competitively, with 5 in 21 apps, more of a late game impact player as very pacey. Amalfitano star loanee, play him RW very consistent and will assist regularly. Sinclair, 12 goals in 35 appearances, also a star loanee in LW. Poor players - Surprisingly, Yacob and Mulumbu could have done much, much better to be honest. Thorne was better, Honda not that better. Alvarez Balanta - Great potential, but very, very, very poorly played campaign. Consistent mistakes leading to goals, could be 1st season jitters.
  12. A LW is Vtinho from CSKA, you can approach him free transfer in the first season, and will transfer in July 2014, other than than Bakkali from PSV a good IF and Memphis Depay, all three are potential world class players. On RW Rodrigo Gomez from Argentinos relatively cheap and potential is really good.
  13. Nice to see a a good west brom forum, last years wasn't that great. Third year running I am taking the reigns of the Baggies even though I do not support them. Had a clearout in the FIRST pre season that was off the richter scale. Brought in much less, so CM/LW/LB depth is an issue ATM. Heres a SS. Currently 12th after 9 games, with an impressive back to back win vs Chelsea in the Prem and League Cup. Tried to incorporate a Dortmund "counterpressing" style which is working to some degree so added a more defensive touch from the Sacchi Era as the defense isn't that great for speed and a super high line. Key Player for me is no doubt Scott Sinclair, LW inside forward and penalty specialist.
  14. Quite detailed reply, thanks man. I'll switch the Left Striker to deep lying forward support, as I doubt my strikers can be good enough for that, plus it never really works for me. I am slightly puzzled by putting the RM as a defensive winger, as I have no wingers who can play this role effectively (lacking marking/tackling). Having said that, I'll give it a go. Your reply has got me thinking that my home tactic maybe vulnerable too, seeing as all four attackers are on attack duty, alongside a BBM pushing up. I am going to change the BBM to a Ball winning midfielder defend duty and one winger on support duty.
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