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  1. I feel that technically the game is not "scripted" in a way that says if a then b. But i guess it is scripted in a way that if a+b+c=d then increase probability of x to z. And that may feel or be percived as if it is a scripted outcome.
  2. Put realistic injuries to that and you may have some slight difficulty increase bcs when your 3 top strikers are missing for 4 to 8 weeks in almost the same time window that hurts. A happening like that killed my promotion from 3.Liga to 2.Bundesliga in the first leg of the season when i did not win 8 matches (4 of the top 5 opponents in that timespan, 3 in 7 days) in a row and what was percived as my top Striker did not score a single Goal after he was injured right again 4 weeks when he barely had recovered from the former 5 weeks of injury and i sold him off when i got a suitable offer
  3. Mabe not yet released as FM21 is still very young...
  4. I play FM20 with better "AI Managers Mod" and "Realistic Injuries Mod" - i think the realistic injuries mod does more for the challenge than any other mod - should probably work for FM21 i guess...
  5. I have decided not to. I played quite some hours and even on low intensity it was pretty much and i am bored of it by now. I will take a break of some years. If anyone did or did not not notice there where changes to the ME lately which make quite sense and it will probably be a good experience but i am overfed and need a diet. Til another time then PS: Probably my very displeasure with the very recent development in real world football plays a major role in that too...football has long left the realms if sanity and i am no longer with it!
  6. I do not understand how you come to that conclusion - he needs to have the pace to be in the space or location where on the field a player decision has to be made from the right type of player that is suited to execute the outcome of that decisonmaking. Aside of that even on the highest League level a decisionmaking of 8 is good enough to not make a fatal error or so much fatal errors that it will cost you the game - below 8 a player is not suited for top level football. There are many attributes that need to be above some thresholds and higher numbers do not matter when they meet o
  7. Decision does not matter if the Player cant go in time where the decisonmaking is needed. For every player aside of the GK and a few of the midfielders speed is very crucial! Bcs it is better to be able to make sometimes the wrong decision than to never get involved in decisionmaking for a lack of speed. Acceleration Pace Tackling Passing Finishing
  8. If you have already a PC with 16GB and no room to expand simply stay with it until you buy a new one. Any new PC that is build to last more than 2 years should go with 32GB Ram as 16 becomes the new minimum spec. It wont help to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB in FM20 and if it helps in future FMs is up to how SI handles it. I have recently upgraded from a FX8350 + 16GB DDR3 1600 to a Ryzen 3600 + 32GB DDR4 3600 and the impact and performance gain is HUGE - but not in FM. In FM it runs almost as slow as the on the old CPU - i am not fully sure why, maybe the CPU was never
  9. Thx for the clarifiaction! I understand a throw in has to go to another player, that is how a throw in is played, or a corner, or kick off bcs they are meant to bring the ball back into play by playing it to another player. What i mean is the very reason for a penalty is to score a goal via shot at goal from the penatly mark bcs there was a severe violation of the rules in a certain area of the playfield and the player does exaxctly that. I can not see any reason why a missed penalty suddenly becomes like a corner or throw in etc. as that is not the purpose of a penalty and make
  10. Well, i especially said "bad players" and this means you can with no training make people develop beyond the limits of their talent without using illegal drugs. That some Teams overperform is the result of a mutlitude of factors and is not solely related to training and tactic but on many other factors that play a role in the outcome of a game. You will usually see a Team overperform for the occasional Season and the fall back into their natural performance limits despite having the same training and tactic used as in the overperorming season bcs the external factors that made that p
  11. Yeah, someone explained it to me once as if that was only the case for penalty shootouts and it did sound logical to me but the rules read that every penalty has it so. Which i must say im am critical off as for an ingame penalty to execute the penalty means the game goes on normaly again and it is utmost foreign to me to disallow a player to continue with the normal game bcs he did hit the woodowrk instead the GK. Every other shot that hits the woodwork that comes back to the player who shot can be shot again...it makes no sense for ingame penalties to be ruled different but who am
  12. Afaik that is only for a penalty shootout lke in cup games after ot and not for normal ingame penalties...at least that was my thought until now. I will take a look into that...but thx for the hint
  13. One of the very goals of Tactic is to find flaws in the oposition tactic be it HI or AI to be exploited! If there are no obvious flaws then you need better players that can simply overpower the oposition players and tactic... Players are still the most influencing factor as every other thing is fully depending on them - you can make good players worse with bad training and flawed tactics but you can NOT make bad players good with superior traning and flawless tactics!!! That is a truth about football that is somtimes forgotten!
  14. I am in my 4th Season from my lowest german tier 6 league career start and i won 3 times the leagues and 2 times the cup but failed in the german Regionalliga promotion playoffs where i encountered the B-Teams from Augsburg (Tier1) and HSV (Tier2) and in the end missed promotion by 1 goal as 1 more goal in any of the 2 games would have made it for me but i was in a massive underdog position anyway and Regionalliga ist the first of the Amateurleagues where it is possible to stay afloat monetary wise so it does not kill me. I have encountered so far 1 freak situation when my player missed a
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