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  1. Thx for fixing the Scouting Windows issue Guys, much apreciated PS: The other Problem is still open for improvement
  2. Well Guys, i play Bundesliga and i watch Bundesliga and so i can not say that this game is a terrific accurate Simulation of Football in the way that is mirrors exactly how much Goals were scored In The Past in some real league. I understand that i play a game that tries to be best at simulating things but i also understand that it is a What IF Simulation and that first and foremost the ME must be good and reasonable in the context of the game. For example - IF there would be a Premier League Bias that would mean that the Top Clubs have less of an Advantage over weaker Clubs thus they would not win as much and Maybe if the Simulation goes the way the AI of Man City did bad Transfers, had Injuries at the wrong time, got into a mental downward spiral than i would say great - the simualtion did in context to the stats in the database and the Environment that resulted from it with Errors made that Man City would play a bad Season and honestly i apllaud that bcs that is what i want see of a game - an accurate What If Simulation that makes sense in context to the gameworld it set the Clubs into! For example IF the game has more Goals scored in the simulated leagues than in the real leagues Goals from Corners, Free Kicks, etc. increase also - this has to do that in General the Teams score more goals at all and you could then argue there should be less Goals scored but then it must be set into the context of the game Environment - when somehow the simulated Teams in a league play more offensive than you need to look into why that happens and IF this apporach would be unreasonable you could complain but What IF this Approach is more successful in the Simulation - should the Teams not go for success? When you want the game a 1:1 mirroring the results from reality you need to download the results once a week and not simulate them at all bcs the nature of a Simulation is that it differs from reality at some point bcs different decisions were made and different Events happened like Transfers, Injuries, and the Quality of a Simulation is sitting in the fact that These What IF Scenarions are simulated in a way that makes sense and were possibilities that could have happened. So with that in mind this ME is the best since FM2013 - i am not sure yet if it is to easy or not or to hard or not. I need to play alot more games than 2 Seasons of straight Promotion from 3.Liga into Bundesliga - i know that Dortmund exploited my Team very well when my Captain got a Red Card for Handballing (second yellow Card) and that is what i want to see - something happens and the game reacts to it in a reasonable way - if the Red Card may have not happened i Maybe could have won the game as i was 2:1 ahead and then you may ask omg why is a pretty weak Noobteam beating Borussia Dortmund that is bcs my Team did the Counteratacks execute very well and my Speeddemon Osayamen Osawe reall did hit into the Goal which at that Level is not common but also it was a game played right after the Season started and the first 3 games of a Season (1xCup + 2xLeague) are allways chaotic and surprising results happen til things have settled after the first 3 matchdays. So far i am good with the game and the ME!
  3. Nah, the Early Access Beta ME was less good than the current one. Yeah, many Goals come from Crosses and Counters and Corners/Throw Ins/Free Kicks but that is how Goals are scored - i see nothing wrong with it. Teams today are fully capable of blocking the middle and then there is only the go around left...only Counterattacks should have a great chance to score by a Ball through the middle bcs the defense is not organized at that Moment and may have a Gap open... Free Kicks and Corners ARE a big thing bcs they are openers in close games. I probably will upset quite some people but Football Tactic works along the Tic Tac Toe principle - you do it Right when you not lose it - if you win it this only happens bcs your oponent Manager/Trainer/Coach did something wrong OR in case of Soccer the Opponent Players were not good enough to execute it right - Thats how games are decided! That Players not follow instructions is common in Football bcs they are under pressure be it match pressure, public pressure, time pressue, pressure from an oponent Player, whatever - while they may try their best but fail to achieve. Bayern Munich is btw as bad as some of the above Posters stated - they have aged badly, they have lost Key Players over the fast few Years they never replaced, they have a Young Coach who is seen by the Bayern Munich Players as haveing them robbed of the Cup (he won the Cup with Eintracht Frankfurt against Bayern Munich) there are many reasons why Bayern Munich sucks bad this Season - this is totally realistic!!! That City may play bad may or may not have not to do wth the ME - Maybe the AI did wrong Tansfers and they have injured Key Players - FM is a WHAT IF Simulation and WHAT IF Man City did something wrong or had bad luck in your savegame??? My 2 Cents so far…
  4. Wonderful, much thx Guys PS: Regarding the Scouting Window Text it is that at 125% (and i dont know what happens at any other "zoom") Capital Letters or Letters that have the hight of them are pretty much cut off above half height. You can scroll the Text the way you can still read it but with partly cut off letters.
  5. Hi Guys, i already had this brought up one time but i thought i would show it in Picture so its better understandable what the Problem is with the old entries first listing in the Board Status Request Window (Red Circle). I am in the 3rd Year of my CaC Career and there is still much to do and the List will grow incenvient long at some point and you have to scroll all down to the bottom to have the stuff you actually work at that time shown. And i Little inconvenient but not yet gamebreaking is the useless Scouting Window that show no readable text at 125% Light Skin Font size (probably at any Skin at that Fontsize) and you can scroll it but even then the letters dont fully fit into the Window (Yellow Circle). Happy Fixing
  6. So far, starting german 3.Liga and promoted winner into 2.Bundesliga i am placed 3rd atm. which qualifies for Promotion Play Offs. Yet i am only at 1/4 of the Season and the signs that my side is a weaker side be that i win by a slim margin and lose quite big usually resulting in the weakest goal difference of all top Teams having +4 compared to unbeaten Hamburger SV at a double Digit number already. I can not conclude if FM is to hard or to easy or right - i won friendlies against Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 but lost quite big in the Cup against RB Leipzig and in the Leage against the 2 top runners having some 1:8 Goals and Zero Points out of that games that clearly show my side is to weak to keep up with Clubs that play seriously at any 1.Bundesliga Level. My side is good in the Midfield area, average in the Goal and Defence area, weak at the Striker area, so it clearly shows - mentally and technically slightly below average but more speedy and taller than most other sides but one or two and i have no compensation for the absence of some Players if that occurs by injury or international Play etc. I feel the game is most sensitive in a certain window of equal competetiveness yet outisde of that you either stand no chance or win almost anyway but i think that is a quite realistic behavior... Atm i am not concerned about the challenge level of the game at all...
  7. I usw the foundation of my past experiences and since FM13 (i had FM11 but never took it seriously - it was a good bye gift when SI closed FM Online) i use a tactic i already used in CM with the adjustments needed to work in FM. From there i go with slight changes and switching things off/on...but to my pleasure it runs very well atm with no further adjustments than the usual CM to FM Things needed which are mere positional changes on maybe 2 positions. I build a Team around that tactic the very first day so i dont feel a need to adjust things for Players incapable following my Philosophy - these Players are sold off.
  8. It seems there is quite a healthy albeit not that big Asian Diaspora in Germany and with the youth development and competition way higher than outside Europe it seems to go well and produce good Talent almost every year.
  9. I look at the stats and how they seem to have an influence on my Teams success - sometimes a Player with not as good stats seems to help my Team succeed more than a guy with what you think would be better stats. Stars i only take care of to a degree when buying Players - i had 2-Star Players in the past that were Top Performers in my Team and 5-Star Players never take off to fulfill their promise. Usually i would have a Team of 16 to 17 Players quite good and promising Talent filling the ranks...
  10. Thx for changing the this to a green Background - now it is much better to read!
  11. Hi Guys, still shows the oldest entries first - its yet not that bad bcs i have not enough Money to have more than a very few entries…
  12. I have started a CaC Team recently playing a 2 striker Setup and after 6 Competition Matches they have 6 and 3 Goals each and a midfielder has 2 Goals, the other Players not more than one if any. Most assist come from my AP, CMr and WBr.
  13. Thx for bringing back 3.Liga in Germany!
  14. Btw. i like the VAR and Eagles Eye implementation. The Var comes up the right amount of times for the right amount of time...adds a nice amount of tension. The Eagle Eye shows also for the right amount near-miss Goals...some Balls only a few Pixels away from success.
  15. If so the 3D Match Shows me a significant amount of "Weak Foot Action" though i dont care what feet my Players use as long it they use them for/with success...