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  1. Started the classic mode. Brought Balanta on the first day itself. Started with 4-1-2-1-2 diamond. Sold Young, Flecther for good money. Anderson went for free. The tinkering went on till November. I was 13th in the league and a or two matches away from sacking. However, I settled for 4-3-1-2 Narrow formation. GK WB-CD-CD-WB B2B-DLP-B2B T P-DLS Having brought Bradley with massive wage and Romero (January) helped a lot as well as the return of Carrick and Shaw. Converting Valencia into RB proved to be gem as he topped the assist chart. I have used Di Maria on the left of the midfield as RPM, AP and B2B without any success. His Flair although helped in unlocking deep defense. Given that he is generally injured, very little of problem rotating him. Falcao played like beast being top scorer in the league and FA Cup. In January Real Madrid bid for Van Persie, so went for Fierro. The deal did not complete. Tottenham and Everton lead the race till December when Arsenal and Chelsea started pulling strings. The result suffered a blip in the January but by March I was in contention of a title with 6 points separating top 6. Got Hojberg from Bayern in April. Tried signing Pogba but the price was huge, so completed Falcao transfer instead. By round 35, I have reached the top of the table, and with Arsenal losing in Round 37, the league was ours. FA Cup proved to be very easy with a lot of upsets eliminating most of Premier League Teams. League Cup was tougher. Lost to Chelsea 2-0 in the first leg, but recovered to beat Tottenham in Final. The Youth System gave me some very nice regens in defense and with a good U18, I planed to use them. Sold a lot of dead weight like Nani, Lingard, Hernandez, Keane, Powell, Cleverly, Henrique, Zaha, Wilson and Smalling for a very good profit. Selling Fellani was however highly subsidized. I was using 4-5-1 without success in new season when the game crashed beyond recovery. ************************************************************************************************* I have now started a new save with same purchase but the tactic is not working. Lost 0-7 to Liverpool on opening day of League. I think it is gelling problem plus it need Carrick to function.
  2. I did that once with Mohun Bagan against Oly. Lyons. My makeshift 17 year old right back, scored a brilliant free kick from 30 yards. CWC champ....
  3. player information panel, bottom right or player report
  4. Very Interesting. I'm wondering how does leagues like La Liga or Ligue 1 stand on this platform.
  5. Scout Opposition Scout will do that, once he gets any free schedule in match calender.
  6. The star rating is based both on the potential ability with respect to the league and with respect to the whole team. Moreover, your Asst. Manager PA/PP ability counts too. Other than that fall in CA of the player due to injury or not getting games also do decrease star rating.
  7. Agents dislikes you, Messi loves Braca and the New Tax System. End of Story.
  8. Send only those players to affiliates who can replace a tired or injured player in the teams first eleven. It would be better if you compare their stats. Most of my players get a lot of sub appearances and a very good stat increase at the end of season.
  9. nope, go through players one by one. Although you can see overall increase in individual training tab.
  10. I assume they sorted that out in their second update.
  11. The AI doesn't develop the player well and you as a Manager can scout any player in 1 sec. You really need to do something SEGA or certainly the interest of gamers like me wane.
  12. Totally agree with you. I have played LLM and have seen my potential players being sold for peanuts. 5-8M on the hand in league 2 may mean a lot of training, coaches, etc. But you can't replace them as better player don't want league 2. In the balance you are stuck in league 2, until after some hit and trial you strike the best tactics.
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