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  1. comfortablynumb

    [WIP FM2012] Re-Creating Europe

    Not sure that this is any help to you but I have a name suggestion for the northern Italian state, Padania
  2. comfortablynumb

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Dutch culture is heavily exposed to american television, music and films and thus making English a sort of second language. The same goes for Scandinavia and the languages doesnt differ all that much because they are all germanic.
  3. Local side IK Sirius in the third tier of Sweden, if I get bored I can always play as Millwall \o/
  4. I'm gonna drop my three biggest concerns about FM right now so bear with me. Stadiums! They need to give us, the players and modders, the ability to play at stadiums and if they cant buy the rights to them they should just include a bunch of generic ones so that we can mod them like club badges, player pictures etc. The board or manager should have fixed or changeable transfer policies so that top clubs don't buy average players that play a 10 odd games for a season and that clubs buy players that truly fit into the way the club or manager plays, lets say Barcelona buys players with only 16 passing and 16 creativity, Arsenal aims for rather young formable players (albeit this specific one is already in game afaik) and Manchester United prefers anglophone players wheras Real Madrid or Manchester City likes to make big money signings to please the fans or to prove strength. Transfer policies should form sort of a guideline rather than a set rule and could be changed or altered in some way after a span of lets say 5 years if you don't like them or if they prove unsuccesful. Teams should be more interested and more prone to buy players with good average rating and how well they would fit into their squad instead of now when the CPU rather just buy players based on reputation and CA/PA. I know this is already in game to some extent but it proves an unfair advantage (not that the game is that hard but still) to the CPU when they have access to hidden stats. Sorry for bad lingo as english is my second language.
  5. At the end of the season there should be something thats released that lets us start ahead of the 11/12 season instead.
  6. Prioritized players in reserve & youth teams, ie you could tell your coach responsible for the reserve and/or youth team to always play this player and in selected position.
  7. comfortablynumb

    Football Manager 2011/2012 NEW IDEAS

    Greatest idea ever! Can we also finally have a use for the money we earn? We have wifes and kids and we could buy things like mansions, yachts or even G6 jets! Oh and could we also design stadiums?
  8. You can actually see CA and PA in FM? I only have seen this in the editor!
  9. right click on the bar when in the mode you want to change and look for something called 'picked status' and it will sort from GK down to ST.
  10. comfortablynumb

    Who still plays FM08?

    It is if you like Led Zeppelin
  11. Yes! This is the core problem, the market that they talk about is simply not there and I have difficulties seeing an upswing in sales that is relative to the cost of producing such a task. Females does not dominate a single market in any game which means that they are not a valid target audience for such a project.
  12. Because the interest simply is not there, there is virtually no name brands that could sell the game and there isnt a big audience of female soccer enthusiasts to begin with, I mean amateur games attract more people then female games do. There really isnt a big market for sports games with females, even shooting games has a bigger audience of women. Also, Baba Booey, Baba Booey, Howard Stern rules!
  13. As with all Simulation games (Driving, Flying, Shooting etc) I am sure it helps you build up a general knowledge of the core aspects of training and managing and if you already are comfortable with the profession I am sure it helps you becomming better, good I dont know, I dont think so as the game itself doesnt touch enough upon areas within the field of psychology for example. You would probably be better off if you'd put the hours you 'sink' into the game into real managing as the games soul purpose is enjoyment.
  14. Thats not how capitalism works, you do not do anybody a favor by buying a game and they dont do anybody a favor by putting out a game, the fact is that you are not equals to each other but only to the currency at hand and in this situation they have the upper hand because they have the best product on the market which means you could either settle for a lesser product (FIFA Manager/CM) or take a new approach if you see something as unfit (which is what these boards are for, to perfect their product) because you have no clout in this argument therefore you cannot come up with demands.
  15. comfortablynumb

    The International Side of Fm11

    I like to cap players that usually dont get caps in non-important games, either way, how is that a relevant argument to my suggestion?