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  1. Hi Neil, Is it SI's intention to eventually release a full update to the game or will Mac users be required to use the public beta from now on for the lagging issue? Conscious that you guys are probably well into the development of FM2020 and we don't usually get any full game updates released in May of the following year.
  2. Anderlecht start off with big debts. I picked up all off the above for small transfer fees. Luckily the club continued to restructure their debt as the first season went on, but by then end of Season 1 you can expect to be very much in the red. Get through the first season without going bankrupt (and win the League as I did) and the finances become less of an issue and you get Champions League revenue. I still cant splsh the cash. but to be fair I wanted a challenge where I rebuilt the team with promising Belgian prospects. The two fullbacks, Alexis Saelemaekers and Elias Cobbaut were outstanding for me last season. Sebastiaan Bournouw looks a great prospect at CB too.
  3. Turning off retina doesn’t make much difference for me, lag is still rubbish and 3D unwatchable
  4. Same problem (and identical to the last issue which broke it for all Mac users, and I couldn't play for 2 weeks.) Apple are going to continue to release updates to their OS throughout the year. Are we going to get issues every time they do that? SI are going to have to start advertising this as running only on Windows if they can't support MacOS. Very frustrating and really poor customer support. Was anything learned from the last time we had this? We'll get a patch in a week or two which will fix it, then Apple will roll out 10.14.6 and we will be back at square one with an unplayable 3D match engine. Not good enough.
  5. Hi Knap....I'm going to switch to this version, but do you foresee any issues with me dragging the WBs into a more conventional back 4 shape? they will still maintain all the personal instructions if I do this right? Suits my fullbacks more being a flatter back 4 shape.
  6. I'm playing as Anderlecht and have signed the following young Belgians who all look to have high potential. Does anyone have any experience of any of these in their game and how they have developed? : Maarten Vandevoort (GK) Genk Yorbe Vertessen (ST) PSV Dante Rigo (MC) PSV Flor Van Den Eynden (DC) Inter Laurens Symons (ST) Lokeren
  7. Mac adoption is probably 20% of desktop/laptop market these days so I can’t imagine how many FM players (every version from CM97/98 in my case) haven’t been able to play the game for the last 48 hours. I’ll turn off automatic updates from now on. If this carries on can’t you just make 19.2.1 available again so the games not bricked? Biggest f**k up in 20 years of updates for me.
  8. Same problem. Everything was fine until Steam pulled down 19.2.2 tonight. Now 3D highlights are stuttering and lagging terribly. Was smooth as butter before. MacBook Pro 2014 model with the Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics. Graphics settings are on low.
  9. Everything was fine until Steam pulled down 19.2.2 tonight. Now 3D highlights are stuttering and lagging terribly. Was smooth as butter before. MacBook Pro 2014 model with the Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics. Graphics settings are on low.
  10. Tried restarting the game, reloading the skin and various other things, but the game is now broken on Mac. Was fine prior to 19.2.2 Match engine was very smooth. The latest update has made it unplayable on Mac. You have to hope it was tested cross platform before pushing this update out? Any way of rolling back to 19.2.1? Doubt it.
  11. I have exactly the same issue. Match engine was very smooth, now stutters so bad the game is unwatchable. MacBook Pro 2014. Graphics settings turned down low and still very very laggy.
  12. If he loses his job today at Real Madrid, will this be too late to make it into the game on Friday this week? I know I can use the editor, was just curious about when the actual data gets locked pre-release. Thanks.
  13. How are you using background pics? I thought the skin released with the FM16 Beta did not support them. Is that a different skin?
  14. Hi. Can anyone advise me on the following? I have 3D kits for the English Championship I want to add to FM16 when released (why, when they will already be there? Well, I don't like the gold trim in the new Forest kit and I may end up playing with them and expect them to resort to white trim after 1 season). I realise that the game ships with licensed 3D kits for this league already. Will my new graphics folder overwrite the licensed 3D kits? (in the same way adding a 2D kit to the club info screen does, assuming you uptick caching and reload the skin).
  15. Thought about Wolves but recently found out they are up for sale. Heard some horror stories about takeovers in the game resulting in manager sackings. Wouldn't touch Leeds with a barge pole with that crazy owner. If the game is realistic then you could get the sack after a couple of bad results.
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