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  1. If you lose him there may be a slim chance you can include a loan back agreement in the transfer negotiations...probably very slim though you wont know if you did not try...
  2. Maybe its also other factors like league reputation, manager reputation and player reputation in the regard he considers the other players inferior to the top teams of the world filled with world stars instead of aging national stars and upcoming talent. Maybe 1 or 2 more good seasons or a few recongnized world class players change his mind?
  3. Sweepers and Liberos be probably the worst implemented playertypes (Libero is even worse than Sweeper) and you do very well not to use them and having instead developed a different solution - kudos!
  4. I noticed that too that the Bundesliga transforms into a high reputation league but i was not sure if that was intentional. In reality its a league in steep decline and turmoil...
  5. Its the "FM21 Light Skin" from michaeltmurrayuk. And pls delete the post above as i am unable to edit it.... ...thx Mod!
  6. Another thing that is more a realism thing in general is the endurance with that players and coaches stick to thier clubs. So many Coaches have tenures that be close to or exceed 10 yrs - in my save Pal Dardai is probably Hertha Coach since i started the save, Erling Haaland is in his 13th Season with Hertha, no he is not playing at the big european clubs he plays at Hertha Berlin (and was the sole reason they won against my Team, i have never seen a player that good at 35yrs). Klopp is in Manchester since Guardiola retired which is one Club change in 15 Seasons, Tuchel is still Coach in Chelsea etc. There is way to little movement in regard to that, probably way to little outbidding and unsettling.
  7. For a little Feedback ragarding the challenge level of FM21. I have pretty much installed all the available realism and add challenge mods i came to know which sum up around 14 or so. I started in the lowest available german league as comlete nobody and it is indeed quite more challenging with these mods/patches. Until 3.Liga only the champion of each lower league wins promotion and in the GRD for my region is no automatic promotion but only a playoff only the champion can qualify for. The first season i face an outlier team in my league that is simply to strong to compete with and i have only non contract players which i circumvent by hiring players qualifying for youth contracts. Compared to the non modded game i have a highly reduced access to top players (in context to my leages average player ability) but the team improves each season til i get promotion. Now facing again a few outlier teams the whole promotion thing of mine depends that i am able to hire a striker that is able to score against the outlier teams that have GRD quality and i finaly manage to do so in pure Bayern Munich style by robbing him off from a team in my league when his contract ends. He becomes my record goal scorer and i manager another promotion. Things start well but even in the GRD are several outlier teams that have a quality that is good enouhg to compete in the 3.Liga and while my Striker scores my Tier 5 GK lets slip once in a while a goal into his net that prevents me from competing for promotion and i start to rebuild the team knowing it will be at least 2 more seasons to fight for promotion. Then the disaster happens - i have reaslistic injuries mod - and my record striker gets his ankle fractured , is 4 month injured, 2 more months out of form and has his abilties decrease by 1 which makes him become a 15 to 20 goal striker instead of a 40 goal striker and he stops to score agaisnt the big teams. Until the promotion season i am unable to hire either a GK or a Striker that is up to the task to enable my team to fight for promotion and then i miss it by the away goal rule until it happens a season later. All the time i am operating at a significant seasonal loss bcs the mods seem to increase the wage demands of the players as well as i am had set the house rule not to exploit loopholes in the contract negotiations and pay reasonable yet stil low wages. I had sponsor income in the low hundrex thousand and between 1000 and 2000 paying visitors per match in average and the only thing keeping me afloat was the success in the cup games, winning the amateur cup 9 times and rake in the money via the dFB Pokal were i made several millions plus a former youth player of the team i managed (he was gone for years already) was transfered twice and i got 600k in compensation (youth development payments). Not until 3.Liga i was in fiancially a able to pay my expenses form the seasonal income alone but relied on the extra cup income. From there it became easy, my clubs reputation went from 1,5 stars to 2,5 stars and i finally got access to good loan and young players that i can hire making me achieve promotion each season since now playing in the top league with 20 millions on my clubs bank account competing for the Euro League places. The challenge in the lower leagues definitively was there but is gone since - i pay the least wages, have the least income, the least ability players, almost all of them loaned. I am not sure what to make up of it bcs all the time i was only 1 misstep away from failing and having the club fall into the death spiral of financial disaster and administration but i avoided it and reaped the rewards of success. And i never changed my tactic if not for a red card that forced me so...i only neede to sort the players around a little when things went wrong which mostly happened when inkjuries occured bcs i only ever had a small squad an no subs for certain positions. Probably the watershed between success and disaster is to polarizing and the game needs more room for "mediocrity".
  8. When i play sometimes one of the "FM-hints" mentions this and it clearly states that taller players have advantages over smaller players when it comes to jumping when both have the same ability.
  9. The offside algorythm seems not to work all the time bcs i just right yet had a goal scored by a player who obviously was offside but the algorythm checked the pre-assist when the scorer was still onside...
  10. First and foremost the thing that matters is that you do not "lose" the "mind game" when it comes to this - "winning" the mind game is not such a big matter bcs your team and tactic should be good enough to win anyway. Injuries, match fitness, tactical familiarity, freshness/jadedness have a bigger impact for success as long you do not lose the mind game so allways play it safe.
  11. I liked FM13 quite a lot and the reason i did not buy another one til FM16 was that i allways want to make my own club and FM16 was the first i know of that allowed me to do that. FM13 and FM21 be my favs...though i have FM21 quite a lot modded with realism patches etc. it is in fact the most modded FM i ever played and unmodded i would not play it.
  12. Congratulation England for making it into the next round. In Germany the majority sentiment is - relief - that this Löw-era is finaly over...
  13. Yeah, while in Germany two Clubs are famous for their long term commitment to Trainers that do not suck outright (SV Werder Bremen under Headcoaches Otto Rehagel, Thomas Schaaf and to a degree Florian Kohfeldt as well as SC Freiburg under Volker Finke and Christian Streich that with the exception of Kohfeldt (who lead Bremen to relegation mostly due to a lack of resources given by the more and more delusional/clueless management who sold the best players of an already weak relegation candidate) the other shaped their teams for almost decades. Jürgen Klopp with 7 years at Dortmund is an outlier and Dortmund struggled since to settle down with a new coach, that Guardiola at City long has lived out his own premise of not exceeding 3 years at each club to prevent a burn out situation but where would he go when there is nowhere to go... But these Clubs/coaches are outliers in a business that has its Coaches employed for maybe 15 months a piece at average...its not unknown that some of the more troubled and uneasy clubs have up to 5 coaches a season (which takes interim coaches into account). In my FM21 save where i am playing since a decade many of the coaches in the upper Tiers stay for 7 and even more years to their clubs which is completely unrealistic! Thomas Tuchel for example should have at most a 3 year tenure at a club yet... And these 15 months average is the reason why no coach can have the team of his dreams but a club needs to develope an identity with a team build around that identity and then a coach contracted that fits that team...you can not develop success in 15 month stints!
  14. Well, since years i witness mself that phenomen that i lose games when i start with 5 or 6 wins in a row into a season - after that (1 loss, maybe some draws) i usualy recover. That only does not happen when my Team is to strong so that whatever effect it is can not make me lose but the results degrade to 1 goal wins down from several goal wins. Probably quality prevents me from losing and momentum (morale) makes me still win by the slimmest margin...
  15. For FM21 there is a setting in the Preferences you have to mark and after that it shows all time all names.
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