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  1. That's a great help, thanks Aaron. I suppose the only thing that concerns me now is perhaps having to constantly zoom in and out in order to read text and press small buttons - or has everything been made bigger on the screen to avoid this? Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys. I've been playing FM for years, really a big fan of the game. I've recently bought an iPhone 5 on a contract with 1GB of data per month. I was just wondering whether it would be worth my while to buy FM Handheld? How well does it work on an iPhone, and how good would its performance be on my model? I'm also not sure how my data plan or the amount of free storage space on my device would affect the running of the game? Can anyone help?
  3. Why on earth do you have to run three leagues?! Mostly to make the game faster, I only ever play the EPL. Surely having the OPTION of running up to three leagues would have been much better?
  4. I haven't yet bought FM13, but I'm considering it. Although I've enjoyed all recent incarnations of Football Manager, I still cometimes remember back to the good old days of Championship Manager 01/02! That game was incredibly addictive and although it was incredibly in-depth at the time (but not compared to more recent games!), you could still get through a season in one evening (and there were many such evenings during my time at University!). The most enjoyable period in the game was between March and May when the season really came to a head, and then the excitement of finding some new gems to my already incredible (usually Newcastle) squad over the summer. Thankfully, this period was never more than 3-4 hours away! Although the recent Football Manager games has made it almost impossible to finish a season within 24 hours, I have still enjoyed the games very much, being a bit of a 'stats man' as I am. However, with less time on my hands these days, I feel that FMC is a wonderful addition to the game, perfect for people like me. I was just wondering, what's it like? My main concern is that I'll be missing out on many vital aspects and restricted in my decision-making. I assume the game is still a lot more in-depth than Championship Manager 01/02 (although it wouldn't be a bad thing if it wasn't - I'd love a Season Update of that game every year!), and I also assume that I will not be disadvantaged compared to the game's computer-generated teams i.e. the same restrictions in terms of decision-making options will apply to all teams across the saved game? Exactly how watered-down is it? Could someone please clarify these points? Is it worth me forking out for FM13 with the sole intention of playing FMC? Thanks!
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