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  1. @claassen That's awesome, thanks a lot!
  2. Awesome work as always, Claassen! In case you make updates to certain leagues in the future, will you also update the version in the Workshop (or just in the megapacks)? Would be most convenient I think!
  3. Hello claassen, Great work as always! Is it possible to update the fixed files (like for Armenia) in the workshop as well?
  4. Any way to bookmark certain pages? If so, how?
  5. Incognito NL

    MLS in FM 15

    Great to see some of the additions! Question: how/where does one buy a third DP slot?
  6. What I think would really add to the statistical knowledge about the game world, without having to add a bunch of new stats, is the ability to view more splits (ideally, customizable) about player stats, league tables, etc. Player stats are obviously already categorized per competition, and the league table can be split into home/away/last 5 games, but I believe this could be expanded upon. Two obvious splits that come to mind are date/competition round ('how does the league table look for the period of December-January?' 'Which team performed best in the last ten games?' 'How has my striker done since March, when he suffered an injury?') and home/away stats for players ('Does my goalkeeper concede more goals on the road than at home?'). What do you think? Are these stats things you're interested in, and do you perhaps have some more suggestions?