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  1. Felix Magath - there is need for an Option that goes above and beyond "Large Senior Squad" - he buys with the shotgun method many Players and some stick but many do not so he grows superlarge Squads in the pursuit of good Players. And he is obsessed beyond any human limit with Fitness! I firmly believe he has by this time fallen way out of touch with modern Football...
  2. I have that issue as well and i dont think they will fix it this FM19.
  3. Could be guessed bcs they play in a League that is not simulated? For Germany there is a Lower Leagues Mod (German Football League System) that enables all leagues down to Tier 6 to be played - maybe that would help in that case... Maybe it is bcs the Season has not started yet - my Assistant seems to only play friendlies when the Matchdays have officially started...or there are no available days for friendlies - dont know if Dortmunds international First Team Schedule affects that...
  4. The only Problem is that not only occasionally the Defenders move that much toward the Ball to one side that they can not even defend the Center...
  5. Yeah, i have it most of the time raining and a very few times something that probably shall resemble to snow (with yellow Ball in play) but neither has effect on the pitchground graphic. Some of the Players seem to be snow white unter their Trikot but only in some lighting, not in other lighting as they seem to have light Skin when they move and the angle of the lighting changes as if soemtimes the reflection on the skin is to bright.
  6. Loan some Players - usually there are allways good ones to grab and overcome the situation til you have the transferbudget back. You need to agressively do that though bcs the really good loans are sought after and better you get more Players than you need but to miss the ones that are existential to your team - enable the terminate loan Option and everything is fine.
  7. Regarding injuries atm i have 70% to 80% less than usual in the lower leagues and 55% to 65% less in the higher leagues though i do not "get stuck" in but "stay on feet". The worst injuries usually happen when may Players receive a bad tackle and end up with broken legs or something alike. In all the ~1500h playtime i never had a single Season with an abundance of injuries - maybe an abundance of Key Players injured as if they were especially targeted by hard tackles - but never in the Grand Sheme of Things and compared to reality - in that i have pretty much a very low injury rate by a big margin.
  8. Thats the difference that the defunct EA Manager has in comparison to the SI FM. EA Football Manager was to be played with pretty much the offensive shape as tactic (not to mention that the last few EA FMs were made by People who had no longer the skill and understanding of the original programmers and were way dumbed down). SI Football Manager has to be played with pretty much the defensive shape as tactic - if the new ME exploits that pretty extremistic pre 19.3 tactical approach it is a sign of improved ME Quality to me.
  9. Happens to me to occasionally but probably once or twice a Season or so... ...in all the discussion goin on how much is the Setting of the games Highlights that are displayed to the Players (i guess only very few play full game) influencing the preception of hte game? Probably some Players see some situatons occur more than others for the settings and when it kicks in displaying a Scene to Screen.
  10. Btw. very nice you have the german 3.Liga officially in the game, much apreciated. PS: Uli Hoeneß by this time has for sure his Head becoming a red lightbulb as he for sure thought they would beat Liverpool out of the CL but the guy has become old and out of this world and so it is Germany None - England Won and no more excuses for the Bundesliga left! Congratulation Premier League and Liverpool!
  11. Yeah, the ignorance after Set Pieces toward the Ball and defending Options is quite annoying - gladly both Teams do it... The wrong foot Action - sometimes i think the game can not in any situation differnetiate between Left and Right. The tendency of the AI Managers and Assistants to put Players on the "wrong" side for their preferred foot (and also not as inverse Option) is questionable. Wrecking currently my CaC Lower League Competition as i have the strongest Team in the league - got away with a Cup win a short while away against a Team one Tier above me where they besieged me at my box and it was 4 to 20 something shots and some luck i won 1:0 that round. The prevalence of Player Quality is quite obvious on that one Hand but on the other even good if not superior Player look very clumsy when Controlling the Ball losing huge amounts of Speed and Agility for example so far outpaced defenders can catch up and defend them for example. Yeah, well, i am indifferent about this Iteration of the ME currently... For sure it has become easier if you manage a Big Team so Man City wins 4 out of 5 PL Seasons now...
  12. it is in your Windows dustbin and if it is not there it is gone or you have a Software that can restore deleted files and hopefully nothing was overwritten yet.
  13. In the Individual Training Screen the Position/Role/Duty Training seem randomly reset for one or a few Players every few weeks. It seems that the affected Players are on Loan at my Team and that somehow their home Team Trainer overrides my Settings to make them reset or something... PS: Thix is btw. a Bug that plagues all FMs in the last years since FM16...i dont remember if FM13 had it too...did not have 14 and 15 - but this time it is very frequent so far.
  14. In my Team he would be the Poacher, alternatively a Sub for my Complete Forward bcs you have usually more access to a good number of Poachers than Complete Forwards and he lacks Agression and Bravery. In FM19.3.0 my AP no longer is set to attack as the middle is tight close and he would only be a source of counterattacks against my Team for Loss of Ball in critical situations. I can not make him a Winger bcs my Tactic has no Wingers - he probably is a Winger at best.
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