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  1. I had Takeovers go through on the first try or fail - i have so far not percived any pattern.
  2. So far i prefer the 2013 and the late 2020 versions over the others i played. With the exception in that detail that FM2017 was the last Version were Trikot Kits would be applied ingame in the 3D part as they were designed via the ingame designer - since the 2018 Version the ingame kit designer works only partially and has many not fixed flaws (the Stand Alone Editor shows it has the same flaws).
  3. Well, i too do not buy Free Players (or any other) to make Profit of them - but if i can not longer have them contracted i do try to get a good transfer deal bcs i usually manage lower league Clubs with very small Budgets and need every income. I do not look for known good Players i memorized but only use what my Scouts and the Transfer List show me as available Players. I allways design my own set of Trikots and unfortunately the game has an attitude not to apply the GK Socks (and i mean never do so) and then i Restart bcs that annoys me the more Seasons i play. When i start a Career i try to start with the smallest possible Manager Wage bcs i found it also affects Staff and Player Wages and adds some additional challenge to it which means i sometimes start a new Career quite often until both Wage and Trikots match my "House Rule".
  4. That may or may not happen and you can talk some out of it and others will stay jealous...usually a great Captain prevents me most of the time from it aside of the interaction...
  5. I had a Player loaned out into a league with no obvious fixtures - he stood a long time a no match stats at all and suddenly got a whole bunch of them as well as some development but it can also go wrong and he declines for whatever reason...
  6. At times my Players (CD) seem to clear Balls to Corners for little reason but not overly often, most Corners occur bcs my Players block a ball but it is deflected behind for a Corner to occur - there is one Problem i have with this and that is the ranges bcs there is no reason a block 25yrd from the line can have a ball deflected behind but it happens with regularity. I do not play with BPDs bcs to me it seems they only increase the margin of errors while doing very little of worth to the build up of an attack a CD could not do also - the only BPD i use is my DLP at the DMC Position where i often try to use a BPD type of Player and at that Position it makes a huge difference actually.
  7. Well, that usually fixes itself in something around 1 week for me...after that morale is back to normal.
  8. Maybe he is selcted for the u23 starting Squad? I have it at times that i have to first deselct the Player manualy and then i can move him...
  9. Are the Players upset or simply goes the morale down? Bcs i have often a short stint of low morale when chosing an new captain but it goes up to bright green very fast usually.
  10. Hm, if you run Norton try another one instead bcs Norton is notorious for interfering with games and render them unplayable. I myself use Avast or Avira...
  11. Yeah, usually my GK has the least good Rating for several reasons. First - he does not get many shots to save Second - the few shots quite often result in bizarre Goals conceded where my Team actively tried to make the oponent score a Goal or with intentional passivity did nothing to prevent them from scoring. Third - he is the one that gets the blame for errors made elsewhere (somhow even against better Teams i often have 5 or 10 times the shots on Goal (with working ball into box) regardless if i have 65% or 25% Possession and then not so seldom one of the oponent Teams Players soloyolos all over the field defeating 5 of my Players scoring from ranges and angles you would not believe even scoring Goals when the ball is deflected by a defensive header from the Goal line back into he field and then it says Goal nevertheless and while field Players still can get stellar Ratings the GK suffers even in a win).
  12. In regard to Goals from Set Pieces: Werder Bremen has 21 Goals conceded from it and yeah, they very likely will relegate this Season. In regard to Throw Ins: I have seen many situations where Players that are not listed for throw ins do them despite listed throw in Players available on the field - it seems something overrules your choices somtimes. In regard to stupid unbelieveable Goals coneded: They are part of Football and happen every matchday in reality and so do they ingame but the perception is ofc biased as usually you do not watch the other games and aee only yourself conceding these (and your oponent ofc - i had one game where they conceded 3 Goals from bad short Goal Kicks in a single game). At all there are many improvements in the ME lately but also the more you play you see patterns emerge that may hint that some situations can be hard to display in a visually easy to understand way but the late ME is absolute one you can play with and more often than not it is me/the manager who is at fault for not winning than a bizzare Goal coneded at times and circumstances. I would want to see likely an improvement of the strategically decisionmaking of the AI-Teams who at times ruin themself doing stupid things - it really does to often not know what a good player is and is bad at managing fincances etc.
  13. Ryzen 5 3600 + Ben Nevis Advanced Cooler Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite 32 GB (2x16GB Dual Channel) G-Skill Ripjaw Black 3600 CL18 Dual Rank Sapphire RX480 Nitro+ 8GB X-Fi Titanium Samsung Evo 850 SSD 250GB 2x Samsung Spinpoint F3R HD 1TB set as Win10 Stripeset (due to not working Raid Drivers at the time of the Installation and honestly i found it way less complicated and errorprone this way so i have no motivation to change it until i switch the HDs for a big SSD) (CPU, Board and Ram upgraded from FX8350, GA990XA-UD3, 2x8GB DDR3 1600 Kingston Blu)
  14. I probably wont, usually i would buy a FM every few years and i am pretty fed up with real world Football plus have quite a Backlog of games i installed but have them rarely if ever played that wait to be experienced.
  15. Definitvely - in the FM World Messi and Ronaldo would be "some of many" and not "one of a kind".
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