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  1. You should try La Liga. I have 4 teams ahead of me in the table on track of winning 100+ points, basically all points dropped are when they play each other Kind of realistic I suppose (except Valencia being in god mode).
  2. I swear something weird is happening with colours in my game My main team colours are blue & white, after starting a game I noticed my stadium is green for some reason, well at least fans were wearing my team colours. Now after the update they decided to wear mostly red/dark red and white/blue are minority
  3. Nice improvement on ME, the few games I played and there are much less aimless sideways passing, nice to see. There are some issues with sound for me (Macbook pro 2014), many times after scoring goal it seems to fail to play goal scored sound, it keeps playing this generic match sound. Also, probably a coincidence but the reason I am here is because I noticed a huge increase in injuries hence why my immediate thought was the game probably got updated, I was right
  4. Is it possible to change stadium color that would preferably work on existing save? I am managing Malaga and despite my primary colors being blue and white, the stadium is green
  5. Malaga. After quite a terrible start in LaLiga 2, I managed to win a promotion by finishing 2nd in the first season. Second season was good, finished 6th (and qualified for Conference league, yay ), now I am halfway through the 3rd season, sitting 5th. Moving up the table is quite a challenge as Barca, Real, Atleti and Valencia simply don't drop any points, except when they play against each other.
  6. Ok then my game is broken I guess. I swear it's just simply impossible to score 1v1s, neither for me nor for opponents against me. The single time I remember opponent scoring this was when I played against Barca and Suarez did it. All 100 other chances have been saved by the keeper and like 80% of my goals are from outside the box as the conversion rate of those seem to be a lot higher. My typical game looks like this: 2-3 1v1s saved by the keeper, 2-3 times hit the post/crossbar, missed a few absolute sitters and 1-2 goals from outside the box.
  7. VAR is annoying IRL as well so no complaints here I (or opp) hit the woodwork at least 2 times each game, clearly unrealistic. Inability to score 1v1 vs a goalkeeper is really annoying one. I am into my 3rd season, I probably had nearly 100 chances 1v1 and I scored none. Seriously, not a single goal. Every single shot is being saved by the keeper. Wtf? ME generally generates way too much chances and to compensate unrealistic scorelines it just makes keeper as superhumans. Most of the games I have 25 to 30 shots, usually 2-3 times 1 on 1 vs a goalkeeper, couple times hit the post and missing a few absolute sitters. Usual scoreline is 1-0.
  8. Interesting. I get lots of chances like this (from the angle) and I honestly cannot remember scoring a goal, every single time goalkeeper make a save.
  9. Anyone scored 1v1 yet? I think it should be made an achievement Finished my season with Malaga and despite having countless chances to score 1v1 vs a goalkeeper, every single one of them was saved. Ok my strikers are probably not the best in the world but I feel the conversion ratio of 30 yard screamers is bigger.
  10. It's not even a match engine. It's just a set of completely pre-rendered clips which always has the same outcome. I really liked the features video and pre-ordered a game after skipping 2015 and 2016 versions. Looks promising.
  11. I am trying to sign him too, but no luck. I am in 2020, offered 170 million and still no luck
  12. Made a huge difference for me. I am currently managing Manchester United in 2020. With glazers as chairman I had quite a good budget (around 3 million p/w and 50 million transfer budget). However, then someone from Greece taken control of a club and he immediately started to splash the cash to the club. Upgraded training, youth facilities, expanded stadium to 92000 seats and added over 300 million to transfer budget, also increased wages budget to over 5 million p/w. So yeah, it made a huge difference for me
  13. So, time to buy a new laptop I am looking to buy a new laptop and I found this one http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/z-series/z710/?sb=:000001C9:0001047A: . Lenovo z710. It has quite a good discount now, so is it worth a price or there are better laptops for a similar price? The only drawback I think is 5400 RPM HDD, which could slow everything down. Am I right? Specs: Processor:4th Generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Processor (2.40GHz 1600MHz 6MB) Operating System:Windows 8.1 64 Graphics:Intel® HD Graphics 4600, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 745M 2GB Memory:8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz Display:17.3" FHD LED Glossy Wedge with integrated camera (1920x1080) Hard Drive:1TB 5400 RPM
  14. After 3D was introduced, I switched from FIFA Manager to Football Manager, because I think 3D is essential in games.
  15. Windows 7 is much more optimized than Vista. Also you can try Windows 8, which uses a little less RAM and in games you will get 1-2 FPS more than Windows 7,but there are lots of people who don't like windows 8 because of UI.
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